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Seven Steps to Duplication PowerPoint Presentation
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Seven Steps to Duplication

Seven Steps to Duplication

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Seven Steps to Duplication

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  1. doTERRA Seven Steps to Duplication “These 7 steps will take you from where you ARE now, to where you want to BE!” -Michael Clouse

  2. #1 Be a Product of the Product Essential Oils Living Wellness Spa

  3. Be Your Own BEST customer!

  4. Take the Products with you EVERYWHERE!

  5. Develop Your Story….. Facts Tell, Stories Sell

  6. dōTERRA Loyalty Rewards

  7. #2 Realize How People Move Forward Set 90 Day Goals

  8. Setting Goals • Productivity vs. Activity Goals • Be Specific • Re evaluate goals every 90 days • Written where you can see it often • Be Realistic • Create a Plan

  9. #3 Teach the Basics of the Business “If a dud can do this with a stud, it will probably work!”

  10. How To Prospect “Prospecting is the engine that FUELS this business!” --Michael Clouse

  11. Basic Formula of Prospecting What does this formula Mean? 2 Contacts a Day X 4 days a week =8 Contacts a Week X 4 weeks per month =32 Contacts a Month X 12 months a year =384 new contacts per year! 2c x 4d = 8cw x 4wm = 32cm x 12m =384 ncpy

  12. Why don’t we do this? Fear It’s been ingrained in our minds “Don’t Speak unless you are…….” “Children should be seen and not………” “Don’t talk to…………..”

  13. How we can over come this…… • We must Talk FIRST • People need to know you, like you and trust you

  14. 2 New Contacts a Day!

  15. How to Present

  16. There are LOTS of different ways to Present……

  17. Does it matter how I choose to present?

  18. Duplication Means…. What I am about to do with you; you must immediately be able to do, with or with out my help…….where ever it is that you live, whether it is across the street or across the country.

  19. 3rd Party Validation 5th Grade Level “If your mouth is moving, your finger better be moving too!”

  20. Practice, Drill, Rehearse… Throw the Ball, Catch the Ball, Hit the Ball

  21. Lets Practice!

  22. Repeat the Process

  23. Teaching the Basics of the Business 1. Get on product—be a product of the product 2. Set 90 day goals 3. Prospect 4. Present 5. Repeat the cycle…..repeat, repeat, repeat “People who successfully Duplicate are people who master the Mundane” --Clouse

  24. #4 Attend All Events

  25. #5 Have a Business Accountability Partner

  26. Who is a Business Accountability Partner? • Upline, Downline, Crossline • You connect with them • Has similar Goals • Inspires You

  27. Why do we NEED an Accountability Partner? Over 90% of people with gym memberships haven’t gone in the past 6 months! We NEED someone to hold us accountable!

  28. #6 Personal Development

  29. YOUR Network Marketing Business will only grow as fast as YOU do! • Ask Yourself……between these three I choose to improve on _____________ this month. • Prospecting • Presentation • Duplication • If you aren’t sure, ask yourself these questions….. • Do I currently have enough people to talk to? • Am I enrolling my fare share? • Are all those in my team doing the same?

  30. Read 30 minutes per day “Pick a Book by it’s Title, that suggests it could help.” –Michael Clouse

  31. Spend MORE time on LESS Material Good Books I have read: “Think and Grow Rich, ” “Richest Man in Babylon,” , “7 Prospecting Secrets,” “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Read and Re-Read Over and Over Again

  32. Listen to recorded material for at least 30-60 minutes per day

  33. Take four larger classes every year 2 from doTERRA, and 2 from another Inspirational or Educational Source!

  34. #7 Commit to the Process

  35. Be Here still actively involved a year from now! • Key to success is keep on repeating this process •

  36. 7 Steps to Duplication with doTERRA! • Be a Product of the Product •  Set Your 90 day Goals •  Teaching the Basics of Business •  Attend all the Events •  Find a business Accountability Partner •  Personal development •  Commit to the process

  37. doTERRA Seven Steps to Duplication “These 7 steps will take you from where you ARE now, to where you want to BE!” -Michael Clouse