mobile p2p creating a mobile file sharing environment n.
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Mobile P2P - Creating a mobile file-sharing environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile P2P - Creating a mobile file-sharing environment

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Mobile P2P - Creating a mobile file-sharing environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile P2P - Creating a mobile file-sharing environment. Johnny Biström, Ville Partanen. Agenda. Research questions What is mobile P2P Solution: Full mobile phone based P2P Solution: Computer aided mobile P2P Solution: The future of mobile P2P: JXTA Threats to mobile P2P Conclusion.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Research questions
  • What is mobile P2P
  • Solution: Full mobile phone based P2P
  • Solution: Computer aided mobile P2P
  • Solution: The future of mobile P2P: JXTA
  • Threats to mobile P2P
  • Conclusion
research questions
Research questions
  • How can file sharing be realized in mobile networks today?
  • How will the upcoming 3G-networks support file sharing?
  • What are the threats for file sharing and how can they be overcome?
mobile p2p
Mobile P2P?
  • Transferring data from one mobile phone to another
  • Mobile phone and network limit the possibilities of mobile P2P
    • Low efficiency (CPU and memory)
    • Low bandwidth
    • Low power
    • Billing
full mobile p2p in 2 2 5g
Full mobile P2P in 2/2.5G
  • In 2/2.5 there are limitations that are impossible to overcome:
    • Operators do not allow to see mobile phones IP address
    • Operators control data traffic including ports suitable for them
    • Network does not offer any way to sustain active connection in all situations
    • Voice and data can not be transferred simultaneously
a solution to 2 2 5 p2p mms
A solution to 2/2.5 P2P: MMS
  • MMS could be used as a way of sending data from one mobile note to another. However there are problems:
    • How to know who has the information you need?
    • MMS size is limited
    • MMS costs more than GPRS data
a solution to 2 2 5 p2p mms1
A solution to 2/2.5 P2P: MMS
  • We have to have a server that keeps a record of MSISDN number and the data that can be found from that number
  • Downloader asks the data and the person who is downloaded permits or denies download
a better solution computer aided p2p
A better solution: computer aided P2P
  • All the major limitations could be overcome if the mobile phone would be connected to a computer which has P2P software
  • We would only need a software to communicate between the computer and mobile phone:
    • Short distance: IR, BT, PC suite etc.
    • Remotely: Over HTTP
computer aided p2p short distance
Computer aided P2P: short distance
  • Within short distance we would not have true mobile P2P:
  • A better solution would be to control fixed network peer remotely
computer aided mobile p2p remotely
Computer aided mobile P2P: remotely
  • For example over http we could control the fixed network peer by using a program called mobile eMule
computer aided mobile p2p emule
Computer aided mobile P2P: eMule

3. download to computer

4. download to phone

1. login

2. search

  • eMule is a working solution but does not currently implement full download to mobile phone
jxta tomorrow s p2p solution
JXTA – Tomorrow’s P2P solution
  • Background
  • Software Architecture
  • Network Architecture
  • Protocols
  • Example Applications
  • JXME
jxta background
JXTA - Background
  • started by Sun Microsystems in 2001
  • Open Source, royalty free licence
  • platform independent (mobile phone ->)
  • architecture and protocols
  • uses HTTP, TCP/IP and XML
  • builds virtual ad-hoc network on top of physical network
jxta protocols
JXTA - Protocols

Core Specification Protocols

  • Peer Resolver Protocol (PRP)
  • Endpoint Routing Protocol (ERP)

Standard Service Protocols

  • Rendezvous Protocol (RVP)
  • Peer Discovery Protocol (PDP)
  • Peer Information Protocol (PIP)
  • Peer Binding Protocol (PBP)
jxta example applications
JXTA – Example Applications

JXTA Shell

  • command line interface
  • enables publishing, searching, messaging, discovering, piping and more


  • open soure example application
  • enables group chatting, secure chatting, credential groups in addition to JXTA Shell
jxta jxme jxta for j2me

Working Proxy based solution exists

jxta jxme jxta for j2me1

Proxyless solution under development

threats to mobile p2p
Threats to mobile P2P
  • In 3G true mobile P2P is possible due to high bandwidth, efficient mobile phones and simultaneous voice and data capability-> But will the operators allow P2P software since is would lead to the loss of revenues?
  • Viruses, spy- and adware
  • Digital rights management
  • 2/2.5G is not ready for mobile P2P. However with the aid of computer killer applications could be developed
  • 3G does not have technical restrictions so the future of mobile P2P will be mainly in the hands of the operators