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“ Bone Wise ” by Jasmine Sumpter Teacher: Period: PowerPoint Presentation
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“ Bone Wise ” by Jasmine Sumpter Teacher: Period:

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“ Bone Wise ” by Jasmine Sumpter Teacher: Period: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“ Bone Wise ” by Jasmine Sumpter Teacher: Period:. event. Feelings emotions. I decided to take a short ride on my razor scooter before dinner. I am totally calm and fine about the situation.

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“Bone Wise”
  • by
  • Jasmine Sumpter
  • Teacher:
  • Period:


Feelings emotions

I decided to take a short ride on my razor scooter before dinner.

I am totally calm and fine about the situation.

“Jasmine don’t forget your helmet!” my mom called from off the porch. “Alright mom,” I called back .



After around three minutes of riding the scooter a pine cone appeared from nowhere. I swerved hard to the left. I crashed on the side of the road and lay sprawled on the ground screaming.

I was in a lot of pain and feared that I might be mortally wounded.

“Ahhhhhh!!! My arm!!!”


Mom took me to our family doctor so he could take a look at my arm.

I was feeling a little better and thought the doctor would tell us there was nothing wrong.

“I'm afraid your arm is broken,” the doctor said.


Our family doctor referred us to an orthopedic surgeon. I was mortified to think that my arm was broken! “Will my arm ever be the same again?”


The next day my mother drove me to the orthopedic surgeon’s clinic. My appointment was at 2:30, but the waiting room was so full, I didn’t get to see the doctor until 3:30.

I just wished I could get this all over with and the extra hour of worrying didn’t help.

“Jasmine the doctor is ready to see you now,” said one of the nurses.


After being escorted to the doctor's office, the doctor told me what he needed to do to my arm. First, I would get an X-ray. Then he would set the bone and they would put on my cast.

I was anxious about getting the cast, but I’d never had an X-ray before and I was quite excited.

“Ready for your X-Ray?” asked the technician.


The X-ray room was pretty interesting. There was a little cot-like platform under a laser looking thingy that shoots high energy photons called X-rays through your arm. A sensor records the image and sends the information to a computer.

I was excited about having my X-ray taken and it turned out to be fun.

“WOW, cool!” I said as I entered the X-ray room.


After the X-ray, the doctor let me pick a color for my cast.

I hoped putting on the cast was not going to hurt.

“Pink” I said.


While the doctor was putting on the cast, my mind wandered to my next life challenge... What would be the topic for my upcoming science fair project?

I had a Eureka moment!

“Mom, my science fair project this year could be a study of the range of motion of the wrist” I said.


A few weeks later I was bringing home my First Place Science Fair Project.

I felt very proud.

“Mom, now I know what you mean when you say ‘If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!’ ”