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How to make packaging versatile using 11 types of Custom Food Boxes? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to make packaging versatile using 11 types of Custom Food Boxes?

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How to make packaging versatile using 11 types of Custom Food Boxes?

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How to make packaging versatile using 11 types of Custom Food Boxes?

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  1. How to make packaging versatile using 11 types of Custom Food Boxes? What are food packaging boxes? Why do you need these wholesale food boxes? I am sure that this type of questions must come in your mind, whenever you see a wide range of custom food boxes, at different food stores, restaurants and many other places in the market. If you want to know the answers of the above-mentioned questions and also about various types of food packaging then stay with us throughout the blog and you will definitely get a lot about the varieties with their features, there availability and importance in this blog. This will help you to know more about the custom lunch boxes as well that will provide you with alluring features for your customers and kids at home.

  2. Types of Food Packaging Boxes There is a variety of food items ranging from hot to cold, dry to wet that need to be packed properly whether it is home or shop. However, when it comes to food shops or food business then for sure food packaging do a lot for the shopkeeper and for the customers as well. Therefore, if you want to bring innovative change with reliability then switch to the custom food boxes mention below. Dry Food Packaging Let us start with the most common wholesale food boxes. As there is a huge variety of dry food in the market, for instance, the baked bread, plain and fruit cakes, wafers and snacks. For all of them, custom food boxes are provided to the clients for quick and easy packaging on spot. Whether you are running a small food business from home (which a lot of people do now a day) or owns a big food point, in all situations this type of food packaging is the best option to choose. Another benefit is that they are available in different sizes and shapes. These customized food boxes are made Kraft and cardboard material, which made it, is easy to give them various shapes.

  3. Hexagon Food Boxes These hexagon food packaging boxes are very much famous these days. As they are capable of providing innovative shape with reliable packaging. There are further different ways of packaging in these boxes. For instance, you can have it as the two- piece box with separate lid and they are also available with three panel opening on its top. This Kraft made customized food boxes can be easily used for packaging of the waterless food in the bakery. Moreover, having such custom wholesale boxes assortment at your shop will attract the customers; since packaging plays a vital role in bringing the appeal in the product.

  4. Chinese take away Food Packaging Since Chinese food is very much these days and at every corner, you will find their food courts. Therefore, to carry all types of Chinese food easily Chinese food packaging are providing its services to you. Moreover, you will see that all the renowned restaurants whether they are Chinese or not they use Chinese takeaway food packaging boxes are convenient packaging solution. They are made in such a way that any kind of food dry or liquid like soups and various sauces curies does not fall or spill from these customized food packaging. Moreover, their innovative design helps the customers to present them in front of the guests directly.

  5. Pop up Food Catering tray This type of food packaging is not particularly boxes but can be referred to as trays in which you can easily place the food items and serve to your customers in your food ground. Moreover, these types of custom wholesale boxes can serve the purpose of display boxes on your countertops. You can place the sample of the new arrivals of your brand in them. The right placement of these custom food boxes will make your customers attract towards what you have new. Furthermore, having them place near the cash counter will definitely help in boosting the sales revenue. As the purpose of using this food catering trays is to encourage the impulsive purchasing in the customers.

  6. Disposable Food Boxes This type of custom food boxes are best known among the customers especially because of their disposability. Mostly they are preferred for packaging of food items like sandwiches, salads, and snacks etc. They are also known as custom lunch boxes. They are not confined to be used on bakeries or other food courts in addition to this you can have an assortment of wholesale food boxes at home to pack your home-made lunches for school and offices. Another benefit of using them is if no one will be angry with you if you lost your lunch box.

  7. Food Boxes for Parties This one type is available in very much fascinating designs and are proved extremely helpful for the customers. The custom food boxes for parties are printed with the various design, in other words, they reprinted as per the theme or the vent. The main advantageous purpose of these customized food boxes together with packaging is to decorate the parties. Since their embellishment and reliability make them capable of presenting all the edibles packed in them directly in the party for the guests. Moreover, for wedding parties, you can have these custom wholesale boxes personalize with some wishes or you can also have tuxedo style groom shapes and bride’s wedding gown shaped boxes. They will extremely attractive be placed on the table.

  8. Kraft Microwaveable Boxes Kraft paper is a material that is used in the manufacturing of a lot of custom wholesale boxes. This manufacturing material has the ability to provide sturdiness and strength to the boxes. In addition to this, Kraft made food packaging boxes also have the flexibility to get fold easily while shipping to different places. As the name of type tells, these Kraft food packagings are microwaveable, which means people can easily put them in the microwave to get the food having hot steam in it. This ability to bear the temperature makes them more in demand for food packaging in the market.

  9. Pie slice food Packaging You must have seen this type of food packaging boxes. Customized food boxes like pie slice have an attractive appearance placed on the counter shelf. The customers get allured by its cute outlook. Moreover, for selling a single piece of the pizza or even a pastry they are the best option to opt. Further, you can have it in different sizes and colors. Moreover, if you like these custom boxes wholesale can be part of your birthdays, weddings or bridal showers to conveniently serve the cake pieces to your guests.

  10. Food Packaging Boxes with Windows This type of wholesale food boxes plays a vital role in the food packaging business. Firstly, they give a very attractive appearance to the product packed inside them. Secondly, the shopkeeper can easily present its product to the customer without unpacking the product. This will also satisfy the customers. Both the features Customized food boxes and window pane allure its customer at once using their weapons of the deliciousness of product inside and appeal from outer appearance. This category is available in custom lunch boxes for stuff like sandwiches and in bakeries to pack cakes, donuts, macaroons and so on.

  11. Book style Boxes with Cavities This particular type of food packaging boxes are very much famous for the packing of chocolates and other bakery sweets like a macaroon. As their name suggests, these boxes are shaped like books and have different numbers of cavities in them. In other words, you can say that they have the insertion of dividers to make proper cavities. For instance, starting from two cavities the number goes high till thirty-six and sometimes more. Available in wide range of colors and designs they enhance the beauty of the custom food boxes. Their beauty can be further enhanced by adding a window on the top and with little embellishment with organza ribbons to transform them into gift packaging on various occasions and events.

  12. Food Boxes with Logo The purpose of food packaging boxes is known to everyone. But other than that, there is one important responsibility that can be done through these custom food boxes. This responsibility is none other than an advertisement in the market. These customized food boxes are the best way to be used as a marketing medium. For this, print the logo on your wholesale food boxes, this thing will also set you apart from other brands. Further, if you add contact details like phone number, and web page address then it will become easier for your potential customer to contact you. In addition to this, apply the coats of lamination to protect the printed stuff and also to give the shiny and smooth surface to the custom boxes wholesale.