hp human resources in saudi for saudi n.
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HP Human Resources In Saudi For Saudi PowerPoint Presentation
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HP Human Resources In Saudi For Saudi

HP Human Resources In Saudi For Saudi

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HP Human Resources In Saudi For Saudi

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  1. HP Human ResourcesIn Saudi For Saudi Ziad Mortaja Managing Director hp Saudi Arabia

  2. Who are we? • We are the world’s largest provider of information technology infrastructure, software, services, and solutions to individuals and organizations of all sizes.

  3. Who are we? • Fortune 10 – U.S. • Fortune 31 – Global • Operating in approximately 170 countries • Nearly 350,000 employees • 177,000 partners worldwide • #1 or #2 in most markets

  4. Our portfolio and solutions Solutions: Converged Infrastructure / Application Transformation / Enterprise Security / Information Optimization / Hybrid Delivery / Industry Solutions Make it work Services: Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing Services / Applications Services / Business Process Outsourcing Services / Industry Services / Technology Add value to the core Software: Applications & Infrastructure Management / Information Management /Security & Risk Management Expand the core Infrastructure: Personal Systems / Enterprise Servers, Storage & Networking / Imaging & Printing The core

  5. HP Saudi Arabia • HP has very strong presence and brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it has been present for more than 40 years. • The company’s first regional offices were opened in 1998 in Riyadh, the countries capital city. • HP Saudi Arabia provides the market access to all its portfolio of products and services across all market segments and verticals. • HP Saudi Arabia operates in an indirect sales model predominantly, with a loyal, trained and solid distribution partners and channel covering all the countries of the region.

  6. HP Saudi Vision Statement Through our commitment to operational excellence, people development, and TCE, we thrive to drive profitable growth & become the best IT company for Saudi and the best operation for HP. We do everything to help our customers manage and transform their technology environments to deliver outcomes that matter.

  7. HR Challenges Cost Talent acquisition & retention Skills availability and development PACE of change in the IT industry

  8. IT capability gap Data, transactions, and customer interactions are increasing exponentially GAP IT capability to leverage technology for business differentiation IT capability to leverage technology for business differentiation 2005 Mankind created 150 exabytes of digital data1 2010 Created 8x more data1 2013 Mobile apps download > 21B2 2014 130M Enterprise users in mobile cloud3 2020 2T devices connect to the Internet4 1. “The data deluge: Businesses, governments and society are only starting to tap its vast potential,” The Economist, Feb. 25, 2010. 2. “Dataquest Insight: Application Stores; The Revenue Opportunity Beyond the Hype,” Stephanie Baghdassarian, Carolina Milanesi; 16 December 2009. 3. Juniper Research. 4. “The Difference Engine: Chattering Objects,” The Economist, Aug. 13, 2010.

  9. IT need for expertise 60%of executives cited lack of skills and expertise “hampering” ability to execute cloud strategies and solutions GAP IT capability to leverage technology for business differentiation Source: The 451 Group and The InfoPro - 2011

  10. What we are doing? HP Institute Saudi Enablement Program Sales University Program Attract Graduates Field Engineers Graduates Performance & Talent Management

  11. Elite Talent Program

  12. Drive a High Performance Culture High-performance culture inspired by HP Values • Has these characteristics • Market leadership • Customer Centric • Clear objectives aligned to strategy • Clear performance metrics • Candid and constructive feedback that elevates performance • Strong focus on driving performance through developing people • Differentiating rewards (company, business, individual) according to performance • Maximizing engagement to drive growth and efficiency • Inspired by HP Values • Passion for customers • Trust and respect for individuals • Achievement and contribution • Results through teamwork • Speed and agility • Meaningful innovation • Uncompromising integrity High- performing culture

  13. Global Talent Development Programs Region and Sub Region Talent Development Programs Elite Program Country’s succession focus 12 months sustained development and coaching Elite ProgramHow does it compare with other HP Talent Development Programs? • Content • Focus on: • Networking & Coaching • Addressing specific/individual development needs • The Elite Program is a complement for the existing HP Talent Development Programs at Global, Region and Sub-Region level SU CCE SS I ON Executives MG2 and above Exp to MG2 • Content • Focus on: • Business and leadership development skills • Real life business cases experience • Coaching for success

  14. Graduates Programs

  15. About the Program • Hiring fresh graduates as part of our aim to bring in fresh talent and grow a committed and engaged young employee population who will help us shape the future of HP Saudi and will continue to influence HP in decades from today. • Joining the Sales University Program for a set period of 18-24 months will give fresh graduates an opportunity to transition from a brand new graduate to a young professional in IT Sales, Consulting & Technology. We will help them achieve this by putting a comprehensive development plan in place to ensure a structured learning blended with an extensive on the- job training and providing valuable hands-on experience.

  16. Targeted People • Saudi graduates of this year or the year before. • With degrees such as; Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration, Economics, Marketing or any other technical or business studies. • Good language, Interpersonal, Team Playing, Communication Skills, in addition to that a good personality and Analytical abilities are required

  17. Phase1: Candidates have to pass the initial Selection Process which includes:

  18. Phase:2 Class room training - 4 weeks • Professional training on how the world’s leading IT • company operates. • Company’s products and services. • Students will acquire soft skills and sales skills from an external vendor. • Meet HP senior managers and network with HP professionals.

  19. Phase:3 On-job training and employment contract for 2 years • Students who have performed well during the HP Sales University will be assigned to managers and will shadow them based on their qualifications. • Graduates go through quarterly performance evaluations for faster orientation.

  20. The Saudi Enablement Program

  21. The Saudi Enablement Program: Extend the Graduates Program to Partners and Customers. Create an end to end process of acquiring and employing graduates in Sales, Services and Engineering

  22. The HP Institute

  23. HP Institute Objectives Achievements • HP Institute (Remote Lab): • 700 institutions registered from 60 countries • 103 institutions from 17 countries delivered exams • To date we have 21812 people who have passed the ATA exam • De Montfort University UK - to add an HP ATA module to every single course at the University Students/Professionals: • Higher job and earning potential through industry-recognized certification and practical experience with state-of-the-art HP and industry open standard technologies Academic institutions and educators: • Easy to build, deliver, and differentiate technology education offerings through a simple and affordable suite of technology learning products that provide relevant and practical skills that employers are looking for Business and industry (HP customers and partners): • Continuous availability of talent that has precisely the skill and expertise that IT and business leaders need to achieve their business objectives

  24. HP Institute offerings For your students and professionals who want to excel in their careers IT career path • Cloud • Cloud essentials • Choosing between onsite, hosted, and cloud services • Cross-technology virtualization • Cross-technology integration • Business acumen for IT leaders Associate program • Connected devices • Designing and deploying multi-device solutions (PC, laptop, mobile device, and virtual clients) • Client security, management • Consuming hosted , cloud applications • Networks • Designing and deploying wired and wireless networking solutions • Virtual networking • Network security and management • Servers & storage • Designing and deploying server and storage solutions • Optimizing applications • Security and management Based on industry standards, powered by HP

  25. HP Saudi Arabia - Saudisation Trend 2013 Female employment at 12% Sep 2012 50% 32.9%