Roots of european anglo american music
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Roots of European / Anglo-American Music - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roots of European / Anglo-American Music. Multicultural America Music 35. European Map. The History of Anglo/European Music. Interaction began long before colonizing Europeans had sporadic visits to the North American Continent.

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Roots of european anglo american music

Roots of European / Anglo-American Music

Multicultural America Music 35

The history of anglo european music
The History of Anglo/European Music

  • Interaction began long before colonizing

    • Europeans had sporadic visits to the North American Continent.

    • European Fisherman and Whalers traded and interacted with Native American .

  • Europeans established a colony “Roanoke” on an island of the North Carolina Coast in 1585

    • In 1587 hundreds of colonists were replaced, only to disappear without a trace

  • In 1607, the first English settlement survived in Jamestown, Virginia

Organized into 3 main categories
Organized into 3 Main Categories

  • Religious Music – religious practice

  • Classical Music – music of the middle and upper- class

  • Popular Music – music created for all people regardless of of social position


  • Early folk songs commonly utilized monophonic texture.

    • Simple arrangements of sustained or repeated notes with a melody.

  • Later folk songs added Harmonies these harmonies were generally accompanied by the:

    • Guitar and Banjo

  • The most popular instrument used mostly for dancing was the:

    • Fiddle

Form and texture
Form and Texture

  • The most common folk song form is the strophic, in which the various stanzas of text are set to the same music.

    • Popular stanzas consists of four lines of text, sometimes all different. (ABCD)

    • Frequently incorporating some level of repetition ( AABA, AABC, AABA, etc.)

Types of folk song
Types of Folk Song

  • Ballads – tell a story and are the most popular

    • “Barbara Allen”

  • Lyrics – convey a particular feeling or mood

    • “Careless Love”

  • Work Songs – originated as songs to work by

    • “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad”

  • Children’s Songs – simple songs sung by and for children

    • “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star”

Barbara allen song
“Barbara Allen” (Song)

  • One of the most famous traditional ballad

    • Published in the 17th century (earliest known)

  • Originated in England and Scotland

    • Immigrants introduced it to the United States

  • The famous story

    • A young man lies dying for the love of Barbara Allen

    • Servants summon her to his bedside to comfort his sorrow, but all she does is scorn him

    • He leaves her and inheritance before dying

    • Church bells of the funeral fill her with regrets

    • She dies of heartbreak too

    • They are buried beside one another

Evolution and popular artist
Evolution and Popular Artist

  • Jean Ritchie

  • Pete Seeger

  • Johnny Cash

The music
The Music

  • What can you hear and see?

    • 1st – “authentic” rural version, flexible, free rhythm

    • 2nd – steady beat with the guitar, drop beats

    • 3rd – modern, full band

Best known
Best Known!!!