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Columbia River Pastoral PowerPoint Presentation
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Columbia River Pastoral

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Columbia River Pastoral - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Columbia River Pastoral. Columbia River Pastoral. “God looked at everything God had made, and found it very good” ~Genesis 1:31.

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Columbia River Pastoral

“God looked at everything God had made, and found it very good”

~Genesis 1:31

“We cannot interfere in one area of the ecosystem without paying due attention both to the consequences of such interference in other areas and to the well being of future generations. . . “

~Pope John Paul II, 1990

“The fundamental relation between humanity and nature is one of caring for creation.”

---The Catholic Bishops of the United States

Renewing the Earth, 1991

All of us are in the watershed of the Columbia River


In both the Old and New Testaments, there are many images of nature and the world about us

“You springs of the Lord, bless the Lord; Seas and rivers bless the Lord; You dolphins and all water creatures, bless the Lord. . . “

~Daniel 3

  • The New Testament: Sea of Galilee and fields provide a rich setting of observing life
  • St. Francis of Assisi – great sensitivity to creation about him

Deepening appreciation in the Church

  • Pope John Paul II – World Day of Peace Message, 1990 “The Ecological Crisis: A Common Responsibility”
  • US Bishops, 1991 “Renewing the Earth”
  • Pope John Paul II – 1999 World Day of Peace Message on Human Rights - Right to Clean Environment
  • 1996 “And God Saw It Was Good” A Compendium of Catholic Theology and Environment by Walt Grazer and Fr. Drew Christiansen, S.J.
  • 2000 – Feast of St. Francis – in New England Pastoral Letter By Bishops of the Region

1993 US Bishops’ Pastoral Letter - Themes

  • A God-centered and sacramental view of the universe, which grounds human accountability for the fate of each.
  • A consistent respect for human life which extends to respect for all of creation.
  • A world view affirming the ethical significance of global interdependence and the common good.
  • An ethic of solidarity promoting cooperation and a just sharing in the world community.

An understanding of the universal purpose of created things, which requires equitable use of resources – stewardship.

  • An option for the poor, which gives passion to the quest for an equitable and sustainable world.
  • A conception of authentic development which offers a direction for progress that respects human dignity and the limits of material growth.

History and Process of the Pastoral Letter

Meeting at Mt. Angel – Opportunity for spiritual, pastoral reflection applying principles of Catholic Social Teaching to the environment.

  • Complexity of the watershed and multiple concerns

Establishment of the Steering Committee

  • Consultation Process — 8 Readings of the Signs of the the Times—Portland, Seattle, Toppenish, Hanford, Hermiston, Umatilla, Castlegar, Spokane
  • Preparation and Implementation

Pastoral Letter Outline

Introduction – Caring for Creation

  • River of the Moment – Analyze
  • River of Our Memory – Reflect
  • River of Our Vision – Imagine
  • River As Our Responsibility - Act

River of the Moment – Complexity of Watershed

  • International
  • Flowing Waters and Lakes
  • Surrounding Habitat
  • Native Peoples and Their Culture and History
  • A Water Highway
  • Energy Production
  • Irrigation
  • Recreation
  • Flood Control
  • Competing Interests and Values
  • Concerns:
  • Depletion of Salmon Runs
  • Environmental Degradation: Hanford, Silver Valley
  • Sustainability

River of Memory

  • Regional and Religious Traditions
  • Native Peoples
  • Dramatic Changes
  • Economic Development
  • Personal History

River of Our Vision

  • Appreciation of The Gift of Creation
  • Consistent Respect for Human Life
  • International and Global Interdependence Solidarity With One Another
  • Authentic Development – Wise Use of Resources

River of Our Responsibility –Action for the Future

  • Common Good
  • Conservation of the watershed as a common good
  • Protect species of wildlife
  • Respect dignity and traditions of the region’s indigenous peoples
  • Promote justice for the poor, linking economic justice and environmental justice
  • Promote community resolution of economic and ecological issues
  • Promote social and ecological responsibility

Conserve energy and investigate alternative energy sources.

  • Respect diversity of cultures.
  • Integrate transportation and recreational needs with sustainable ecosystem requirements through civil dialogue and wise decisions.

Reflections on the Process

The process may be just as valuable as the end product.

Ecumenical Interest – This effort has struck a vibrant cord in many congregations.

Media attention: both secular and religious documentaries. Umatilla’s video “Beyond Impasse”

Encouragement of civil dialogue – media attention. Meeting in St. Mary Parish, Spokane; and Holy Family Parish Clarkston . Vision calls for respect and listening.

A common spiritual appreciation of our beautiful Northwest.

Vision for the future.