why it s a smart idea to use a mobile privacy n.
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Why it’s Beneficial to Use a Mobile Vault App? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why it’s Beneficial to Use a Mobile Vault App?

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Why it’s Beneficial to Use a Mobile Vault App? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Want to prevent anyone other than you from viewing your phone’s media? An increasing number of smartphone users are finding the mobile vault app useful. Read on to know the many benefits of a phone vault. To know more details visit http://thepowerlinegroup.com/.

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Why it’s Beneficial to Use a Mobile Vault App?

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Presentation Transcript
we all have stuff on our phone we d like to keep

We all have stuff on our phone we’d like to keep private. But there are times when we leave our phones in the open such as;

  • Giving them to our children for playing games
  • Handing them over to our friends/colleagues to have them
  • use the camera
  • Leaving them in the hands of our family members during
  • a fun occasion, etc.
by using a mobile vault app you ll get a safe

By using a mobile vault app, you’ll get a safe and secure phone space to store the most private data from unauthorized access.

The major features of a phone vault include;

  • App Lock
  • Hidden Text Messages, Chats & Call Logs
  • Password-protected Vault Camera
  • Encrypted Photos, Videos and other Media Files
  • Hidden Social Media Chats
  • Decoy (Fake) Vault
  • Stealth Mode

And More…

1 easy to use

#1 Easy-To-Use

  • Easy to download, install and use
  • No hidden risks to your smartphone
2 compatibility

#2 Compatibility

  • Compatible with both iOS, Android platforms
  • Allows you choose a private passcode for protecting data
3 absolute privacy

#3 Absolute Privacy

  • Encrypted photos & videos viewed with password lock only
  • Private contact feature, break-in attempts check, private cloud space and more
who are we

Who Are We?

  • The Powerline Group is the leading provider of data recovery software, digital security technology products including mobile privacy vault, and information gathering services.
  • We’re based in Eastern Long Island, New York and are providing cutting-edge software solutions to individuals and companies across the world.
contact us call 631 743 9614 website

Contact Us!

Call: (631) 743-9614

Website: thepowerlinegroup.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/The-Powerline-Group-1606635252966244

Twitter: twitter.com/POWERLINEGROUP