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What is Meant By Digital Marketing? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Meant By Digital Marketing?

What is Meant By Digital Marketing?

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What is Meant By Digital Marketing?

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  1. WHAT IS DIGITAL MARKETING? Email:    Call: +91- 9899549331  WWW.THESHARPBRAIN.COM

  2. Evolution Of Digital Platforms . There's no denying the fact that Internet is getting bigger day by day. This year it has reached 3.88 billion no. of users. Back in 1995, when the internet was initially getting popular there were only 0.4% of the world's population that was using the internet. It’s incredible seeing that just within 22 years, the internet has reached half of the world's population. Today it has reached a user base of 51.7% of the world's total population with the growth rate of 976.4% from the last 17 years.

  3. If you look around, almost everyone is familiar with the internet. People browsing the web and interacting on social media platform is widely common these days. Social media mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc are hugely popular. Recently, a survey showed that there are roughly 3.5 billion smartphones in the world that are in use. Half of the world's population are inter-connected with each other when they are on the internet. Even, every telecom companies are providing data plans at such an affordable rates that it made easier to increase someone's reach on the internet. [In India you can access to 4G 1Gb/per day data for 28 days with a cost of only INR 349]

  4. Souce: smartinsights

  5. Twenty-first-century digital communication has changed how we connect to the world in three essential ways: connectivity, authenticity, and style. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! e- commerce sites like Amazon, eBay & social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc has given us soo flexibility that we can search, sell, buy, share & comment anything on internet. Today being digital is being social.

  6. Here are some facts that prove we have entered Digital Era. 1. Over 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day. 2. Over 2 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day. 3. Domain name registrations have grown by 3.7 percent year over year. 4. As at August 2017,there are 1.24 billion websites in the world. 5. Google is the world’s most visited website, followed by Youtube and Facebook.

  7. 6. The e-commerce industry is responsible for about $2 trillion in annual sales. 7. Mobile commerce revenue was $170 billion in 2016, and it is estimated to be $694 billion by 2019. 8. Facebook now has over 2.01 billion monthly active users. 9. Over 85 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram daily. 10. Last but not the least, Social media ad spend is expected to overtake newspaper ad spend by 2019.

  8. The world of internet continues to evolve as long as digital platforms continue to advance. Parallely, over the years digital marketing has evolved at an increasingly high velocity throughout global businesses. I mean just look around you. You are literally in a sea of everything digital and online. People manage their relations, finances, careers, and even opinions online. The top management of companies had to think of a marketing solution to target those online audiences. Here, where digital marketing comes into play.

  9. What is Digital Marketing Google says: Digital marketing(also known as data-driven marketing) is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. In laymen language: Digital Marketing is a way of doing marketing or you can say promoting a product/service on internet using online platforms like Search Engines(Google), Social Media(Facebook), Apps(Google play store), or any other digital platforms. It can be done on mobile as well. As it is the most used digital medium among the audience.

  10. D I G I T A L M A R K E T I N G G O A L S To increase website traffic. For brand promotion or brand awarness. To improve search engine ranking. To get the best ROI result. To find loyal & potential customers. To engage customers with quality content to build trust. To generate leads. To Increases online sales conversation. Improve the quality of customers. To expand business globally.

  11. Why Choose Digital Marketing As Career From small to companies like APPLE & Google are doing digital marketing to reach customers globally. Here are few examples of companies with brilliant digital strategies: 1. American Express The Open Forum website of AMEX is a collaborative website that encourages content on business knowledge and wisdom through industry experts. The magnitude of information on the website makes it popular on various search engines with the benefit of being free of cost to AMEX. This is because, AMEX invites articles rather than paying marketers.

  12. 2. Red Bull The company makes full use of YouTube to promote an active and adventurous lifestyle in sync with its own motto. It regularly uploads videos showing stunts and daredevil acts in risky locations. 3. Uber The customer-friendly app is an advertising technique in its own way so much so that the firm does not have to spend huge amounts on marketing. The feature of referral codes in exchange for free rides generates word-of-mouth marketing for the company which spreads like wildfire. More than 80% of purchases are made through referrals. 4.PlayStation Sony’s PlayStation YouTube channel is a favorite among gamers. It involves consistency through a fixed logo at the bottom of every video so that the brand image is reinforced every time a video is watched. [Source:]

  13. There's one saying: “If you can't tell, you can't sell”.

  14. Digital Marketing is all about presenting your brand on the internet. As we discussed earlier, there are 1.24 billion websites on the web today. Every small, medium and big size businesses are on internet. Earlier, companies were competing for sales & profit. Today, they are competing for customer engagement on the internet. The increase in engagements results into increase in leads, sales, and profit. Many top-level management agreed to the fact that every marketing campaign needs a digital marketing strategy. 70% of today's companies have adopted digital marketing strategy already.

  15. But if you have noticed closely, people are smart these days. We have blogs to read, we have reviews to decide, we have videos to understand and social media to enter any discussions. Unlike those days, when we as a customer get sold by just listening to the salesman speech. Today, we as buyers are getting smart. We know where we are getting sold...

  16. Therefore, companies have to think something out of the box. Digital Marketing is one such platform where a marketing guy can target the audience who are actually intrested in them instead of targeting the audience who are not even paying attention. All type of business needs digital marketing professionals. Marketing professionals who can think beyond and give maximum profit. As online audience are scattered widely, it is necessary for the marketing team to understand where and how to target.

  17. The relevance of digital marketing in today's Digital World is limitless... Your business needs it. Don't just wait. Start learning Digital Marketing today. Digital Marketing Agency Visit our website Learn Digital Marketing

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