introduction to the independent project design
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Introduction to the Independent Project Design

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Introduction to the Independent Project Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to the Independent Project Design. General Engineering Polytechnic University January 2000. Project Definition House Design Specifications General Construction Structural Construction Pricing. Progress Submissions Final Submissions What to look for Point Distribution

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introduction to the independent project design

Introduction to the Independent Project Design

General Engineering

Polytechnic University

January 2000

Project Definition

House Design Specifications

General Construction

Structural Construction


Progress Submissions

Final Submissions

What to look for

Point Distribution

Extra Credit

project definition
Project Definition
  • Design layout of a 1-story house
  • Two twelve person independent design project
  • Twelve week design period
  • Paper Design (DCAD) and Computer-Controlled Scaled Model of the house

*Extra Credit: A 3D model done on Design Cad

house design specifications
House Design Specifications
  • AREA:
    • 2500 sq. ft. max (for the house only)
    • Plot of land will be decided by the group
  • OTHER:
    • Floor Area to External Opening Area must at least have a ratio10% (i.e. glass windows, and glass doors)
    • At least one form of secondary egress
    • House Foundation is free
  • BUDGET: $60,000 max

NOTE: If a garage is required:

- extra 200 sq. ft. and $2000 are allotted

general construction
General Construction
  • Floor and ceiling joists run the length of the house and are placed 2.5’ apart o.c. (on center)
  • Beams run from floor to ceiling and are place 1.33’ apart o.c.

Refer to reference section for glossary of construction terms p.102

general construction1
General Construction

Beams: run from floor to ceiling

1.33’ on center

2.5’ on center


run the length of the house

general construction2
General Construction
  • Dimensions given as
    • width * length, or
    • width * height, or
    • width * depth * length
  • Dimension in engineering format

(e.g.: 1.50 feet is a SET PRECISION OF 2 DECIMAL Points)

structural construction
Structural Construction
  • Walls
    • Outer walls - 0.5 feet thick (6 inches)
      • Brick wall  No plywood but insulation & studs
      • Shingles  Plywood and tarpaper needed
    • Inner walls - 0.3 feet thick (4 inches)
structural construction1
Structural Construction
  • Doors
    • Outer doors – 4.0 feet wide
    • Inner doors – 3.0 feet wide (3 inches)
  • Windows are 2.5 feet wide (minimum)*
    • Any window can be used if less than 5.0 feet (i.e. double hung)
    • More than 5.0 feet must be picture window

*Standard size, windows may be bigger

structural construction2
Structural Construction
  • Plywood placed on
    • floor
    • ceiling
    • outer walls
  • Sheetrock placed on
    • All walls, inside and outside
    • Inner walls need sheetrock on both sides.
  • Roof
    • assume flat for cost estimate
    • angle/slope for aesthetic
      • Must be 5 degrees to 15 degrees elevation
  • Main lines (cold and sewage) enter from the front of house
  • Hot and cold water pipes must run under the house
  • Sewage pipes must run outside the house
  • Only one sewage line can enter a room at one time
  • Piping placed the shortest distance from the fixture to the front of the house
  • Must turn at right angles
  • Three types of pipes, create legend to identify each:
    • cold water = 0.16 feet blue centered line
    • hot water = 0.16 feet red centered line
    • sewage = 0.5 feet black solid line
  • Symbol must be placed perpendicular to a wall
  • Must indicate location of:

220 Volts Lights


Switches 110 Volts

  • Switches must be connected to the light with a beveled dashed line


  • Outlets must be perpendicular to the wall
  • Outlets must be placed roughly every 8 feet
  • 220 outlets should be placed in the utility room and the kitchen
    • Electric Stove
    • Hot water heater
    • Boiler
  • “General Construction” Costs:
    • Screws, nails, ceramic & vinyl tile, house’s foundation
    • Cost of labor for pouring concrete
    • Installation of electric fixtures and wiring, joists, beams, plywood, paneling, aluminum siding, brick, sheetrock, etc…….
    • See Appendix for prices
design cad drawings
  • Include what layer and what revision
  • Include information such as company name…
  • Scale the border 10 times on the x and y axis and paste it into its own layer
  • Floor plan must be scaled to 10 feet=1 inch
design cad drawings1
  • Layers
    • Main floor plan
      • Walls, doors, windows and plumbing fixtures (sinks, tubs, toilets, etc.)
      • Room labels
    • Plumbing(hot/cold water lines and sewage)
    • Electrical(switches, outlets, lights, etc.)
  • Font size
sample pricing





Sample Pricing

A SureTrak chart presented at each recitation

    • Indicate who is doing which activity
  • MILESTONE (8th week)
scaled model
Scaled Model


  • Foam Board
  • LED’s & Wires
  • Open Lab tools

*Extra materials will be at student’s expense.


scaled model1
Scaled Model


  • Scale: 4 feet = 1 inch (for length, height and width)
  • Maximum model of 1.09 sq. feet
final submissions
Final Submissions
  • Report


      • design specifications - egress & ventilation
      • location of the house and its affects on the design
      • type/size of family
      • cost-efficiency of house
      • reasons for any unusual features
      • roof design
      • changes in original design and why
final submissions1
Final Submissions
  • Report
    • Fully dimensioned, scaled floor plans with electrical and plumbing symbols.
    • Two fully dimensioned elevation views. Most detailed view.
    • A cost estimate prepared on an Excel spreadsheet.
final presentation
Final Presentation
  • During the last lab class
  • 10 minutes per group
  • Purpose: To sell the house
    • Using specifics such as
      • House design
      • Special features
      • Geographical location
      • Cost of construction
point distribution for project
Point Distribution for Project
  • Recitations = 15%
  • Final Report = 35%
    • Technical = 20%
    • Grammatical = 15%
  • Model = 20%
  • Lab VIEW = 5%
  • Final Presentation = 25%

NOTE: The Independent Project counts to 25% of your final grade for the course

point distribution for final report
Point Distribution for Final Report
  • Body of Report =30%
  • Floor plan =30%
  • Electrical =10%
  • Plumbing =10%
  • Elevation Views =10%
  • Cost Estimate =10%
extra credit
Extra Credit
  • 3D computer model of the house
    • Information on how to create a 3D computer model can be found in the DesignCAD97 User’s Guide, pages 108-120

NOTE: Extra Credit task is worth 10 points.

  • Break up class into groups of 2

(TA’s will assign the groups)

  • Work should be distributed evenly between partners
  • Project work done during open lab and non-presentation recitations