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Centralized Object Repository

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Centralized Object Repository - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Centralized Object Repository & identification - Qualitia has powerful point and click mechanism to identify objects for Selenium based on locator types including ID, Name, Xpath or Link.

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what is object identification and smart identification in uft qtp
What is Object Identification and Smart Identification in UFT/QTP ?

Everything which are visible are known as objects, all objects, have their set of properties defined. Qualitia has easy and powerful point and click mechanism to identify objects for Selenium. Qualitia has powerful object integration with QTP/UFT. It not only saves your efforts in object identification but also enforces the best practices and uniformity across users.

For Selenium, objects are learned based on list of locator types including ID, Name, Xpath or Link. Default priorities are set based on the best practices; however it maintains flexibility for users to alter the preferences to fulfill the application specific needs.

smarter xpath
Smarter Xpath

Qualitia enables everyone in your team to identify objects uniquely and removes the need to understand HTML or DOM structure.

Qualitia’s inbuilt algorithm generates most robust ‘Relative Xpaths’ for Selenium RC and Web Driver, eliminating any run time failures and subsequent rework.

smarter xpath1
Smarter Xpath

Qualitia strengthens test automation suites with a centralized object repository and reduces the maintenance efforts.

Central repository boosts reusability of objects across users and test cases as well as across projects enforcing the collaborative development practice.

know and adopt the change quickly
Know and adopt the change quickly

Be it a new object or any change in the existing object, it’s now easy to identify it. Qualitia enables you to manage the object changes easily at a faster pace.

It helps you to highlight objects that are changed, whereas the Impact Analysis lets you know impacted test cases due to a particular object change.

In the whole "Qualitia assists in object identification and have a central object repository that helps your team to access the objects at the same time."



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