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Friday 4/5. Objective: Students will be introduced to Martin Luther and his in the Protestant Reformation Homework: No homework Do Now : answer the following question on pg. 348. How did members of the Church fail to live up to their role as spiritual leaders?

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Friday 4 5
Friday 4/5

  • Objective: Students will be introduced to Martin Luther and his in the Protestant Reformation

  • Homework:

    • No homework

  • Do Now: answer the following question on pg. 348.

    • How did members of the Church fail to live up to their role as spiritual leaders?

    • What are indulgences? What did they do?

    • What is simony? Why would it be worthwhile?

  • What were indulgences?

    • A. Indulgence defined: a pardon or forgiveness of sin sold by the Holy Church.

    • B. Pope Leo X, in 1517, needed money to complete the building of Saint Peter’s Church in Rome.  He sold indulgences to Germany to help pay the debt.

  • Why did Martin Luther want to revolt?

Exit slip
Exit slip

  • Cesar Chavez vs. Martin Luther worksheet

  • Notes

Focus question

  • What were three complaints people had about the Roman Catholic Church in the early 1500’s?


  • What is the root word for Reformation?


  • To shape

  • To begin

  • To put together

  • To create

  • The Catholic Church was the first Christian Church formed.


  • Re- to do again

  • To form again

  • To change the form of something that already exists

  • Martin Luther wanted to change the form of the Catholic Church to improve it.

One person who felt strongly about reform in the church was MartinLuther. He started what would be known as “The Reformation”.

Martin luther

  • Where have we heard that name before?

Dr martin luther king1
Dr. Martin Luther King

  • Lived in the 1900’s.

  • Was a minister.

  • Led the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

He decided to challenge the church
He Decided to Challenge the Church

  • When I say the Church, I mean the only Christian church of the time……………………….

    What church was the only Christian church of the time?

The catholic church


Headed by the _______________.

What is the official title of person?

Monday 4 8 13
Monday 4/8/13

  • Objective: Students will demonstrate understanding of Martin Luther’s role in the reformation by creating a pamphlet

  • Homework:

    • Martin Luther protest pamphlet

      • Due Monday 4/14

  • Do Now:

    • What is the definition of reform

    • What did Martin Luther wish to reform?

The reformation

The Reformation

A reform movement against the Roman Catholic Church

What didn t he like
What didn’t he like?

  • People didn’t like the way the pope, priests, and bishops were behaving. They didn’t behave in a religious manner.

  • Priests and Bishops didn’t even know the basic church teachings.

  • The pope was too involved in politics and was not committed to his churchly duties. The people didn’t like this.

His main arguments
His main arguments:

  • His main belief was that people could be saved in a religious sense through faith, and faith alone.

  • He believed that if a person believes in God and follows the Bible, they could go to heaven there is no need for confession, giving the church all your money, or doing charity work.

  • He also didn’t believe in Indulgences.



What is an Indulgence?


  • An indulgence is a document (a piece of paper signed by the pope) given by the pope to people; that excused that person for sins that he or she had committed while they were alive.

Why on earth would a person pay good money for a certificate of indulgence
Why on Earth would a personpay good money for a Certificate of Indulgence?

An indulgence was supposed to reduce the time a person spent in purgatory

An indulgence was supposed to reduce the time a person spent in purgatory.

Does anyone know what purgatory is?


Purgatory in purgatory.

Catholics believe that this is a place where your soul goes to in order to pay for your worldly sins before you can go to heaven. Depending on how much you sinned is going to determine how long you will spend in purgatory.

HEAVEN followers.












The ninety five theses
The Ninety-Five Theses followers.

  • This was a list of complaints that Martin Luther had against the Catholic church.

How did pope leo x feel
How did Pope Leo X feel? followers.

  • The pope was very upset about this; and threatened to have Martin Luther excommunicated from the church if he didn’t take back what he wrote.

Martin luther is excommunicated

Martin Luther is excommunicated followers.

Martin Luther was called to a diet (a council of nobles and church officials) he was labeled a heretic and was excommunicated. Martin Luther had to go into hiding for a year, for fear he would be killed.

Analyzing primary source documents
Analyzing primary source documents followers.

  • Answer both questions Catholic Perspective of Martin Luther

    • What does the Catholic Church demand that Martin Luther stop doing?

    • Summarize the primary source document in your own words

  • Answer both: Lutheran perspective

    • Why won’t Martin Luther retract his words?

    • Summarize the primary source document

A separation in the church
A separation in the church followers.

  • Martin Luther caused the Catholic Church to split up.

  • The followers of Martin Luther were known as Protestants because they were protesting against the Catholic church.

Protestants followers.

  • Those who sided with Luther and protested the Catholic church were known as Protestants.

Martin s contributions to protestantism
Martin followers.’s contributions to Protestantism

  • He translated the Bible into German from Latin.

  • He wrote hymns (songs praising God) that still are sung today.

  • Pamphlets to help convert people to Protestantism.

  • He was also very anti-Semitic. This means he does not like Jewish people.

The followers.

selling of







Bible only


In Latin

The Pope

was too

involved in


Lazy or



Homework followers.

  • One of the reasons Martin Luther was successful in his reformation of the Catholic Church was his use of Propaganda

  • Your homework is to complete a piece of Propaganda for Martin Luther's Reformation

    • Requirements:

      • One of Martin Luther complaints about the Catholic Church

      • One of his arguments for reform

      • one detailed drawing

      • Be in color

      • Catchy slogan/ argument

  • Due Monday March 15th