cultivating 21st century instructional leaders n.
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Cultivating 21st Century Instructional Leaders PowerPoint Presentation
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Cultivating 21st Century Instructional Leaders

Cultivating 21st Century Instructional Leaders

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Cultivating 21st Century Instructional Leaders

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  1. Cultivating 21st Century Instructional Leaders Principally Speaking Network Melissa Shields Etowah County Schools

  2. QR Codes…

  3. Do you know one of these teachers? When I become a teacher….

  4. Etowah County's Web Presence District Website: District Twitter: ECBOE District Facebook: Etowah County Schools District Employee Facebook (Closed Group): ECBOE District PD Wiki: District PD Ning: District Edmodo: Etowah County Schools Etowah County School District SchooltubeChannel

  5. I Need My Teachers to Learn A Vision of K-12 Students Today

  6. 21st Century Skills Framework 20th Century Education Model

  7. 21st Century Skills Framework

  8. ENGAGE WIKI: ENGAGE (Empowering Next Generation with Authentic Global Experiences) is an ongoing, transforming process to better prepare Etowah County students for the 21st Century workplace. Through this process, administrators and interested teachers with administrative certificates will earn ONE Professional Learning Unit (PLU). Other components of this initiative include ongoing, sustained professional development in project-based learning, integrating 21st Century skills into the core curriculum, increasing rigor and relevance of assignments, and ensuring readiness for students to move to the next stage of their lives.

  9. The New "3 R's" Relevance Rigor Readiness

  10. PLU ENGAGE Activities • Ongoing 21st Century Professional Development for Administrators and Teachers • Conduct THREE ENGAGE Trainings at respective schools • Improve web presence • Join PD Ning and Wiki and post Administator video • Social Media Experience (Blog and Twitter Discussions)

  11. ENGAGE FB Discussion #1: What do you find are your weaknesses in regard to your role as a 21st Century school leader? What are your strengths?

  12. ENGAGE FB Discussion #2: What are you doing as the instructional leader to encourage 21st Century teaching and/or learning at your school?

  13. ENGAGE FB Discussion #3: Name a technology, lesson, or Web 2.0 tool that you feel has made a significant impact at your school in preparing students with the "3 R's" (Relevance, Readiness, and Rigor)?

  14. ENGAGE FB Discussion #4: What 21st Century technologies and/or Web 2.0 tools would like to see more of in your classrooms this year? Why?

  15. ECBOE Employee Social Media Recommendations

  16. Principal Podcasts 30 minutes and a Flip Camera…..

  17. Best Practices • Seek best practices • Model best practices yourself • Reward best practices • Have stellar teachers model best practices • Showcase best practices for parents and stakeholders

  18. The KEY = PD • Seek grants • Attend state and national conferences • Offer Summer Tech PD • Showcase your own stellar teachers • Low cost • Conduct it at various schools in your district • Post PD materials on wiki or website for future use • •’ Corner)

  19. There are still disconnects…. • 2010 Speak-Up Survey (Students 6-12) • How could your school make it easier for you to use technology? • Allow great access to websites – 69% • Let me use my cell/smart phone – 76% • 2010 Speak-Up Survey (Administrators) • How likely are you to allow students to use their own mobile devices at school? • Not likely/Very unlikely - 75%

  20. Don’t forget: You can copy-paste this slide into other presentations, and move or resize the poll.

  21. Don’t forget: You can copy-paste this slide into other presentations, and move or resize the poll.

  22. Unblocking Social Media – Is it okay??

  23. As an administrator, do you consider yourself …..aware? This is only a test….