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cotton natural fiber n.
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Cotton Natural Fiber

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Cotton Natural Fiber
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Cotton Natural Fiber

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  1. CottonNatural Fiber

  2. History… • Pieces of cotton cloth and bolls were found by scientists searching a cave in Mexico said to be 7,000 years old • In 3,000 years B.C. cotton was being grown, spun, and woven into cloth in the Indus River Valley in Pakistan. • This is about the same time natives of Egypt’s Nile valley were making and wearing cotton clothing • Arab merchants brought cotton cloth to Europe about 800 A.D. • Columbus had found cotton growing in the Bahama Islands when he discovered America in 1492

  3. Cotton was known throughout the world by 1500 • Cotton seed are believed to have been planted in 1556 in Florida and in 1607 in Virginia • By 1616, colonists were growing cotton along the James River in Virginia • In England in 1730, cotton was first spun by machinery • In 1793, Eli Whitney, a Massachusetts native, secured the patent on the cotton gin • Gin did the work 10 times faster than by hand • Made it possible to supply large quantities of cotton fiber

  4. Advantages • Highly porous fiber • Breathability • Light • Dyes easily • Strength • Versatility- can be woven into any density • Soft- good for sensitive skin because derived naturally • Drapes well- conforms well to curves of body • Low-maintenance • Doesn’t stain easily • Can withstand high heat • Responds well to sewing- easy to handle because only has a slight give

  5. Disadvantages • Shrinkage- the fibers shrink and shorten in water and when put in the dryer this is permanent • Non-Wicking Ability- when wet, can stretch out; retains water and sweat; causes chafing during exercise • Mildews and Smells- can become mildewed if soiled or wet and not immediately dried; smell is mere impossible to get out and very strong, so the item must be deep cleaned or, in most cases, thrown out • Light Effects- light can cause the fibers to yellow, change color, weaken, or completely disintegrate; may happen every time in sunlight • Wrinkles- inelastic; must be ironed frequently because wrinkles easily; if wrinkled out of the dryer, will most likely stay that way; will retain wrinkles and creases caused by folding

  6. Care • Cotton is easily cleaned because it can withstand high heat • Any good detergent can be used • Bleach is safe for cotton whites and color safe bleach for dyed cotton • Can be washed in the washer on very high heat • A higher heat setting is needed for the dryer because cotton takes longer to dry since it is so absorbent • Can be ironed with a hot iron and doesn’t scorch easily

  7. My Collection…