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Shakespeare’s Globe Theater PowerPoint Presentation
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Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

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  1. Shakespeare’s Globe Theater By Ms. Landini 8th Grade Let’s begin…

  2. Think you’ve got it? Take the quiz! The Globe Theater Click on a part of the theater to learn more about it! The Flag The Galleries The Tiring House The Stage The Yard

  3. The Yard Back to Menu The area located around the stage. Cheapest tickets available There was no seating – audience had to stand for the whole performance People were crowded together, so there was a higher risk of disease. Audience members were called “groundlings” Open-air; there was no roof!

  4. Back to Menu The Stage Where the actors performed -Raised only 3 -5 feet off the ground -Had a trap door for special effects -An “apron” style stage that would thrust out into the audience

  5. Back to Menu The Flag The flag was flown on performance days The flag was color-coded to explain what type of play was being performed that day: Red meant a history, black indicated a tragedy, and yellow was for comedies.

  6. Back to Menu The Galleries Seated areas around the stage 3 levels of galleries surrounding the stage Covered by a roof More expensive seats – people actually had benches to sit on, and could even buy cushions.

  7. The Tiring House Back to Menu A backstage area • Used by actors to change their costumes and wait for cues • -Hidden from the audience by a curtain • -The next floor up was called The Hut. It contained extra props and sets, and was used for storage.

  8. Quick Quiz! Question 1: Where were the cheapest seats located? A. The Tiring-House B. The Yard C. The Galleries

  9. Not exactly… Try again!

  10. Great Job! Next question…

  11. Question 2: How did the actors achieve special effects? A. They had a trap-door in the stage. B. They used stage magicians. C. They hired Michael Bay.

  12. You might want to think about that a little more…. Try again!

  13. Bingo! Next question…

  14. Question 3: You and your friends are considering going to the theater, so you check the flag. It is yellow. What type of play is being performed today? A. A tragedy B. A history C. A comedy

  15. Is there a better answer? Try again!

  16. You got it! Great job today!