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FDR’s New Deal

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FDR’s New Deal. Essential Question. What programs were implemented as part of FDR’s New Deal?. Who is Franklin Roosevelt ?. Distant relative of Teddy Roosevelt Disabled from Polio as a young politician Became governor of NY in 1929 1932 campaign promised public works programs

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essential question
Essential Question
  • What programs were implemented as part of FDR’s New Deal?
who is franklin roosevelt
Who is Franklin Roosevelt ?
  • Distant relative of Teddy Roosevelt
  • Disabled from Polio as a young politician
  • Became governor of NY in 1929
  • 1932 campaign promised public works programs
  • Won 57% of popular vote and electoral votes in all but six states
  • Became 32nd president
who is franklin roosevelt1
Who is Franklin Roosevelt?
  • Known for his fireside chats
  • Ideological philosophy: liberal that believed in gov’t intervention to help alleviate suffering
  • Power team: wife Eleanor Roosevelt
roosevelt helps the banks
Roosevelt Helps the Banks
  • Roosevelt declared a bank holiday
  • Pushed through Emergency Banking Act – gave gov’t the power to review stability of banks
  • FDR boosts public confidence in banks again
  • Glass Steagall Act created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – gov’t insurance for deposits
first hundred days of the new deal
First Hundred Days of the New Deal
  • Response to banking crisis became part of his first hundred days
  • The First Hundred Days is FDR’s first 100 days in office in which he implemented parts of his New Deal program
  • New Deal Priorities
    • Relief for suffering
    • Recovery of the economy
    • Reforms to prevent future crisis
alphabet soup
Alphabet Soup
  • Long list of programs which aimed to ease the GD through R, R, and R.
  • Examples: CCC, WPA, AAA, TVA, PWA, SSA, etc.
civilian conservation corps ccc
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
  • Passed March 1933
  • Put men age 18-25 back to work
  • Conservation projects like planting trees, improving parks
  • Lived in army style camps
  • Sent most of their money back to their families
agricultural adjustment act aaa
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
  • Government gives $ to farmers to decrease supply
national industrial recovery act nira
National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
  • Gov’t mandates businesses in the same industry set prices and levels of production
  • NRA encourages minimum wage, maximum work weeks
federal securities act
Federal Securities Act
  • Companies must share financial information with public
  • Help investors make wise decisions
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to watch stock market
tennessee valley authority tva
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
  • Built dams along the Tennessee River
  • Dams controlled floods, aided navigation and shipping along the river and provided hydroelectric power
civil works administration cwa
Civil Works Administration (CWA)
  • Gov’t funded program to build roads, parks, airports, sewage lines and dams
  • This put millions of Americans to work
second new deal
Second New Deal
  • WPA or Works Progress Administration
    • Built roads, subways, airports, zoos
    • Worked in offices, schools, museums, factories
    • Recorded oral histories
    • Funded efforts of artists, writers, composers, actors
    • At its peak employed 3.4 million
social security act
Social Security Act
  • Regular payments for people 65 and older

FDR signing the Social Security Act

rural electrification act rea
Rural Electrification Act (REA)
  • Gov’t loaned money to groups trying to bring electricity to rural areas
fdr reelected by landside in 1936
FDR Reelected by Landside in 1936
  • Courts beginning to strike down parts of New Deal as unconstitutional but FDR still popular
  • Unemployment still high but cut in ½
  • Corporate earnings steadily climbing
  • Significant election: shift in Af-Am voters
the troubled court packing plan
The Troubled Court Packing Plan
  • FDR was frustrated courts had stuck down several New Deal Programs
  • Told the Congress of his plan to appoint new judges and expand the supreme court to make it more efficient
  • Most people saw this as an attempt to “pack the court” and ruin the balance of the Separation of Powers
  • Fortunately for FDR, Supreme Court began ruling in favor of New Deal programs