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The Muslim World

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The Muslim World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Muslim World. Student Sample Presentation. The Birth of Islam. The city of Mecca became an important stop on the early trade routes. With the blending of peoples both Jews and Christians into this mixed environment…Mohammad was born.

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the muslim world

The Muslim World

Student Sample Presentation

the birth of islam
The Birth of Islam
  • The city of Mecca became an important stop on the early trade routes. With the blending of peoples both Jews and Christians into this mixed environment…Mohammad was born.
  • Mohammed believed that the Lord that spoke to him was Allah. He thought that the one and only God was Allah. “ All others must be abandoned.”
choice one the way to allah
The Five Pillars

These duties demonstrate a Muslim’s submission to the will of God






Choice One:The Way to Allah

choice two the muslim way of life
Choice Two:The Muslim Way of Life
  • Muslims do not separate their personal life from their religious life.
  • The Five Pillars are practiced.
  • Believers are forbidden to eat pork or to drink intoxicating beverages.
  • Friday afternoons are set aside for worship and prayer.
  • Worship is directly to God.
  • The Qur’an-the revelations of Muhammed is collected
  • The Source of Authority is Allah

choice three enrichment activity a famous muslim personality
Choice Three:Enrichment Activity:A Famous Muslim Personality
  • For every four humans in the world, one of them is Muslim. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today.
  • A famous Muslim personality is Queen Noor:


Her Majesty Queen Noor was born Lisa Najeeb Halaby on 23 August 1951, to an Arab-American family distinguished for its public service. She attended schools in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Concord Academy in Massachusetts, before entering Princeton University in its first co-educational freshman class.

After receiving a B.A. in Architecture and Urban Planning from Princeton University in 1974, Queen Noor worked on international urban planning and design projects in Australia, Iran, the United States, and Jordan from where she traveled throughout the Arab World to research aviation training facilities. Subsequently, she joined ‘Royal Jordanian’ airline as Director of Planning and Design Projects.Their Majesties, King Hussein and Queen Noor, were married on 15 June 1978. They have two sons: HRH Prince Hamzah (born 29 March 1980), and HRH Prince Hashim (born 10 June 1981), and two daughters: HRH Princess Iman (born 24 April 1983), and HRH Princess Raiyah (born 9 February 1986). Their family also included the children of His Majesty’s previous marriage: Ms. Abir Muheisen, HRH Princess Haya, and HRH Prince Ali.

Since 1978, Queen Noor has initiated, directed, and sponsored projects and activities in Jordan to address specific national development needs in the areas of education, culture, women and children’s welfare, human rights, conflict resolution, community development, environmental and architectural conservation, public architecture, and urban planning. She is also actively involved with international and UN organizations that address global challenges in these fields. Queen Noor has played a major role in promoting international exchange and understanding of Middle Eastern politics, Arab-Western relations, and humanitarian and conflict prevention, and recovery issues throughout the world, such as youth drug abuse, refugees, and disarmament.