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The Muslim World

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The Muslim World
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The Muslim World

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  1. The Muslim World

  2. Islam

  3. The Muslim World Numerical realities • Population 1.3 Billions22% of the W. population • 2/3 live in Muslim countries & 1/3 as minorities. • 37% under the line of poverty & Muslim represent 39% of the poor in the World More than 1/3 of the poor live in Muslim countries • Africa 26 Muslim countries

  4. Asia 27 countries, South America 2,Europe 1 • 57% between ages 15-64 years • 39% between ages 15-40 years • 72 billion $ on military • 63% Education rate & spending on education is 4% of GDP • Individual income $3,934.00 • Unemployment 19.2% WHO, UNSD, FIRST, World book

  5. Conflict within the house of Islam • Asia 27 : 21 have conflict • Africa 26:16 has conflict • Arab World 22: 18 have conflict • South Am. 2: 2 have conflict • 1940-2000 127 conflicts including 37 out of 56 Muslim countries.

  6. The Problem of living as a minority • Islam has not developed a theology of living as a minority • Muslims shall not be ruled by a non Muslim • The law of Allah Shariá should be the law of the land

  7. World Problems with Islamic Dimension • Africa : Ethiopia – Eritrea; Sudan: North & South; Nigeria: North & South, Somalia. • Asia:Afghanistan, Azerbaijan - Armenia, Bahrain: Sunni & Shai’i; Georgia, Cyprus, India- Pakistan, Indonesia, Israel – Palestinian, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, • Europe:England7/7, Spain, Holland • North America:9/11 & Canada, Australia

  8. The Religious Pressures • What is the true Islam? • Shiite vs. Sunni • Fundamentalist movements • Past vs. Future • Conservatism vs. Liberalism

  9. Amr Khaled's moderate thought fights Al-Qaeda's extremist ideology in Yemen   Egyptian preacher embarks on battle to win hearts and minds of Yemeni extremists with his intermediacy, moderation. Mohammed Arkoun: a farewell to an intellectual revolutionary   Algerian professor sought restoring intellectual pluralism that dominated Islam’s Golden Age.

  10. US fails to secure new Israeli settlement freeze   Palestinian official: US administration will continue its efforts to freeze illegal Israeli settlements.

  11. The Muslim World from Within • The Political Pressures • Democracy & Dictatorships • Unity VS. Diversity • Who leads the Muslim World • Weak Political Leaders

  12. Experts: Qaeda views West terror alert fears as victory :Analysts warn against politicizing terror warnings amid high number of false or fake alarms. Tehran's unplugged internet revolution: Authorities want separate network that looks like internet but is confined and controlled within country.

  13. Saudi fugitives key players in Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula   Alleged Al-Qaeda bomb maker Asiri is just one of dozens of hard-core Saudis who joined up with terror networks' cause in Yemen. Radical Al-Qaeda cleric lunched at Pentagon   Anwar al-Awlaqi, now on US assassination list, was invited to luncheon at Pentagon after 9/11.

  14. The Social Pressures • Women & Children • Economy & Poverty • Morality • Unequal Distribution • Valentine’s Day • Muslim Barbie

  15. First female captain for UAE's Etihad Airways takes flight Number of female pilots with airlines in Mideast region on the rise, more expected to join.

  16. الزي الإسلامي 'يتبرَّج' في اندونيسيا مصممو الأزياء الأندونيسيون يضفون على زي 'الكيبايا' التقليدي طباعات مبهجة وألواناً جريئة بحيث يجاري الموضة و'لا يخالف الإسلام'. موضة المحجبات تنطلق في شوارع تركيا المؤسسة العلمانية في تركيا تخشى من شعور النساء غير المحجبات بالضغط لارتداء الحجاب بعد ظهور طبقة جديدة من المسلمات الملتزمات دينيا.

  17. Common ground in the Doha Debate on the burqa ban? Debate demonstrated that people do not necessarily need to agree to appreciate other arguments.

  18. Islam from the Outside • Political Pressures • US, Europe, Israel & UN • Democracy & Failed Models • Iran vs. SA vs. Turkey vs. BL

  19. Religious Pressures • Christianity vs. Islam • Islam on the Internet • Other forms of Islam • Western Christian Values

  20. Social Pressures • Media Seattleite TV • Internet • Women Driving & Voting • Drugs

  21. رجل دين سعودي: مَن منع المرأة قيادة السيارة؟ مدير عام هيئة الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر: رجال الدين درسوا هذه القضية ولم يخرج اي منهم بآية من القرآن تحظر قيادة المرأة للسيارة. المخدرات تتربص بالشباب الأردنيشباب أردنيون يركضون وراء تعاطي المخدرات هرباً من اليأس والفشل فيدخلون بسببها عالم الجريمة.

  22. Nomads 'appoint government' in tense Sudan town: Abyei remains on fault line between north and south Sudan ahead of key referendum. South Sudanese rally for referendum: Thousands of southern Sudanese show support for referendum 100 days before vote is due.

  23. “The death toll from Sunday’s church hostage crisis in Iraq shot up to 52 on Monday while the number of people wounded rose to 67…. In total about 120 churchgoers were taken hostage by the al Qaida-linked terrorists as they were holding service Sunday. Two Algerian Christians tried for breaking Ramadan fast Hundreds of Algerians protesting against judicial authorities, support two defendants.

  24. Qatar puts Middle East soccer on map: Thousands converge in Doha in outburst of joy as Qatar picked to host 2022 World Cup. Tony Blair's sister-in-law converts to Islam: Lauren Booth undergoes religious conversion following visit to holy Iranian city of Qom.

  25. Yemenis chewing their way to early death: Growing number of mouth cancers in Yemen is due to chewing amphetamine-rich leaf ‘qat’.

  26. Pray