7 types of wine boxes to make your wine more n.
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7 types of wine boxes to make your wine more appealing to the customers PowerPoint Presentation
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7 types of wine boxes to make your wine more appealing to the customers

7 types of wine boxes to make your wine more appealing to the customers

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7 types of wine boxes to make your wine more appealing to the customers

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  1. 7 types of wine boxes to make your wine more appealing to the customers Wine, an exotic drink, which is consumed by many all over the world. In some parts of the world, it has become a necessity to fight against cold weather and so on. To tell you the truth, wine is a dainty, especially in cold seasons. However, people do not seem to follow the rules and get them from wherever they can. This clearly indicates the increasing demand of this particular product. With the high demand in the international market, the use of wine boxes is at its peak. Custom boxes are considered a very important entity of our life these days. From retailers to business industries, everyone is very much aware of their usages. Because of this, wine packaging boxes have made placed in the industry like a storm with the increasing demand of the product on various occasions. These wine boxes wholesale are manufactured in very sensible and attractive designs to grab the attention of the clients. Which type would you prefer?

  2. There are several types of wines that are packed in a wide range of wine packaging boxes. These custom boxes make these wines all the more attractive and appealing to the customers. In addition to this, there are some extra features the addition of which makes it unbearable for the customers to resist. Therefore, if you also want to have such irresistible then read the full blog and choose to package for your wines. ➢Two panel Flip-top Wine Boxes This category of the wine boxes has interesting features. On the top these custom boxeshave two panels flip top opening. They are made from hard card sheets that are made rigid enough that they do not get crumpled or damage. Furthermore, inside them, insertion of foam sheet are made. Further, these insertions are given proper wine bottle shapes which helps in holding the bottle in these custom cardboard boxes.

  3. ➢Wine boxes with Valve These types of wine packaging boxes are even more interesting and also trending these days. The best thing is the insertion of the valve in the wine bottles, which help the wine lovers to remain saved from the mess of the opening them. They just simply have to push the valve to pour the wine in the glasses. Now a day, even in parties they are the best options to present in front of the guests. For this stopcock, a die cut is made in the lowers part of these wine boxes wholesale, because of this there is no need to unwrap the bottle.

  4. ➢Hinged Neck Boxes with Velvet Insertions Sine, the purpose of packaging of the glass bottles needs to take care of them from any kind of breakage and damage, therefore, for this purpose, these hinged neck style wine boxes with the inter-tab lock are designed. The best feature of this style is padded with velvet die-cut foams, which protect the glass bottles from jerks and unprecedented bumps. In addition to this, the lid part of these wine boxes wholesale are also padded properly to place the bottle opening equipments. With this, every part of these custom boxes are very well utilized.

  5. ➢Rigid Slipcase Boxes As we all know wine is a delicacy and dainty for its lover. Moreover, they are very much protective and conscious about it. Therefore, to attract such type of customers the range of rigid slipcase wine boxes are the best option. Furthermore, a huge number of well-known companies are opting this style of custom boxes for their wine packaging. There are a lot more reasons to go for this choice. Firstly, they are convenient in packaging and unpacking. Secondly, the rigidity given to these custom cardboard boxes helps in maintaining the dignity of the product packed inside them.

  6. ➢Personalized Wine Packaging Boxes Personalizing any product is very much important to stand in the market. Therefore, there is a range of custom printed wine boxesthat is provided to the customers to make an official appearance in the world of business. For this several types of printing techniques are applied on these custom boxes that include: •Laser printing •Graphics printing •Digital printing •Lithographic printing You can choose from the above-mentioned techniques to print your designs and company’s name or logos to make advertising move through these wine packaging boxes. Moreover, a little more basic detail like the company’s contact details some

  7. ingredient details or any precautionary measures can be printed. All these details will become your spokesman in your absence to the customers. ➢Custom Boxes with windows As there is a huge assortment that uses foam and divider insertions to protect and preserve the glass bottles; there is another insertion in wine packaging boxes that enhance their outer look. This addition is none other than window panes on the front of standing wine boxes and on the top of simple two-piece and tuck top wine boxes. This helps the customers to get the idea of the product packed inside and for shopkeeper it becomes easier to display their product to them. About the size of the window, customers are given freedom to choose. As there are a wide range of die cut windowpane designs for these custom boxes. As customers can choose, one big window or multi-sized more than one window.

  8. ➢Wine shipping Boxes These boxes are great in demand since the day they have been invented. These custom boxes are the perfect solution when it comes to the shipping of such delicate glass bottles. These custom cardboard boxes are given extra corrugated layers that strengthen them provide sturdiness. In addition to this cardboard, dividers are inserted in these wine boxes because of which, bottles remain in frictionless and in their places. The addition of extra corrugated layers further protects them from any kind of sudden jump and jerk that can cause harm to the bottles packed inside them.

  9. Well, The Custom Packaging Boxes is the renowned printing and packaging company that helps in providing you with all your requirements. Furthermore, they have a wide range of other features to be provided free to their customers. Just fill one Custom quote.