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N ET M AX – System Controller PowerPoint Presentation
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N ET M AX – System Controller

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N ET M AX – System Controller - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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N ET M AX – System Controller. N8000 System Controller Hardware 32 audio channels on 4 audio slots Audio network port with 32 In / 32 Out 8 channel analog audio input / output cards Optional digital I/O cards (AES/EBU, SPDIF) Optional audio network card (CobraNet). Audio Features.

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Presentation Transcript
n et m ax system controller
NETMAX – System Controller

N8000 System Controller Hardware

  • 32 audio channels on 4 audio slots
  • Audio network port with 32 In / 32 Out
  • 8 channel analog audio input / output cards
  • Optional digital I/O cards (AES/EBU, SPDIF)
  • Optional audio network card (CobraNet).

Audio Features

Modular DSP Design

32 Digital Input Channels on 4 Internal Busses

32 Digital Output Channels on 4 Internal Busses

300 MIPS DSP horsepower onboard

Expandable to 600 MIPS

 more than 1000 EQ-Filters

drag and drop dsp
Drag-and-Drop DSP
  • CAD Style DSP Configuration
  • Autocompiler
  • DSP Resource Meter
  • Real-time Control of DSP Modules
dedicated loudspeaker dsp
Dedicated Loudspeaker DSP
  • Single DSP block for Loudspeaker Processing
  • 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 5-way, Mono or Stereo
  • Import and Export EV Loudspeaker Presets Directly into DSP
mixer router options
Mixer/Router Options

Multiple Options For Audio Routing including:

  • Mixers
  • Matrices
  • Routers
  • Priority Matrices For Connection to ProAnnounce Systems
multiple eq options
Multiple EQ Options

A Variety of EQs, including:

  • 31-Band Graphic
  • Parametric
  • N Band PE
  • Tone Controls
  • Shelves, Highpass, Lowpass, Allpass and Notch Filters
integrated web server

Integrated Web Server

Remote Connection, Configuration and Administration Using Any Web Browser

integrated web server8

Integrated Web Server

Sophisticated Macro Level Programming with Conditional Triggering and Scheduling of Events


Control Features

TCP/IPEthernet Control port for LAN/WAN control

USB Control port for local PC control

2 x RS232 port for Touch-panel control

GPIO ports for AUX switching devices

CAN port for remote access to EV’s RL & RT amplifiers

Full support of redundancy in emergency call related systems.



LEDs / USB-port



Volume monitor for input and output signals

SIGNAL: green, >-25 dBu

PEAK: red, 18 dBu, 3 dB space.




ACTIVE: blinking or permanent on means data transfer via Cobranet

MASTER: one of the network partners is automatically the master of the network.


Show status of unit and system

READY is on after booting and shows satisfying operation

FAULT shows error in unit or system.


Connection to a PC when unit is

assembled in a rack.


Shows the unit is switched on.







Module AI-1

8 channel-line-inputs

Electronically balanced

Gain and pad software controllable

Dynamic range 117 dB

Automatic configuration




Module AO-1

8 channel-line-outputs 100 Ohms

Electronically balanced

21 dBu output level

Dynamic range 118 dB

Output relays

Automatic configuration.



AO-1 AI-1MI-1



AO-1 AI-1MI-1



CobraNet slot




Module CM-1

Cobranet Digital Audio Network Interface

100BASE-TX Ethernet Interface

Secondary 100BASE-TX Ethernet Interface

Max 32 digital audio channels via 4 ports in

Max 32 digital audio channels via 4 ports out

Status LEDs.

CobraNet primary / secondary Port:

Left LED:

Green: link ok, communication active

Red: fault

Right LED:

Green: interface in use

Orange: Device is Cobranet Conductor.



Mainframe Connections



Mainframe Connections

Ethernet Interface:

RJ45 Ethernet connector for 100 BASE-TX / 10 BASE-T networks.

RS 232-Ports:

For connection of the N8000 with external devices like multimedia systems, building management systems, or PROANNOUNCE manager

ASCII-string protocol easy to implement

Configuration of ports via IRIS - Software

Direct communication with PC via terminal program possible.

Remote-CAN Bus:

Connection to EV Remote Controlled Amplifiers or other units with CAN interface

Connectors are in parallel

STATUS led: shows activity at the CAN bus.

GPIO Control Port:

4 inputs 0 .. 10 V freely programmable

Can be used as digital (on/off) or analog (e. g. volume control) input

Digital inputs: 0V = low, 10 V = high

Analog inputs: via potentiometer 0 .. 10 V or from multimedia system.

GPIO Control Port:

4 logical outputs, relay contacts SPST

Out 1 potential free for fault signalisation

Out 2..4 referenced to ground,

+5V output can be used to operate external relays or LEDs with max 200 mA.


Network Topology

These distributors are called hubs or switches.

A hub sends all the signals to every connection.

A switch is more intelligent and sends the data packets only to the destination where they are needed.

star network.


Network Topology

There are more complex networks (e. g. ring topologies) that are possible. These must be realised with managed switches. With these networks, higher safety and redundancy is possible.

Keywords in these types of networks are Rapid Spanning Tree– protocol, V-lan, Wireless Lan.

network structures for typical stadium sound systems

Redundant networks

Network structures for typical stadium sound systems

From the nonredundant minimum solution to the maximum redundant network.



CobraNet is a supplement to Ethernet.

Because of the popularity of Ethernet, all components are cheap and available in a wide variety. Way to move audio data over Cat5(6) or Fiber networks.

Specifics to Observe with CobraNet

The audio data is distributed via Bundles. In one bundle, a maximum of 7 audio channels with 24 bit audio or 8 audio channels with 20 bit audio can be transported .


Specifics to Observe with CobraNet

The capacity of units working with Cobranet is measured in these bundles (for example, the N8000 can receive 4 bundles and can transmit 4 bundles)

It is important to calculate the necessary bandwidth before starting a project. For that there is the PC program CobraCad.


In NetMax we have the possibility to exchange data with a PROMATRIX – system

The following features can be realised:

announcement/alarm into different Areas

announcement/alarm into different sectors of a PROSOUND area

audio signal from local or networking (RS485) DPM 4000

transmission of different BGM sources into the ELA areas

Transmission of all audio signals via fiber optics, CobraNet, network

Transmission of the RS 485 – signals for networking DPM 4000 via fiber optics.


Script Files

Script files as advanced programming are extentions of the operating elements in the IRIS program for use of multiple commands coming from a single element.


EV NetMax with IRIS-NET software is the integrating tool for audio and control

  • EV NetMax is the linking component to use distributed ProSound installations as life safety standard conform integrated systems
  • EV NetMax can be used as audio expansion for Dynacord ProAnnounce systems

EV NetMax can be interconnected via data interface, GPIO‘s and supervisioned audio lines

  • User tailored operation, supervision and administration from e.g. paging consoles, PC or touch TFT screens and media control systems
  • Status and failure signalization „in both worlds“:Life safety Paging and ProSound