a physicist in scientific publishing from quark dynamics to database publishing
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A Physicist in Scientific Publishing: From Quark Dynamics to Database Publishing

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A Physicist in Scientific Publishing: From Quark Dynamics to Database Publishing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Physicist in Scientific Publishing: From Quark Dynamics to Database Publishing. Stefan Scherer. From Quark Dynamics to Database Publishing. ≠. A few Facts about Springer. In 1842, Julius Springer founded what is now Springer Science+Business Media in Berlin .

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a few facts about springer
A few Facts about Springer
  • In 1842, Julius Springer founded what is now Springer Science+Business Media in Berlin.
  • Merged with Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) in 2004.
  • Leading global scientific publisher, … provider of local-language professional publications in Europe, especially in Germany and the Netherlands
  • Around 55 publishing houses in about 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA
  • Consolidated turnover in 2010: EUR 866 million
  • More than 5,500 employees around the world – about 500 in Heidelberg
  • Springer eBook Collection with more than 45,000 titles available on www.springerlink.com
  • Product range across all media: books, journals, newsletters, CD-ROMs, online platforms, protocols, databases …
  • Some 2,000 journals and more than 7,000 new book titles every year in the STM (science, technology, and medicine) and B2B (business to business)
  • main publishing fields: science, technology, medicine, business, transport and architecture

Source: http://www.springer.com/about+springer/company+information?SGWID=0-174704-0-0-0

physics at springer
Physics at Springer
  • Physics & Astronomy is just a part of the global company
  • About 20 Physicists working for Springer world-wide, half of them in Heidelberg
in publishing everyone is an editor
In Publishing, everyone is an Editor …

But what you are actually doing depends on the product you are “editing”

  • “Managing Editor“organizing peer reviewassisting editorial boardsoverseeing production schedules
  • „Commissioning Editor“looking for new titles,organize editorial boards
  • No active participation in peer review!
  • Editor for Journals
  • Editor for Textbooks and Monographs
  • Editor for Reference Works
  • “Commissioning Editor“, “Planer”looking for new titles and new authors,organizing review of book proposalskeeping contact with authors,assisting authorspolishing/improving manuscripts can be part of the job
  • “Commissioning Editor“, “Planer”
  • “Development Editor”keeping contact with scientific editors and authors,assisting authors,organizing production,polishing/improving manuscripts (“copy editing”)
  • “Market analysis”
  • “Sales Representative”There are actually physicists doing this!

… or a Product Manager

my path to where i am in publishing
My path to where I am in Publishing…

For example, there was the classic (and, in my experience, largely useless) question about how we each found our current jobs. … The students really wanted to hear stories about how we noticed a posting on Science Careers or Monster.com, answered an ad, and survived competition with 200 random applicants -- …. Instead, each of the panel members talked about how we found our own careers through serendipitous meetings, friends-of-friends, and good old blatant nepotism.

was a bit serendipitous
… was a bit serendipitous

Saarbrücken, 1995

Frankfurt, 1997

Darmstadt, 2006

Heidelberg, 2008

Albert Einstein:

Die Plancksche Theorie der Strahlung und dieTheorie der spezifischen Wärme

Annalen der Physik 22 (1907) 180-190.

DOI: 10.1002/andp.19063270110

what is landolt b rnstein
What is Landolt-Börnstein?
  • 200.000 pages |150.000 figures | 100.000 online documents
  • 250.000 chemical substances | 1.200.000 references to original publications
  • systematic and comprehensive critical evaluation of data by renowned authors and editors (… since 1883)
how do i profit from my phd background
How do I profit from my PhD background?
  • Knowing „How physicists tick“
  • Experience of teamwork and cooperation with people from all over the world
  • Experience in giving presentations
  • Practical skills: Working with computer, and computer, and computer …(Perl, HTML, CSS, XML, LaTeX, mySQL, but even bash and vi …)
what are essential skills in publishing
What are „essential skills“ in Publishing?
  • You have to communicate a lot:with authors and editors, vendors, colleagues from other departments, people from other companies in publishing, with customers and users …
  • You should develop an understanding of what topics are profitable and worth the effort – they might not be your pet topics, but in the end, it should pay your salary!
  • You should have a broad knowledge and overview of physics, and curiosity and openness to learn new things

Stop worrying and learn to love phyllosilicates!