wine coolers enhance the flavor and bouquet of your wine l.
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Wine Coolers Enhance the Flavor and Bouquet of Your Wine PowerPoint Presentation
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Wine Coolers Enhance the Flavor and Bouquet of Your Wine

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Wine Coolers Enhance the Flavor and Bouquet of Your Wine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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wine coolers enhance the flavor and bouquet of your wine

Wine Coolers Enhance the Flavor and Bouquet of Your Wine

Wine is the nectar of heroes, legends, and gods throughout history and mythology. You are the hero and legendary figure of your own home and deserve the best wine possible. Wine coolers can help the flavor and bouquet of your wine to blossom adding to your enjoyment.


What Makes Wine Coolers Important?

Wine is a very sensitive beverage. When it is too warm the alcohol and bouquet escape almost instantly from the glass. You lose the flavor and enjoyment from the wine you have purchased. Similarly, when a wine is too cold the flavor is greatly diminished. An ice cold wine may be enjoyable at times, but when you really wish to savor the flavor and bouquet which has been lovingly bottled it is important the wine be at the optimal temperature.

Most refrigerators chill wines too cold, plus add one more annoying problem. Wine bottle are not intended to be stored standing up. Wine is intended to be stored with the bottle lying on the side. The wine should be turned occasionally to prevent sediments from forming in the bottle. A bottle which is standing upright in the refrigerator or in a cabinet will allow sediments to sink to the bottom of the bottle. The upright position also allows for the cork to become dry and it may pull away from the edges of the bottle allowing air to seep into the sine destroying the flavor and value.

Wine coolers solve all of these major storage issues. The bottles are stored in proper orientation to make sure the cork stays moist. They keep wine at the optimal temperature with one caveat.


Do You Need Dual Zone or Dual Wine Coolers?

Different types of wines require storage at slightly different temperature levels. As you shop for wine coolers for your home consider the types of wines you plan to keep. For most homes the solution is simple. You can buy a multi-temperature or dual zone cooler to allow you to separate wines into two distinct temperature ranges.

The other option many wine connoisseurs choose is to buy two smaller wine coolers which allow them to set one for the proper range for white wines and another for their burgundy wines. This adds to their overall cost over buying a single dual range wine refrigerator which is sized to hold all of their wines.

Noise and Efficiency – Factors in Choosing The Best Wine Refrigerator

A feature you should pay very close attention to while choosing wine coolers is noise. Since most of us choose to place our wine refrigerator in an area which displays our wines and allows for easy access during entertaining, noise can be a major problem. A noisy wine cooler clicking on and off while you try to have a quiet fireside chat with friends can become annoying.

The other feature to watch during your evaluation is cost of operation. Wine coolers built with higher efficiency ratings will save you money over the years, even if they cost slightly more today. Do not choose to buy the cheapest model if it is not efficient.

The critical thing to keep in mind is almost all wine coolers will give you better tasting wine and preserve the quality longer than storage in a shelf or standard refrigerator.

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