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2008-2009 Registration Information

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2008-2009 Registration Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2008-2009 Registration Information. Welcome, Class of 2012!!!!. Today we will cover the following: Graduation Requirements Credits Post-graduate planning Career Clusters University/College/Trade School Admissions Your options for future H.S. programs/electives

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welcome class of 2012
Welcome, Class of 2012!!!!

Today we will cover the following:

Graduation Requirements

Credits Post-graduate planning

Career Clusters

University/College/Trade School Admissions

Your options for future H.S. programs/electives


what do i need to do to make sure that i am a part of the class of 2012
What do I need to do to make sure that I am a part of the CLASS OF 2012?
  • Make sure to pass your classes, and pay attention to credit counts:
  • 6 credits = Sophomore…10th grade
  • 12 credits = Junior………11th grade
  • 19 credits = Senior……...12th grade
  • 27 credits = Diploma……Graduate!!!!!!!
how many credits will i earn my freshman year
How many credits will I earn my Freshman year?
  • Each semester is worth .5 (or ½) a credit.
  • When you pass all 8 of your classes, you earn 8 credits.
  • You may have earned H.S. credits in Middle School or by taking online courses.
  • Some students took Alg 1 an/or Spanish 1 in the 8th grade….these transcripts will reflect more than 8 credits for 9th grade.
if i do not pass 6 classes will i take all of my 9 th grade over again
If I do not pass 6 classes, will I take all of my 9th grade over again?
  • You ONLY take the classes over that you did not get credit for, you may earn enough credits in later years to graduate with your class in 2012…IF you will begin to pass your classes NOW!!!!
  • Summer School is strongly suggested for each credit that you do not earn.
what if i fail a class 1 st semester and pass second semester
What if I fail a class 1st semester and pass second semester?
  • In this case, the two semesters will average together….if the final grade is passing, then you earn the 1st semester credit and do not need to re-take it.
  • IF the final grade is not passing, you take the 1st semester of the class over again.
this rule does not apply in reverse order
This rule does not apply in reverse order!!!!!
  • If you pass 1st semester and fail second semester of a required class…..YOU MUST TAKE THE SECOND SEMESTER OF THE CLASS OVER.
  • The LDISD Board Policy is that the two are not averaged when a student fails second semester.
summer school
  • Summer school is a great option for re-gaining credit after it’s lost.
  • Since report cards come out after school is out for the year, you may or may not be notified by your teacher that you need to attend summer school.
  • There is a fee for summer school.
  • Summer School is in two sessions, you may pay for each session “as you go.”
  • When the cost is an issue, students may earn summer school credits at an Alternative School called Winfree.
  • This program is free, but if fills up fast…apply early in order to get in.
transcript paper trail
  • Remember that your semester grades and the courses that you have chosen to take are your permanent record that follows you after graduation from High School.
  • This Paper-Trail of all of your hard work is called a TRANSCRIPT.
other transcript facts
Other Transcript Facts:

Counselors review transcripts to evaluate your credits and graduation requirements.

  • SAT/ACT and Exit TAKS scores are recorded on the transcript.
  • It is the transcript that is sent to Universities and Colleges to prove that you have graduated from High School.
la grone advanced technology center
La Grone Advanced Technology Center
  • Later in High School you may have the opportunity to attend a Tech Center in Denton.
  • Competitive Career training is available to you if…you are found to qualify for these programs.
  • Students must have Teacher/Principal/Counselor Recommedations, good attendance and discipline records AND apply for the programs by meeting deadlines.
atc programs available
ATC Programs Available
  • Career and Life Enhancement (Leadership Internship…Sr’s only)
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Arts, Audiovisual Technology & Communication
  • Finance (accounting, banking, financial planning)
  • Health Science (CNA, Job Shadowing, Pharmacology
atc programs cont
ATC Programs Cont.
  • Hospitality & Tourism (Culinary Arts, Hotel Restaurant Management)
  • Human Services (Cosmetology, Nail Tech)
  • Information Technology (Computer Maintenance, Biomedical Tech, GIS)
  • Law, Public Safety, Security
  • Manufacturing (Computer Numeric Control, Welding)
atc programs cont1
ATC Programs Cont.
  • Marketing, Sales and Service (E-Marketing, Web Design)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (Electronics, Pre-Engineering…Partnership with UNT and Bell Helicopter Textron INC)
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (Automotive Tech)
atc details in counseling office
ATC Details in Counseling Office
  • Turn in your pre-registration form on 1/29 as usual, with all your class choices in case you do not get accepted to the program. Just put a note at the top of the form if you plan to apply.
  • Applications available after 2/10/09.
  • A list of all ATC programs will be in the Counseling Office, check back with us if you are interested!
dual credit
Dual Credit
  • Dual Credit means that you get both High School credit and College Credit on both your HS transcript and your college transcript.
  • YOU PAY TUITION for these classes to NCTC, TWU or UNT.
  • You also pay for the text book.
two places to take dual credit courses
Two places to take Dual Credit Courses
  • We are offering Dual Credit courses during the school day here at LDHS.
  • These classes will take up one of your course selections on your pre-registration form.
  • You can also take Dual Credit Courses at the NCTC, TWU & UNT campuses (evenings, summers, mini-mesters)
requirements for dual credit
Requirements for Dual Credit
  • You must either be 16 years of age or have passed your 10th grade year.
  • You must take a THEA or find exemptions through TAKS scores.
  • TAKS Exemptions are 2200 on Math/ELA with a writing score of 3 or above.
  • You must have a B average.
what s the difference in an ap course and a dual credit course
What’s the difference in an AP Course And a Dual Credit Course?
  • AP are Advanced Placement courses offered only on our campus. At the end of the course, an extra AP exam is given.
  • If you pass this exam with a “3” or better, you may earn college credit.
  • Some universities require a score of “5” to grant credit
  • You do not pay tuition for this course, so it can be College Credit that’s “FREE!!!”
tech prep articulation another way to earn college credit in h s
TECH-PREP ARTICULATION: another way to earn college credit in H.S.
  • We have an agreement with NCTC for certain CTE classes that are taken at LDHS and an “80” or better is earned, along with a teacher recommendation …that you can receive FREE college credit upon enrollment at NCTC.
what are the classes that count in the articulation as nctc credit
What are the classes that count in the Articulation as NCTC Credit?
  • Accounting 1
  • BCIS 1 and/or 2
  • BCIS 2 w/MOS
  • Ready, Set, Teach 1 (ATC also)
  • Child Development / Prep for Parenting (ATC also)
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Intro to Business
  • DAP, or Distinguished Achievement Program is earned by:
  • Obtaining 4 Advanced Measures
  • Taking Three years of a Foreign Language
advanced measures
Advanced Measures
  • Advanced Measures are earned in two ways:
  • 1. Earning a B or better in a Dual Credit Course.
  • 2. Earning a score of “3” or better on an AP Exam, and passing the AP class.
  • (a less common Adv. Measure can be obtained in special independent study with a mentor.)
post graduate plans
Post Graduate Plans
  • You should be thinking NOW about your plans after high school.
  • College Entrance depends upon your GPA, Class Rank, SAT/ACT Scores, Extra-curricular involvement, volunteer activities
  • If you plan to attend NCTC for the first year of college, you do not need SAT/ACT tests.
getting accepted to a university
Getting Accepted to a University
  • Universities look at test scores, transcripts and class ranking.
  • The higher you rank in the class, the lower your test scores (SAT/ACT) can be in order to get accepted into a University.
  • The higher your test scores the lower your rank can be in order to get accepted.
community college trade school
Community College/Trade School
  • To get accepted to a trade school or community college (like NCTC), you need:
  • 1. A High School Diploma.
  • 2. to take the THEA or Compass exam at the NCTC testing office.
how do i get my class rank higher
How do I get my class rank higher?
  • Class rank comes from your GPA, and GPA comes from your grades, so it makes logical sense that you would raise your class rank each time you turn in work that has been done with 100% effort to get the very best score that you can.
when do i take sat act
When do I take SAT/ACT
  • It is suggested that you take:
  • 1. The PSAT Fall semester of 10th grade, and again in 11th grade.
  • 2. The SAT or ACT as many times as possible your Jr. year…..scores usually increase with repeated test administrations. You can also test your Senior year, but watch for college entrance deadlines!!!!!!!!
need help choosing electives
Need help choosing electives??

Check out our website for suggestions!

  • Select High school campus
  • Select “09-10 Pre-Registration Information” in Quicklinks
  • Click on 2009 – 2010 Pre-Registration Information link
  • Click on “Elective Course Selection Information” link
A Useful Guide to LDHS Elective Course Selections

based upon your future career choice

Texas’ adoption of the US Department of Education’s 16 Career Clusters with 81 pathways identifying high-growth/ high-paying jobs in the 21st century Texas economy.

Information provided per cluster:

  • Suggested LDHS Career-Related Courses
  • Post-Secondary College Credit Opportunities plus Certifications
  • Student Organizations
work based programs 11 th 12 th grade
Work Based Programs11th & 12th Grade
  • Ready, Set, Teach 1 & 2
  • Career Preparation 1 & 2
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Each require an application process based upon your interests, attendance, discipline, grades and teacher recommendations!
  • May count toward your physical education credit requirements.
Last First Middle Circle one Diploma Type

Name_____________________________________________ Present Grade________ REC. DAP

In case of program conflicts, my alternative electives are:

Student Signature________________________________________________ Parent Signature_______________________________________ Date_______________

Counselor Check______ Clerk Check_________

Reminder: This schedule is for the whole school year. Please choose wisely. DUE JANUARY 29th

Courses needing signatures will not be added without the required signature.

Check the course handbook for guidelines.

Lake Dallas High School Four-Year / Post-Secondary Plan

Name: (Last)__________________________ (First)_______________________ (Middle)____________________

Grade___________ Date ___________________

This is a tentative plan to help give you, your parents, and your school some direction as you progress through high school. As you fill in your plan, remember that it is only a plan and should be revisited as needed to ensure your educational success throughout your four years at high school. Plan carefully and select academic courses and electives that will support your interests, career goals, and post-secondary plans.

  • Career Clusters: (check one)
  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
  • Business, Management & Administration
  • Education & Training
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing, Sales & Service
  • Other:_____________________________________
  • Undecided
  • High School Graduation Plan: (check one)
  • Recommended (27 credits)
  • Distinguished Achievement (27 credits)

LDHS Classification Credits:

Sophomore (10th) 6 credits

Junior (11th) 12 credits

Senior (12th) 19 credits

Post-Secondary Plans: (check as many as apply)

  • Certificate / Licensure 2 year degree / Community College
  • Technical Training 4 year degree / College / University
  • Full-time Employment Military
  • Other__________________________________________
Student Signature_______________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature­­­___________________________

Due Thursday, January 29th