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Room Dimension at The Ocean Views PowerPoint Presentation
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Room Dimension at The Ocean Views

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Room Dimension at The Ocean Views

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Room Dimension at The Ocean Views

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  2. PRESENTATION OUTLINE • TOPICS TOCOVER • TheConcept • RoomDimension • InteriorDetails • Exterior Details • ContactDetails The Ocean Views

  3. THECONCEPT The Ocean Views is a brand new development of luxuries villa Resort that is under construction on a majestic7,400 Square Meters of land located just 5 minutesfromDreamland, Pecatu, BaliIndonesia. The resort comprising of 16 units Villa and 87 units Apartment, consisting of one, two and three bedrooms. All villasandsome Apartment with private swimming pool.Fullyfurnished. Constructed into3phases,1stphaseconsistof16unitsVilla,2nd phase consist of 2 Towers (60 Units) Apartment and 3rd phase consist of 1 Tower Apartment (27units).

  4. ROOMDIMENSION The dimension of roomsare vary depending on each type of villa or apartment. For more details you can click on each respective type of villa or apartment on PEROPERTY DETAILS above then click each item of interior or exterior details you wish to know or send inquiry tous. We allow client to make minor change on floor plan and dimension especially for an OFF PLAN Concept design

  5. The area of Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen are all connected without partitions with 2 folding doors in the south side facing the swimming-pool and large glass wall to the east facing the sunrise and over looking the Indian Ocean, especially when opening both folding doors, it really feels like blending in with the beauty of the outdoors, truly creating an atmosphere that is very comfortable, relaxed, free from allstresses. INTERIOR DETAILS LIVINGROOM The Ocean Views

  6. KITCHEN Provided to the occupant by giving them freedom to cook themselves while on onvacation. The Ocean Views

  7. BEDROOM Intentionally designed to face the swimming pools, gardens, ocean views, hills and beautiful green valleys so that they can be truly enjoyed optimally by guests who come to relax and look for a differentatmosphere. The Ocean Views

  8. BATHROOM Is designed in such a way where the tile floor combined with gravel and wood-patterned walls and wall ventilation that can be opened with mini garden, so the occupant can enjoy and blend with nature while bathing, the gravel can give foot therapy while you go forbath

  9. EXTERIORDETAILS SWIMMINGPOOL Apparently that the idea of a Marina Bay to have swimming- pool on the rooftop has had a big impact on the trends of this era, therefore to meet the demands of this age we have built several pools on the roof top to maximize to views of more than 180degree.

  10. PLAYGROUND The Roof Top garden actually can be double function as Playground upon request of each buyer or owner property, off-course with an additionalcost. The Ocean Views

  11. CARPARKING Car parking will be centered on the Apartment Tower Ground Floor and Basement, unless villa plots 1 to 5 will have their own car port, provided for special requests that require private parking, prepared in a section that does not disturbothers. The idea of centralizing parking is to avoid noise at the villa's location and accidents. The Ocean Views

  12. CONTACT DETAILS Phonenumber (+62) 082 147 030132 +62-361 895 4035(office) +62-816 574 867(mobile) Mailingaddress Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Br. Kerta Lestari, Ungasan, Kuta Selatan, Bali - Indonesia Emailaddress info@theoceanviews.com The Ocean Views

  13. THANKS FORVISITING! http://www.theoceanviews.com/