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Office Productivity Software Standards

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Office Productivity Software Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Office Productivity Software Standards. OPSS. Background. Requested by ITSteering Committee OPSS project team was struck in late Fall 2004 Representation from Faculty, Administrative Users, Administrative Support, Leddy Library, ITServices. IT Strategic Plan.

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Office Productivity Software Standards

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  • Requested by ITSteering Committee
  • OPSS project team was struck in late Fall 2004
  • Representation from Faculty, Administrative Users, Administrative Support, Leddy Library, ITServices

OPSS Proposal

it strategic plan
IT Strategic Plan
  • 3.1.5 ITS shall develop standards for desktop operating systems and office productivity tools based on the established life cycle for PCs and support only the standard versions determined;

OPSS Proposal

project scope
Project Scope
  • Examine policies from other universities
  • Examine the usage of Office software applications on campus
  • Examine the impact of multiple Office software suites on campus
  • Recommend Office Suite standards to ITSteering Committee

OPSS Proposal

situation at canadian universities
Respondents indicated that none had developed a policy on this topic

All indicated that Microsoft Word was their dominant word processor

Of the universities that provided their current form of licensing, all indicated that they made use of a Microsoft Campus agreement

Situation at Canadian Universities

OPSS Proposal

current situation legality
Microsoft Office Campus Agreement

Provides primary Operating Systems, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Database applications used on campus

Provides worldwide dominant word processor (Word)

Corel Office

Current concurrent licenses for WP8/9 ~250 users

Departments have purchased personal copies of more current releases

Historical word processor on campus

Current Situation/Legality

OPSS Proposal

identified issues
Incompatibility between WordPerfect and Word

Incompatibility between legacy WordPerfect and new hardware

Doubling of skill set required by University Community

No supported version of WP available for Macintosh Users

Document corruption from converting a file back and forth between Word and WordPerfect

Identified Issues

OPSS Proposal

  • “It is very frustrating when I get attachments that have been done in WordPerfect. I can't open them because I only have Word (Macintosh) on my computer”.
  • “When sending out documents created in WordPerfect I often get requests within the Faculty to resubmit the same document in Microsoft Word”.
  • “The only issue I have is saving most documents in both Word and WordPerfect formats. It sometimes creates problems in relation to editing and I also (obviously) end up with double the files”.

OPSS Proposal

  • I feel WordPerfect should be discontinued. I feel the platform should be Microsoft Word as this seems to be the word processor used by the majority of North America today.
  • I find most outside agencies use Microsoft Word while many secretaries at the University use Corel WordPerfect.

OPSS Proposal

potential options
Potential Options
  • Status Quo
  • Standardize multiple applications
  • Standardize single application

OPSS Proposal

  • Microsoft Office to be phased in as the one supported Office Suite at the University of Windsor

OPSS Proposal

ITS Helpdesk to support previous two releases of major software applications

Establish campus wide standard when delivering files in electronic form

Microsoft Word for external departmental communication for writable files (e-mail, Web)

PDF for external communication for read only files

Requires further research into appropriate PDF writer


OPSS Proposal

  • Purchase site license of WordPerfect 12
    • Allow for file conversion with Word 2002/2003 documentation
    • Provide transition vehicle to Microsoft Word

OPSS Proposal

implementation year one
Implementation – Year One
  • Corel Office 12 (WordPerfect) made available to faculty and staff who require it through the UWin Software Depot
  • Directed Microsoft Word training made conveniently available to all faculty and staff

OPSS Proposal

implementation year two
Implementation – Year Two
  • All electronic writable correspondence and Web based correspondence delivered in Microsoft Word format
  • All electronic readable correspondence and Web based correspondence delivered in PDF*
  • IT Services Helpdesk support discontinued for Corel Office 8, 9, 2002, 11 and Microsoft Office 97, 2000
  • Continuation of dedicated Microsoft Word Training

OPSS Proposal

implementation year three
Implementation – Year Three
  • Termination of all new Corel Office Suite installations in compliance with Corel Office campus agreement
  • Discontinue IT Services HelpDesk support for all Corel Office Suites at the conclusion of year three of the implementation plan

OPSS Proposal

  • SIS
  • VIP

OPSS Proposal

  • Corel Office Suite 12 Site license
    • $31,000 (60% due at contact signing/ 40% due at year two)

OPSS Proposal