phytoalexins in defense against pathogens n.
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Phytoalexins in defense against pathogens

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Phytoalexins in defense against pathogens - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oleh : Pauline D. Kasi (PBI/1032) S. Hafidhawati A. (PBI/1044). Phytoalexins in defense against pathogens. Biokimia Adaptasi 2013. PPS Biologi UGM. PHYTOALEXINS.

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phytoalexins in defense against pathogens


Pauline D. Kasi (PBI/1032)

S. Hafidhawati A. (PBI/1044)

Phytoalexins in defense against pathogens

BiokimiaAdaptasi 2013

PPS Biologi UGM


Phytoalexins: low molecular weight, anti-microbial compounds that are both synthesized and accumulated in plants after exposure to microorganisms or abiotic agents (Mert-Türk, 2002)

Phytoalexins are compounds synthesized by plants in response to extrinsic stress such as microbial attack and physical injury (, 2013)

Phytoalexins secondary metabolites by phenylpropanoid, mevalonic acid, and polymalonic acid pathway

inducer signaling of phytoalexin
Inducer & signaling of phytoalexin
  • Microbial attack
  • Elicitors : Induce phytoalexin by mimicking a pathogen attack or other stress.
  • Signaling to camalexin :
    • Jasmonic acid, Salysilic acid, ROS
phytoalexin toxicity
Phytoalexin toxicity

Phytoalexin was involved in defense against netrophic but not biotrophic pathogens, also resistance against hemibiotrophy

Ex: Camalexin play a role in resistance to the necrotophic fungi Alternariabrassicicola(black spot), but adapted to biotrophicGolovinomycesorontii (powdery mildew)



(, 2012)


Arachidins, Resveratrol

in peanut seed

Großkinskyet al., 2012

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  • Pada organ apafitoalexindisentesis? (Darussalam)

Fitoaleksindisintesispadahampirsemua organ tanaman, dimanaadaseranganpatogen yang terjadi. Semakindekatdengantempatterjadinyaseranganpatogen, konsentrasifitoaleksinsemakinbesar.

  • Apakahadaperbedaan signal dari pathogen dengan signal dariJasmonic Acid? (Nurul)

Ada. Serangandaripatogen yang akanmemicuterbentuknyajasmonic acid. Jasmonic acidmerupakansalahsatu signaling bagicamalexinpadaArabidopsis.

  • Bagaimanamekanismepertahananjikaterjadiserangandari virus? Apakahsamadenganbakteri? (Darussalam)

Mekanismepertahananterhadap virus berbedadenganpatogenlainnya. Virus mampumenduplikasiasamnukleat yang terdapatpadaseltumbuhan. Beberapatumbuhanmampumembentukvaksinuntukmenangkal virus tersebut. Namunmekanismepembentukanvaksintersebutberbedadenganbiosintesisfitoaleksin.