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SWAN. S is W eb A tte N dance. What is SWAN ?. SWAN is an add-on piece to the DSL project. Allows for grades and attendance to be entered through a web page Accessed at: How to set up SWAN. Decide if you would like either grades, attendance or both.

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Sis Web AtteNdance

what is swan
What is SWAN ?
  • SWAN is an add-on piece to the DSL project.
  • Allows for grades and attendance to be entered through a web page
  • Accessed at:

how to set up swan
How to set up SWAN
  • Decide if you would like either grades, attendance or both.
  • For attendance
    • Existing periods, setup is almost instantaneous
    • Homerooms take a little longer to create
  • For grades – grading periods & date range for each.
  • Decide who in each building will be responsible for loading the data into Poise.
  • Give H/CCA your decisions!
h cca takes over
H/CCA ‘takes over’
  • Once H/CCA has the information, the setup phase starts.
  • The people who are going to be loading data will be given permissions on their accounts.
  • The building(s) will have new parameters added to tell SWAN what data to extract.
the ball s back in your court
The ball’s back in your court
  • Once the set up is complete, teachers can start using SWAN for attendance or grades first thing the following day.
  • Any teacher accessing SWAN will need a DSL account, including the person loading the attendance or grades.
  • Minimal training will be needed.
swan main page
SWAN main page

Even though you can see all the buildings, you can only access the one in which you teach.

Click on building to enter.

attendance screen
Attendance Screen

Notice how absent students appear shaded – this is after submitting

Teachers will automatically be taken to their class unless they are setup with more than one. In those cases, a dropdown box will appear

attendance submitted
Attendance submitted

After the teacher has updated the list of students and clicked ‘Send to office’ – this is the confirmation screen.

check attendance
Check attendance

The office personnel checks which teachers have and haven’t entered attendance.

This screen is available from the main SWAN page, at the bottom.

loading the attendance to abse
Loading the attendance to ABSE
  • Once the person has checked all teachers have submitted attendance the information can be loaded.
  • The user logs into Poise and runs the SWAN2SIS program
  • Only users with permission can run this procedure.
Remember !!
  • Attendance can be changed as many times as necessary by the teacher UNTIL it is loaded at the office.
  • Once attendance is loaded it cannot be overwritten
  • HOWEVER – new absence or tardy information can be recorded !!

Choose class and then click – ‘Get my class list’

Drop down box holds all of the courses

enter grades
Enter grades

Erase grades on the

screen only, not in poise

Display codes Descriptions: Will

Show comment codes and valid marks

Grades can be entered over a period of time. They will be stored on the web

server until they are loaded by the school. After recording a few grades, click

‘Submit these grades’. Then come back later to finish the job – old scores will be

there already.

check that grades are entered
Check that grades are entered

* Bottom of the main screen

Green text = grades entered

Orange text = some data entered, but not complete

Red text = grades have yet to be started

loading grades
Loading grades

Once all grades are entered, user with permission will run two procedures:

First: #13 – downloads and merges grade file into buildings PTR

Second: #12 – loads the grades into SIS

There is a report in the PTR called; ATT2SIS.TXT when finished.

check lunch counts
Check lunch counts

When teachers submit attendance, they can also take lunch counts for the day.

This screen is one of the dropdowns available on the main SWAN screen.