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Duke University Contingency Plan

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Duke University Contingency Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Duke University Contingency Plan. The plan describes Sites that are covered under the plan Actions to take in case of an emergency Arrangements with local police and fire departments, and state and local emergency response teams

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duke university contingency plan
Duke University Contingency Plan
  • The plan describes
    • Sites that are covered under the plan
    • Actions to take in case of an emergency
    • Arrangements with local police and fire departments, and state and local emergency response teams
    • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the site emergency coordinator and alternates
duke university contingency plan1
Duke University Contingency Plan
    • Qualifications of the site emergency coordinator and alternates for the position
    • Resources available in the event of an emergency
  • The Contingency Plan contains
    • Contact information for support agencies
    • List of safety equipment
    • Evacuation plans for buildings used as hazardous waste storage sites
duke university contingency plan2
Duke University Contingency Plan
  • Diagrams and evacuation plans of buildings used for hazardous waste storage and surrounding areas
  • Maps of Duke University showing items to be considered during emergency planning
implementation of contingency plan
Implementation of Contingency Plan
  • The decision to implement the contingency plan will be made by the emergency coordinator following assessment of the incident. The following situations may require implementing the plan:
    • Spills
    • Fires
    • Explosions
implementation of contingency plan1
Implementation of Contingency Plan
  • Spills
    • could result in the release of any substance capable of producing a fire or explosion hazard
    • could cause a release of toxic liquid or fumes
    • contained on-site but there is a potential for groundwater contamination
    • can not be contained on-site, off-site soil/groundwater contamination a result.
implementation of contingency plan2
Implementation of Contingency Plan
  • Fires
    • Could cause a release of toxic fumes
    • could ignite materials at other locations at site or cause heat-induced explosions
    • could spread to off-site areas
    • use of water or chemical fire suppressant could result in contaminated run-off and/or explosion
implementation of contingency plan3
Implementation of Contingency Plan
  • Explosions
    • Has occurred
    • Danger of explosions which could
      • release a toxic material
      • ignite hazardous material
      • hazard of flying fragments or shock waves
emergency response procedures
Emergency Response Procedures
  • When Duke dispatch receives an emergency call, an officer is dispatched to the location and OESO is notified
  • If necessary, the dispatcher will also notify the Durham Fire Department
emergency response procedures1
Emergency Response Procedures
  • Once on-site, the Emergency Coordinator’s duties include:
    • assessing the possible hazards of the situation
    • notifying personnel of the emergency situation
    • coordinate evacuation with police, if necessary
    • decide whether or not implement the contingency plan
    • identify affected area
emergency coordinator s duties
Emergency Coordinator’s Duties
  • establish command post
  • contact E&O or FMD personnel to aid in identifying building equipment that could aid or aggravate the incident
  • report the emergency to local/state spill coordinators
  • notify additional OESO personnel
  • initiate and coordinate incident response, clean-up, and monitoring
emergency coordinator s duties1
Emergency Coordinator’s Duties
  • take necessary measures to contain the hazard on-site
  • notify local hospitals of the possible need for patient decon
  • notify the National Response Center IF fire, explosion, or release may cause exposures to people or the environment outside of Duke.
  • issue All Clear once incident has been mitigated
emergency equipment and resources
Emergency Equipment and Resources
  • Duke Resources
    • All buildings are equipped with chemical fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, emergency showers, and eye wash stations
    • OESO has a truck equipped with enough spill control materials to contain up to a 55-gallon spill or release
    • Front-end loaders and other equipment is available through FMD
emergency equipment and resources1
Emergency Equipment and Resources
  • Radiation Safety Division is capable of monitoring the extent or radioisotope contamination and can advise on clean-up techniques
emergency equipment and resources2
Emergency Equipment and Resources
  • Outside Duke
    • Durham Fire Department Station #2 (closest to Duke) has adequate equipment and trained personnel for handling fires. The Hazardous Materials Team is available from Station #13
    • Durham County has several EMT/Paramedic staffed ambulances
emergency equipment and resources3
Emergency Equipment and Resources
  • Durham Police Department and Durham County Sheriff’s Department are available from crowd and traffic control
  • DUMC and Durham Regional ER personnel are available to provide emergency medical care
  • Carolinas Poison Control Center can provide first aide and medical treatment for poison exposures
duke university spill response team
Duke University Spill Response Team
  • Members comprised of personnel from the Environmental Programs, Occupational Hygiene & Safety, and Laboratory Safety
  • Provides 24 hours response to hazardous material spills
    • 10 day-time responders
    • 6 after-hours responders
  • Spill team is activated through Duke 911
duke university spill response team1
Duke University Spill Response Team
  • Typically responds to the following spill types:
        • Petroleum Products – Gas, Diesel, Hydraulic Fluid
        • Mercury
        • Laboratory Chemicals – Acids, Solvents
        • Suspicious Packages/White Powder
emergency response at duke hospital
Emergency Response at Duke Hospital
  • Hospital has plans in place for emergencies and natural and man-made disasters.
  • Hospital is equipped to handle decontamination of patients. Dedicated room can handle up to 4 patients at once. In a mass casualty incident, portable equipment will be set up in ED parking lot.