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Way to Success: My Story PowerPoint Presentation
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Way to Success: My Story

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Way to Success: My Story
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Way to Success: My Story

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  1. Way to Success: My Story Helen Shen Department of Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures Helen-shen@uiowa.edu

  2. My major Responsibilities and Accomplishments Teaching • Teach Graduate and undergraduate courses • Receivedan Instructional Improvement Award and also a Year of Arts and Humanity Grant from UI

  3. My major Responsibilities and Accomplishments Research • Published more than ten refereed articles since2000. • Received a Jiede Empirical Research Grant from the Chinese Language Teachers Association and also an InternationalStudiesandResearchGrantfromtheUS Department of Education

  4. To be a Successful Teacher Knowledge of Subject Area • Reading in Chinese • Visiting China • Connecting to the academic field • Participating in the academic conventions

  5. Knowledge of Teaching Pedagogy • Theories of learning • Methods of teaching • Development of extra-curricular activities Chinese Corner Language partner Oral performance Chinese Character Handwriting Contest Cultural celebrations Chinese movie month

  6. Knowledge of My Students • Surveys Beginning semester survey Mid-semester survey End semester evaluation • Analysis Exam papers, homework, essays • Meetings Meet students during office hours and extra curricular activities

  7. Knowledge of Instructional Technology • Save time Use ICON to manage courses • Make teaching efficient Use PowerPoint and other multi-media facilities for class lectures • Meet individual needs Create on-line learning materials For technology training schedule www.its.uiowa/edu/training

  8. To be a successful Researcher Set Realistic and Clear Goals for Research Feasibility • Within my expertise • Within my budget of research funds (CLAS start-up funds, CAPS research grant) • Within my timeframe • Within my resourceavailability

  9. Thoughtfulness • Significance of the topic • Step-by-Step wellthoughtoutplan • Soundness of design

  10. 一箭双雕One arrow kills two vultures Relevance • Seek research topics relevant to my teaching

  11. 时间就像海绵里的水,只要愿挤,总还是有的。Time, just like the water in a sponge, if you squeeze it, water will come. ---Lu Xun Make Time Available Plan my time carefully • Avoid planning too many things in the time available for research • Avoid attending meetings unless very necessary • Reduce the amount of social engagement • Endure loneliness — in a good cause

  12. Use my time wisely • Makeuseof fragmentary times during the semester • Set aside time for research during breaks

  13. 我哪里有天才,我是把别人喝咖啡的工夫都用在了工作上了。Iam not a genius but I work when others are taking a coffee break. --Lu Xun Use my time efficiently • Planaheadoftime • Haveastrongsenseoftime • Getworkdonewithinscheduledtime

  14. 以柔克刚The gentlest thing in the world will override the strongest. • Stick to my plan-unless change is essential • Put pressure on myself • Stay away from academic politics • Beware of distractions Keep Focused

  15. 锲而不舍,金石可镂Carve without stop, even metal and stone can be engraved.—Chinese idiom Be Persistent • Do not give up • Do not be frustrated • Stay ready to accept challenges

  16. 海阔凭鱼跃,天高任鸟飞。 The sea is broad enough for fish to leap; the sky is high enough for birds to soar. UI is a great place for us to leap, to soar, to succeed.