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Chlamydia Test

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Regardless of whether they like to think about it, more and more people are becoming aware of chlamydia. This Sexually Transmitted Infection has a far-reaching impact throughout the world, with young people particularly at risk with somewhere in the region of 70% of those being under the age of 25.

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chlamydia test

Chlamydia Test

Regardless of whether they like to think about it, more and more people are

becoming aware of chlamydia. This Sexually Transmitted Infection has a far-

reaching impact throughout the world, with young people particularly at risk

with somewhere in the region of 70% of those being under the age of 25.

There can be somewhat of a cavalier attitude towards sex with multiple

partners which can be hugely damaging, as this particular disease travels fast

and furious, with little or no symptoms. In the event of any suspicion that you

or your partner may be living with chlamydia, or even just to stay on top of any

potential danger of contraction, a chlamydia test should be investigated


Chlamydia tests can be obtained from a local chemist (which is usually free of

charge to interested parties younger than In certain qualified post codes, or by

attending a GUM clinic (a clinic that specialises in sexual health testing and

treatments).This can be one way of going about it, but it?s not private and may

cause some individuals Embarrassment. Many people fear being spotted by a

friend or family member. This why TESTD™, specialists in online sexual health,

offer discrete online chlamydia tests for a very reasonable charge.

for anybody that may not be familiar with

For anybody that may not be familiar with chlamydia, the infection stems from

contagious bacteria that set up home in the human body. Unprotected vaginal,

anal or oral sex can lead to chlamydia in the urethra, cervix, vagina, anus or

throat, and the virus can be passed on through any form of unprotected sex.

While vaginal and anal penetration carries the highest risk, there should not be

complacency when it comes to sexual health – a chlamydia test is advisable at

least once per year, or any time that an individual changes sexual partner and

wishes to stop using protection.

As previously intimated, one of the biggest reasons that chlamydia testing is so

important is because the infection carries such subtle symptoms – there is a

reason why chlamydia has been dubbed a ?Silent STI.? Anybody living with

chlamydia may experience a burning sensation when they urinate, discover

some degree of swelling in their genitals, or notice a thin discharge from the

penis – for women, they may also experience heavier bleeding during their

monthly period, or spotting between cycles.

Of course, these symptoms are not unique to chlamydia. Even a healthcare

professional may initially think to something comparatively innocuous such as

a Urinary Tract Infection – and in some cases, they will not appear even in

somebody that is carrying the chlamydia infection. Failing to undertake

chlamydia testing could lead to infertility in women, among other unfortunate

side effects.

having established that chlamydia testing

Having established that chlamydia testing is hugely important, not everybody

will be happy to discuss such matters with a stranger, but discreet help is at

hand. Anybody interested in retaining his or her sexual health would benefit

fro? purchasi?g a kit fro? TESTD™. For the lo? price of just £24, a TESTD™

chlamydia test will be delivered to your home in a discrete and unmarked

envelope that will attract no attention from the postman. Upon receipt,

customers will be asked to return a urine test in a padded envelope provided,

and healthcare professionals will assess the sample in a laboratory. Within 48

hrs sample reaching the lab, the results of the chlamydia test will be sent to

the customer in the form of an SMS message. Easy, painless, and entirely

devoid of embarrassment or awkwardness; this is the most effective way of

undertaking regular chlamydia testing and staying safe. Private, safe and

discreet, for your eyes-only.

Of course, the best-case scenario will be a negative result from the chlamydia

test. This means that no further action is necessary, and the customer can

return to a relaxed and unworried sex life – though, naturally, they should

purchase another chlamydia test in twelve months, or sooner if they change

sexual partner. Even if the results show as positive, advice will be provided.

Chlamydia will usually be cleared up with a single dose of antibiotics, though

this is a one-time cure rather than a promise of future immunity.

of course if a chlamydia test does return

Of course, if a chlamydia test does return a positive result the individual in

question will be expected to notify previous partners of this so they can

undertake their own testing. Failing to do so is an act of negligence that could

place the health of many people at risk. Chlamydia testing is not a subject that

people enjoy discussing in polite company, but it remains hugely important. It?s

eas? to li?e a fulfilli?g a?d safe se? life ?ith the assista?ce of TESTD™, a?d

undertaking a regular chlamydia test is a key component of this.

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