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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia. China. Germany. Spanish. Japan. Poland. Brazil. Russia. Kouzes Posner around the globe. In how many different languages (countries) has The Leadership Challenge been translated into (through four editions)? 8 11 15 19 23.

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Saudi Arabia

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  1. Saudi Arabia

  2. China

  3. Germany

  4. Spanish

  5. Japan

  6. Poland

  7. Brazil

  8. Russia

  9. Kouzes Posner around the globe In how many differentlanguages (countries) has The Leadership Challenge been translated into (through four editions)? 8 11 15 19 23

  10. Credibility – 8 foreign languages Encourage the Heart – 9 languages A Leader’s Legacy – 9 languages Kouzes Posner around the globe

  11. Empirical Analysis from the Leadership Practices Inventory • Over 1.3 million respondents in past 3 years • 312,000 Leaders • 1.02 million Observers • Provide both • Demographic information • Workplace attitudes and feelings

  12. Demographic Variables Age Gender Education Ethnicity Nationality • Functional Area • Hierarchical Level • Industry • Organizational Size • Length of Time with Organization

  13. Nationality64 Nations Represented United States (241,000) – 79% United Kingdom (6,750) Switzerland (6,600) Australia (2,800) Vietnam (2,150) Germany (1,900) Singapore (1,525) New Zealand (1,450) China (1,230) India (1,035) France (1,015) Others (20,620)

  14. Positive Workplace Attitude Scale • My work group has a strong sense of team spirit. • I am proud to tell others that I work for this organization. • Two years from now I would like to be working for this org. • I would work harder & for longer hours if the job demanded it. • I am highly productive in my job. • I am clear about what is expected of me in my job. • I feel that my organization values my work. • I am effective in meeting the demands of my job. • Around my workplace, people seem to trust the management. • I feel like I am making a difference in this organization.

  15. Nationalityby Respondent Type U.S. Outside U.S.Leaders 24.8% 25.5%Observers 75.2% 74.5%

  16. Positive Work Attitudesby Nationality U.S. Outside U.S.All 39.3 39.2Leaders 40.1 39.5Observers 39.0 39.1

  17. Explaining Positive Work Attitudesby Leadership Practices and Demographics

  18. Explaining Positive Work Attitudesby Leadership Practices and DemographicsWithin and Outside of the U.S.

  19. Explaining Positive Work Attitudesby Leadership Practices and Demographicsfor Type of Respondent

  20. Explaining “Leader’s Impact”with Leadership Practices and Demographicsby Nationality (for Students)

  21. LPI Scores Outside the U.S. Within U.S. MTW ISV CTP EOA ETH

  22. No Statistical or Practical Differences between Leaders and Observers Outside the U.S. Leaders Observers Model Inspire Challenge Enable Encourage

  23. “Here I am, at 25 years of age, with four years of work experience. How could I possibly have a personal best in leadership?” Olivia Lai Personal Best Methodology

  24. “It wasn’t all that hard to figure out what my personal best was and write about it. Even more surprising is that it became clear that leadership is everywhere, it takes place everyday, and leadership can come from anyone. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have the title of ‘manager,’ ‘director,’ ‘CEO,’ to go with it. In the end, that’s all they are…..titles on business cards and company directories. Being a true leader transcends all that.” Olivia Lai

  25. “I was quite bothered [at first]... I had never before asked myself when I had last demonstrated one of the values I had circled and found it difficult to find those situations. I came to the realization that I did not have a clear perspective on my list of values.” Sharon Neoh Model the Way

  26. “This exercise helped me identify values that were important to me. What I can do is identify the values that are important to me and try my best to act consistently against that set of values understanding that they may evolve in the future as I grow, mature and experience more of life.” Sharon Neoh Model the Way

  27. "The lower beam will not be level if the upper one is not.” Chinese Proverb Model the Way “If the leader doesn’t set a good example, nobody will believe what he/she says, and even if they believe, they won’t know how to follow.” Jack Li

  28. “I learned that I must change myself first and let others see me and then they will know how to follow. I began to change and act differently. I stopped complaining about sales and worked at being more upbeat. My subordinates could feel my positive influence; they also worked harder than before and learned to put themselves in our sales team’s shoes.” Penny Zhang Model the Way

  29. “Dreaming about something is not enough, you have to be able to share that dream and get others to work with you to achieve it ... no one reaches the summit on their own!”Claudio Lucero Inspire a Shared Vision

  30. “You must understand the needs of your followers. I have never encountered a circumstance in which leadership was a one-way street. You won’t be a leader for very long if you only do what you want to do. You have to reflect the needs of the rest of the group or soon you won’t be leading anyone.” Elaine Fan Inspire a Shared Vision

  31. “This has taught me how much easier it is to achieve shared goals (or even make goals shared) when you involve people in the decisions to be make, trust them to be handle the execution and give them responsibilities and credit along the way.” Heidi Winkler Inspire a Shared Vision

  32. “The initiative was quite new with no other precedent to refer to, but the vision of a national accounts payable center excited me. You can always choose to follow whatever you have been doing — which demands from you no extra thinking or efforts -- or you can focus on accomplishing something different which would do good for the enterprise.” Angela Gu Challenge the Process

  33. “Management did not expect this kind of change would be raised from the front line staff, and they did not even realize the urgency for change on such a low-level operational procedure. I realized the importance of observation and looking around. Even in a very normal and simple job, we can find some opportunities to change or improve if we observe carefully. And if we dare to challenge the procedure by taking some calculated risk, we will have a good chance to influence others and lead the change successfully.” Sam Liu Challenge the Process

  34. “I learned to trust in their job performance because at the beginning I was checking every single analysis they did, but I noticed how they got angry with me because I didn’t let them conclude anything by themselves…. I showed trust to build trust.” Lorena Compeán Enable Others to Act

  35. “… in order to build collaboration you need to let go of responsibility and give others a chance to take it on. By trusting others with responsibility you are letting them know you believe in them and that you have confidence that they can achieve it.” Ana Aboitiz Enable Others to Act

  36. “By publicly praising people, you make a statement for how you wish others, not directly involved in the praise, to work and act. In order to get the same recognition the people you are not directly praising will work harder and in the same manner as the praised ones did. Public, well deserved and fact-based appreciation can hence have a multiple effect.” Kajsa Ryttberg Encourage the Heart

  37. Simon Burrows Conceige of the Year

  38. “I haven’t experienced enough of the leadership practices in my workplace that we have been exploring … And that’s why this company isn’t all that effective … and that’s why I’m looking for a new job.” Ebru Hüsrevoğlu Does Leadership Matter?

  39. Leadership matters. Re-affirmed. Regardless of where you are in the world or in the organization, or the work you perform, the clothes you wear, the language you speak, the way you wear you hair, the music or food you enjoy….

  40. While context matters, what makes the most difference is not your “exterior” but how you behave!“It’s not about the leader’s personality it is about that individual’s leadership behaviors.”Caroline Wang

  41. “I have had a lot of text books to read and review.  But, I enjoy yours the most.  Because, I am no big CEO, never will be, nobody rich or famous.  I have worked for the state of West Virginia for twenty years as an “assistant.”  I do have two B.S. degrees, but I do not use large words or try to appear to be anything other than I am -- a mother, grandmother and coal miner’s daughter….   What Each of Us Does Matters

  42. …. Your book seems to have been written for people like myself.…. your book has opened my eyes that maybe someone like myself does have the possibility of being a leader.” What Each of Us Does Matters

  43. What Each of Us Does Matters


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