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By: Chelsea, Kaitlyn,Chelsea, & Jasmine PowerPoint Presentation
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By: Chelsea, Kaitlyn,Chelsea, & Jasmine

By: Chelsea, Kaitlyn,Chelsea, & Jasmine

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By: Chelsea, Kaitlyn,Chelsea, & Jasmine

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  1. musical plates By: Chelsea, Kaitlyn,Chelsea, & Jasmine

  2. Q:What is an earthquake? A: An earthquake is when the edge of two pieces of the earth grind together and cause rumbling and shaking underneaththe surface of the earth. The more severe the earthquake the more that things fall off shelves and the more that buildings will fall down.The less severe, then things like your dishes will rattle.

  3. Question 2: • Q: How likely is it that your areawill experience an earthquake? • A: It is very, very unlikely that ourarea will experience an earthquake. This is because our area is not nearthe edge of any tectonic plates.

  4. Question 3: Q: Where are earthquakes most prone to occur? A: ‘’There is no technology available in any part of the world to determine the place, time, or magnitude, of an earthquake. However, they are most likely to occur where the plates meet.They are most prone to the fault line of the plates.Because the plates are in constant motion.

  5. Question 4: Q: Is there any relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes? A: Earthquakes can be a warning of volcanoes. Earthquakes can happen days or hours before a volcanic eruption happens. They both have to do with Tectonic plates and they are both can be very destructive.Earthquakes along with volcanoes can cause deaths and loss of homes.

  6. Question 5: Q:What is the cause of earthquakes? A:”The earth is divided into three main layers – a hard outer crust, a soft middle crust, and a center core. The outer crust is broken into massive irregular pieces called “plates”. These plates are moving very slowly, driven by energy forces deep within the earth. Earthquakes occur when these moving plates grind and scrape against each other.”