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In-Pursuit Of Excellence

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In-Pursuit Of Excellence. IPEX Background.

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In-Pursuit Of Excellence

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In-Pursuit Of Excellence


IPEX Background

IPEX is an education initiative within the Eastern Cape community- specifically to influence learners to embrace excellence in their academics. This is an initiative intended to redress the educational needs of the learners at primary & high school level.


We see beyond the current circumstances, we envision the Eastern Cape community that is known for its dynamic learners that are highly motivated, taking full responsibility for their well-doing in academics.

Our community shall be known for its unity where education has played a massive role in bringing our communities together.


We are committed to cause dynamic change to our community learners through shaping their mind-set and empowering them to see value in their abilities to excel academically.


IPEX Model

  • The programme is structured into two components, the Junior Phase (Grade 5-9) and the Senior Phase (Grade 10-12). Two schools have been adopted; Gcobani Primary School and Nyameko High Schoolin Mdantsane Township (East London).
  • Adopt a School: Gcobani Primary & Nyameko High School
  • Sign the “Memorandum of understanding” between the school and IPEX- outlines the roles of each party.
    • ·The School provides IPEX with basic resources during the Academic Intervention -access to the printers, faxes, computer and printing facilities and textbooks for all the subjects.
    • The School shall provide lunch for the learners during the academic intervention
    • The school shall relay all the communications and notices to the learners participating in academic activities of IPEX.
    • The School shall appoint one of the young teachers to act as “Academic Co-ordinator”. This person will act as the link between IPEX and the School.

Mdantsane is the 2nd biggest Township in South Africa, situated in the Eastern Cape- with population of 400 000 people.


IPEX Junior Phase “a Flagship Programme of IPEX”

  • Critical learning activities done:
  • Debating- teamwork & problem-solving skills
  • A spelling bee competition – Improve learning & creative skills
  • Speed reading workshop - aimed at developing effective reading and study techniques.
  • Newspaper articles and Case studies are utilised for reading- an opportunity to engage in rigorous discussions about many social norms and challenges faced by our communities.
  • Junior Phase is regarded as the Flagship Programme of IPEX. We are long-term focused.
  • Junior Phase Manager is KhonayeDapula
  • He is currently completing a B.Com Accounting at NMMU towards Chartered Accountancy.
  • An exceptional young leader who is open-minded and is passionate about youth development. Khonaye is well-known for his exceptional debating skills and great abilities to conduct meaningful discussions and presentations at university and other platforms.

This covers the Scholars at Grade 5-9

Major emphasis is placed on the building and training effective communication skills that include reading, writing, speaking and presenting.

Mathematics is also our main focus area at the Junior Phase.


IPEX Senior Phase

This covers the Scholars at Grade 10-12

Here we teach all the Subjectsoffered at school except for Languages:

Mathematics, History , Geography, Accounting, Physical Science, Life Sciences, Mathematical Literacy, Tourism, Economics and Business Studies

  • We still continue with Communication Skills at an advanced level.
  • Make use for reading skills the newspapers & magazines -Business Day, Finweek, Financial Mail, The Economist and Engineering News.  
  • Scholars do Individual & Peer presentations- to build self confidence
  • University Students from NMMU, Fort-Hare, UCT, CPUT, UWC, WSU, Boston City College studying different courses- Commerce, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Arts & Humanities act as Teachers/ Academic Tutors
  • We have about 40 Tutors at IPEX

The Governance at IPEX

IPEX is run by the Executive Team of young people under the guidance and strategic direction of the Founder, Sitembele James who plays more of a mentoring role.

IPEX Advisory Board comprises of Professionals who are mostly from the Eastern Cape. They guide the Executive Team and provide support on matters relating to strategy, legal & compliance, Financial management and business development.

The Operations Team & IPEX Legends are responsible for the organising of Academic interventions, communicating with the Schools and the Scholars.

IPEX Executive Team

IPEX Advisory Board

Operations Team

Mr S. DayileCA(SA)

Mr B. RoyoCA(SA)

Ms S. Kala- Mckinsey

Mr S. Swazi- Departmnt of Basic Education

Mr P. Jaxa- LLB, Theology

AyabongaLolo- Chief Executive Officer

Atabile Holiday- Managing Director

Sitembele James- Founding Director

ZintleMbatani- Director: Academics

Lihle Jacobs- Executive Director

KhonayeDapula- Executive Director

SizoMgubuli- Finance Director

SikelelwaNgalwa- Director: Development

ZiyandaSimandla – Admin Manager

ThandoSimatu- IPEX Legends President

PapamaSotyantya- Admin Assistant

HlumileZozo- PR Manager

NonhlanhlaTungela- Brand Ambassardor

XolaSodladla- Finance Admin

XolelaniSodladla- Finance Admin


The Legal Status & Regulations

IPEX is a registered NPO. The registration number is 120-609 NPO.

IPEX was included in the register of registered NPOs on 8 May 2013. We immediately lodged the tax-exemption and PBO application with SARS as soon as IPEX was registered as an NPO.

  • We compiled our first set of Annual Financial Statements (AFS) for the year ended 28 February 2013.
  • The AFS were not audited nor Independently review
  • Currently looking pro-bono audit services for the audit of 2015 AFS.
  • Currently building an effective system of internal controls
  • On the 7th of August 2013, IPEX was officially approved by SARS as a tax-exempt entity in terms of Section 10(1)(cN) of the Income Tax Act and also as a Public Benefit Organisation for the purposes of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.
  • This means that when IPEX receive donations from the Donors (both individuals and corporate entities) - IPEX will be able to issue a PBO certificate entitling that donor to claim the donation made to IPEX as a tax deduction when filing their own tax returns.

IPEX Special Projects

  • At IPEX we have committed ourselves to give our Scholars access to great eye-opening & inspiring opportunities
  • In July 2013, NMMU School of Accounting held an Accounting Winter School in Port Elizabeth
  • More than 500 Grade 12 Scholars were lectured, given Tutorials by well-experienced Lecturers of NMMU School of Accounting
  • 9 IPEX Grade 12 Scholars (8 Girls and 1boy) were part of this life-changing experience.
  • Four of the 9 IPEX Scholars were our own IPEX Legends (our Scholar Leadership Programme within IPEX).
  • The 9 IPEX Scholars stayed at the NMMU student residences, Sanlam Student Village exposing them to the “life at varsity” experience.
  • Each day’s Accounting topic was presented by one of the brilliant and well-experienced NMMU Lecturers
  • Mr S. James (Founder of IPEX) was one of the Accounting Tutors at this NMMU Accounting Winter School
  • The trip to PE was sponsored by: NMMU School of Accounting (Major sponsor), MBAT College, Mr Stuart Wedderburn, (Deloitte), Ms Elize Naude (NMMU), Mr Paul Schneider (Deloitte), Eveready (Pty) Ltd & Deloitte.

Supporters of IPEX

  • We would not have been able to successfully operate and run IPEX’s activities without the support of the following organisations and individuals:
  • We have to stress the fact that IPEX has not found sustainable funder/ supporter. We need more support. The organisations below have made once off donations and are not permanent funders. Continue to support IPEX and be part of the transformation of the Eastern Cape community through education.
  • Individuals:
  • Rob Simon (Finance Director: Eveready (Pty) Ltd)
  • Mrs Janine Christian (NMMU School of Accounting)
  • Mrs Elize Naude (NMMU School of Accounting)
  • Monde Nyawose CA (SA) at Standard Bank
  • Corporates/Organisations:

Thank you to Partnering (Adopted) Schools

IPEX operates within the premises of the adopted Schools in N.U 8 in Mdantsane Township. We would like to thank the Principals and Management of the 2 adopted Schools:

Gcobani Senior Primary School- Ms M. Mjila

Nyameko High School- Mr M Fulani : contact 043 762 114

A bit of History about Mdantsane Township

The township of Mdantsane, situated between East London and King William's Town, has its roots in the apartheid era and is the second largest township in South Africa after Soweto, and is now home to about 400 000 people.

Established in 1962 as part of the government's racist apartheid policies to provide living space for cheap African labour, the original inhabitants are people who were forcibly removed from the East Bank a multiracial residential area in East London. The aim was to create a fully-fledged town, semi-autonomous but economically integrated into white urban areas and originally 300 low cost homes were built just west of the East London suburbs and in 1963 its first inhabitants moved in.

Mdantsane formed part of the Ciskei, an apartheid structure and an independent province, before being re-incorporated into the Eastern Cape. Mdantsane is divided into eighteen zones but is still undergoing expansion. There is formal trading which is housed in the recently built shopping malls.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us. Send your comments. Talk to us about collaborations and assist us where you can.

We have learnt a thing or two along the way. Please ask us for advise relating to NPO registration, SARS PBO registration, Forming effective relationships with School Management and Community Leaders and Parents. We do not claim to be Experts in the Education field but certainly we have learnt a thing or two.


ZiyandaSimandla (Administration)

073 0706 113

Atabile Holiday

083 361 8922

Visit our website: