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Brief system overview

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Brief system overview. What is SimBASE?. SimBASE is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) class system that automates various company business processes, providing:

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what is simbase
SimBASE system | General overviewWhat is SimBASE?
  • SimBASE is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) class system that automates various company business processes, providing:
    • comprehensive workflow management functionality allowing automation of business processes and projects regardless of their type and complexity;
    • integrated document storage (electronic library) and document circulation system, that automates multi-stage document processing and exchange;
    • set of task and project management facilities, including resource management;
    • contact management functionality;
    • “reference system” functionality (including set of history and logging tools);
    • integrated messaging system;
    • reporting and data export-import tools;
    • work time (shift) management tools (work shift management);
    • full multiple time zone support for distributed structures;
    • and many other functions.
simbase wherever you are the virtual office concept
SimBASE system | General overviewSimBASE – wherever you are: the virtual office concept
  • The system is based on standard web technology, so:
    • you can access your data from virtually everywhere;
    • all you need is any computer with ordinary web browser, connected to the internet – no installation or configuration required;
    • all your team members (and even customers or business partners) work in a common information environment, being a solid team – no matter where they are.
it s all about processes simbase system object hierarchy
SimBASE system | General overviewIt’s all about processes: SimBASE system object hierarchy




Class = Document

Type = Invoice

Invoice for electricity № 123, for Jan 2008

object lifecycle

Class = Task

Type = …

Class = Contact

Type = …

Class defines object structure & functions

Type defines object lifecycle

simbase how does this work
SimBASE system | General overviewSimBASE: How does this work?

Office 1



Office 2





Mobile users travelling overseas (using any

connection – mobile, Wi-Fi, wired...)

simbase examples of application
SimBASE system | General overviewSimBASE: examples of application
  • Using SimBASE you can build, for example:
    • various workflow management systems;
    • document processing and circulation systems, including multi-branch document sharing and exchange;
    • help-desks and service-desks, both local and remote;
    • flexible shared contact management systems, providing simple CRM functions;
    • project management systems for local and distributed teams with basic resource management functionality;
    • quality control and management systems with SLA / KPI support and problem automated escalation procedures;
    • ...and much more!
simbase main advantages
SimBASE system | General overviewSimBASE: main advantages
  • At least, SimBASE gives you:
    • efficient and transparent workflows;
    • full control – and no need to continuous annoying calls, e-mails or reports;
    • workflow management: be sure that all procedures and requirements are met – as soon as they are introduced;
    • data security and reliability, comprehensive access control features;
    • cost-saving on data processing, communications, re-works and penalties;
    • no need to re-train people on procedures often, new staff members can start work faster and their training is cheaper;
    • all the knowledge is shared among the system and kept safely; no piece of knowledge or experience is lost if any person quits;
    • integration with your existing infrastructure;
    • full history of all events with timestamps: everything is logged,.
thank you
SimBASE system | General overviewThank you!
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