how can parents teach their children about healthy food n.
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How Can Parents Teach Their Children about Healthy Food? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Can Parents Teach Their Children about Healthy Food?

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How Can Parents Teach Their Children about Healthy Food? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Can Parents Teach Their Children about Healthy Food?
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  1. How Can Parents Teach Their Children about Healthy Food? Taylor Green | 26thAugust 2016

  2. Be the Source of Inspiration • If you’re regularly lying on a sofa with a large hamburger in your hand, you can’t convincingly teach your children healthy eating habits. Children learn by observing your activities, so you can influence how they feel about eating for better or worse. In eating, as in all things, you need to be their role model. • If your kids see you eating veggies and doing regular workouts, they will become self-motivated to do the same. You can also explain to them the benefits of eating a balanced diet and getting proper exercise. In these ways, you convey successfully that good health is important.

  3. Make it a Fun • You don’t need to give long lectures on the importance of nutrients in food. Instead, accomplish the same thing in a fun way so that your child grasps it easily. Play various games with them; for example, offer a carrot or a bite of broccoli as the reward in a treasure hunt. • The ever growing digital world has made the job easier for you! There are many mobile phone games that encourage children to enjoy healthy food.

  4. Involve Them • The next time you go to the grocery store, take your kids with you. Introduce them to various fruits and vegetables and explain why they are important. This will evoke their curiosity, and they may ask you to prepare the foods they’ve learned about for a meal. Let the children choose which vegetable they want to have for dinner. Taking part in the purchasing decision inspires a sense of pride, increasing their interest in trying healthy food. • You can even ask for their company while cooking the food! Kids are more likely to eat meals that they have helped prepare.

  5. Buy a Variety of Healthy Food: • Develop the habit of shopping together for healthy food because your children will more likely eat what they help you buy. Then make those items accessible to the kids by putting them in the refrigerator to replace sugary drinks and snacks. When kids have healthy food around to satisfy their hunger, they won’t crave those large slices of pizza or handfuls of chips.

  6. Try Some New Recipes: • You can make delicious recipes of the veggies and fruit customarily avoided by your kids. It is an effective way to encourage them to eat nutritious food. For example, if your children dislike oatmeal, you can make it interesting to them by baking it with a topping of nuts and raisins. Serve veggies and fruit to them in salads with eye-appealing garnishes. • Explore your creativity by making funny faces with ketchup. You can also replace their greasy chips and candy bars with almonds, walnuts and other nut-oreinted snacks.

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