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Independent project

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Independent project
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Independent project

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  1. Independent project Hair By: Courtney(:

  2. Is it bad to dye your hair? • Dying your hair can cause you to have dead and split ends. • Dying your hair when young, may cause you to have hair loss when you get old.

  3. Is hair dye permanent? • Hair dies come in different verities of being permanent. There are washable, semi permanent, and permanent. • Hair die wont last forever and will eventually fade out.

  4. Are some hair dyes that are harder to get out of your hair? • Black hair die is more permanent and is harder to bleach back and leaves more damage. • Bleaching your hair can cause damage, and may sometimes turn green.

  5. What different types of hair dye are there? • The top ten are: • Clairol perfect 10 nice and easy • Manic panic • Natural expressions henna hair dye • Revlon color silk • Rainbow henna • Just for men • Tresemme • Surya Brasil • Eco colors • L’oreal

  6. Are there cretin hair dyes made just for men and just for women? • Men and women can usually use the same brand of dye. In some cases there are cretin hair dyes made for a specific gender. • For example; there are hair dyes such as, “touch up gray, that is specifically made for men. • There also some hair dies made just for ladies.

  7. How do you to choose the right hair color for you? • The perfect color for anyone is there natural hair color. • Its easy, just pick the color you like. • One way to find out if the color is too dark or light is to experiment. • Most of the time if you are particularly dark skinned you might want to prefer darker hair colors, such as; dark brown or black. • If you are light skinned you might prefer lighter colors, such as; blond, brunet, brown, or red.

  8. What are the best products for washing your hair? • Normal everyday products, such as; shampoo and conditioner, are fine for your hair. • Brands that are not generic are most likely better for your hair head and scalp. • Generic brands may cause itchy scalp or dandruff. • There are special shampoos, and conditioners that help with dandruff, such as; Head and shoulders, and Cool Blue. • Some name brand products may also cause itchy scalp or dandruff. It depends on your skin type.

  9. Is hairspray, moose, gel, ext. bad for your hair? • These products may cause dry scalp. • Moose, and hairspray are not necessarily bad for your hair they just are not the best for it if u use them everyday.

  10. What are different types of styles to do to your hair? • Natural • Flat ironed (straitened) • Curled (curling iron, curlers, hot curlers) • Scrunched (with moose, hairspray, or gel) • Pony tail (high, low, half up half down) • Put accessories such as; Bows, bobby pins, ribbons, hair ties, extensions, ext.