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Some Mistakes You Should Avoid While Doing Quality Assurance Testing PowerPoint Presentation
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Some Mistakes You Should Avoid While Doing Quality Assurance Testing

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Some Mistakes You Should Avoid While Doing Quality Assurance Testing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New software testers often fail to understand the importance of their role, which can lead to other mistakes such as carelessness and rework. Often new testers grossly underestimate both the complexity and skills required to adequately perform system testing. New testers may take a simplistic \"push button\" approach to testing vs. a systematic analytical approach.

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software testing is one of the major parts

Software Testing is one of the major parts of software development cycle. Testing is performed to make sure that there are no errors in the project developed. It is a process to make sure the output presented by the development team is in accordance with the specifications of the customer.

On this one might have understood the value of testing in the software development cycle. Selecting a QA company for testing your project is not a child's play. There are some chances that you might suffer from security breaches and unwanted mishaps.

some mistakes you should avoid while doing 1

Some Mistakes You Should Avoid While Doing Security Testing

  • Failure to be able to update host information is another QA testing mistake. Your testing has to be performed in the test environment that needs a specific version through your host's file.
  • It is always a mistake not to rub out the browser cache before you begin a new test out. The result of not achieving this is that you could randomly view a version of a webpage that remains inside cache from one among your prior periods.
  • Remember to do QA testing using various browsers. That doesn't mean that you have to test over every one of the existing browsers, but you do need to ensure that you do your testing most abundant in commonly used ones. Using this top quality assurance testing method will let you see if your visitors will be able to work their way through your website without difficulty.
principles of software testing

Principles of Software Testing

A principle can be described as an accepted rule or more appropriately a standard guide which helps in carrying out an action efficiently and consistently. Some principles can be followed while software testing.

Test Until The Program Fails:

The true value of testing is accomplished when bugs are detected. Therefore, this procedure must be executed with the intention of exposing failures to the maximum extent.

Design Test Cases:

The specifications must be well understood before designing test cases. The test cases must be written before the performing the tests. If there is confusion over the test specifications and product design then designing test cases will be useless.

A test case definition should specify the input data and the corresponding correct output. This documentation of the expected output is necessary to give an unambiguous testing result.

engage different testers as already stated

Engage Different Testers:

As already stated, testing is context-dependent and so is are its goals. Therefore testing at multiple levels must be performed by different people/team. This will yield better results.

Example: Acceptance testing must be performed by the users, unit testing should be performed by developers, and release testing should be performed by Quality Managers etc.

security security is another good concern that


Security is another good concern that you must look at while selecting the software testing company.

The service provider must be able to give security in various aspects of physical security, networking, database security and ad hoc security projects based on the particular project.

Apart from that, the testing organizations should be able to protection to all personally identifiable information given by customers.

The company you select should have both watertight nondisclosure agreements, intellectual property protection and employee confidentiality agreements.

processes could be testing software design

Processes Could Be:

  • Testing
  • Software Design
  • Estimation
  • Project Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Software Development Methodology
  • Requirements Development/Management
  • QA testing
  • The difficulty with having a system based on failure detection is that you have to test at a frequency that is practical, otherwise, the price of the testing outweighs the advantages to the quality assurance testing services, and if you only test one in a thousand deliveries how do you know the other ninety-nine were ok?