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Trinity County Collaborative Group

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Trinity County Collaborative Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Trinity County Collaborative Group. Public Meeting May 3, 2013 Fire Hall, Weaverville. Agenda. Introduction 10:00am-10:30am Re-cap Newcomers: Anyone’s first meeting?   Review Draft Charter 10:30am-11:30pm Break into small groups-address questions on charter “Dot your Issues” Exercise

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Presentation Transcript
trinity county collaborative group

Trinity County Collaborative Group

Public Meeting

May 3, 2013

Fire Hall, Weaverville


Introduction 10:00am-10:30am

  • Re-cap
  • Newcomers: Anyone’s first meeting?  

Review Draft Charter 10:30am-11:30pm

Break into small groups-address questions on charter

“Dot your Issues” Exercise

Vote on Draft Charter Revisions 11:30-12:30

Reconvene whole group and discuss charter feedback

Lunch 12:30pm-1:15pm

Sandwiches from Trinideli!Request for $5 donation

Work Groups & Issues 1:15pm-3:50pm

  • Alex-white paper on USDA
  • Work group discussion
  • Brainstorm priorities and roadblocks

Check-in 3:50pm-4:00pm

  • Re-cap
  • 3/7/13-Informational/educational, presented Situation Assessment
  • 4/12/13-Began working on TCCG organizational structure
  • Issues box, Sign-in, $5 lunch donation, ground rules
  • Remember: membership rules will go into effect next meeting!
  • Newcomers
    • Group will not backtrack-you are responsible for catching up
  • Information: website, community binders, fellow collaborator
review draft charter
Review Draft Charter
  • Can go as fast, or slow, as you want
    • To help you go fast: Refer to questions handout (last page)
  • Break into small groups, discuss and develop feedback to charter questions
    • Refer to your handouts
      • Draft charter (focus on grey highlighted sections)
      • Charter summary questions (last page)
  • “Dot Your Issues” exercise
  • Reconvene around 11:30 a.m.
dot your issues exercise
“Dot Your Issues” Exercise
  • Each participant should have received three dots: green, yellow and red
  • Please place your dots on the posters around the room on the issues that are a priority for you:
    • Green = 1st priority
    • Yellow = 2nd priority
    • Red/Pink = 3rd priority
  • Sticky notes are available if you want to add an issue that is not recorded on the posters
  • Write down your three priorities in your binder to discuss with the full collaborative group later
vote on charter proposals
Vote on Charter Proposals
  • Modified consensus = 80%
  • Will discuss & vote, discuss & vote as necessary to reach highest level of consensus
  • When weighing in on a decision refer to your ‘level of support’ handout
    • At a minimum can you live with the decision?
  • Once a vote is finalized, minority opinions may request to have their concerns recorded for the collective memory record
vote on charter proposals1
Vote on Charter Proposals
  • Feedback on Background?
  • Feedback on Purpose/overview?
  • Feedback on Ground Rules?
  • Feedback on Guiding Principles?
vote on charter proposals2
Vote on Charter Proposals
  • Feedback on Vision?
  • Feedback on Mission?
  • Feedback on Goals?
vote on charter proposals3
Vote on Charter Proposals
  • Public Observation & Input:
    • How should members of the public check-in when they would like to provide input at that meeting?
  • Becoming a Member:
    • Should members sign a copy of the charter? (When it’s complete)
  • Active Membership Status:
    • When/how do absentee members submit their record of input?
    • Are proxies allowed? For all members or only organizations?
votes on charter proposals
Votes on Charter Proposals
  • Role of Federal Agencies:
    • What role(s) will federal agency representatives have?
    • Will they have voting privileges?
    • How will they report to their agency?
  • Role of County Supervisors:
    • What role(s) will supervisors have?
    • Will they have voting privileges?
    • How will they report to the board?
vote on charter proposals4
Vote on Charter Proposals
  • Decision Making:
  • Quorum rule to conduct a vote?
  • Meetings & Agenda:
  • Hold meetings 3rd Friday of each month?
  • Rotating meetings will be held in which communities?
  • Will meetings rotate equally between communities?
  • Recording meetings: Audio? Video? Who will record, who will edit, where will it be posted? Volunteers to take on recording logistics?
  • Should agenda be distributed via e-mail and posted on the website at least one week prior to meeting?
vote on charter proposals5
Vote on Charter Proposals
  • Communication:
    • E-mail, website, community binders working?
  • Internal
    • What do you want to only share with members? How should this information be shared?
  • External
    • How do you want to report out to the public?
    • Should there be an separate e-mail list for ‘interested’ parties who aren’t members?
    • How do you want to communicate/collaborate with complimentary organizations?
  • Media
    • How should members interact with the media?
  • Evaluation:
    • Need to come up with a quantifiable definition of progress and success
white paper
White Paper
  • Trinity Collaborative relationship with USDA
  • USDA programs of work
  • Stewardship contract
vote on charter proposals6
Vote on Charter Proposals
  • Work Groups:
  • Discussion of “Dot Your Issues” exercise
  • Type of work groups (issues covered)?
  • Composition of work groups? Focus on being inclusive
  • Meeting logistics?
    • Work group meetings open to public observation? Public input?
  • How should work groups report back to collaborative group?
work groups
Work Groups
  • Outline priorities and roadblocks
  • Brainstorm action items-how will you accomplish your priorities? How will you overcome the roadblocks?
    • What do you need?
    • Are there experts who can help?
  • Next steps?
check in
  • What’s working?
  • Anything not working?
  • Is there anything you need from your facilitation team?
  • Sign-in!
  • The next meeting is May 17 in Hayfork at the VFW hall from 10:00am-4:00pm