The case of what to do first and last
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The Case of What to Do First…And Last . Team L.E.A.D. Goal #1. Achieve and Maintain a Safe and Orderly E nvironment Halls and classes are chaotic (#2 safety) School is dirty (#4 safety) PA announcements disrupt class (#13) Students unattended after being dropped off by bus (#14) .

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Goal 1
Goal #1

Achieve and Maintain a Safe and Orderly Environment

  • Halls and classes are chaotic (#2 safety)

  • School is dirty (#4 safety)

  • PA announcements disrupt class (#13)

  • Students unattended after being dropped off by bus (#14)


  • Students require a safe and orderly environment prior to learning taking place according to Maslow's Hierarchy

Goal 2
Goal #2

High Expectation of Success Created Through a a Clear and Focused Mission and Supported by Strong Leadership

  • There is a mission-however it is unknown (#5)

  • Teachers are disorganized (#11)


  • There needs to be a focused goal (Goal setting theory) provide all stake- holder/participants with a focused goal, which will hopefully increase collaboration.

Goal 3
Goal #3

Collaboration with Parents, Teachers, Staff and Community

  • There is no PTA (#18)

  • Student homework in inconsistent (#19)

  • Principal frequently out of building (#20)


  • Partnerships with stakeholders will facilitate future growth and an improved climate in the school community.

Defer to later
Defer to Later

  • #1, #3, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #15, #16, #17

    These items can be deferred to later because they are not immediate needs or we are hoping that these problems will be solved inherently through the achievement of our goals


  • When applying this case study to Herzberg’s Motivational Theory and the “First and Second Generation”, it is important focus on the hygiene before we begin to motivate people and to achieve and maintain a safe an orderly environment; this is important for not only adults, but students as well. One of the most important things is to develop a school climate that is safe and which students feel welcomed. Therefore, it is important to take not of the fact that the neighborhood is unsafe and has a high rate of crime, which means that for most of these students and teachers whom live in the community, the school should be a safe zone for them. However, for the school to be safe and welcoming, it is necessary to approach the school’s lack of cleanliness and address this issue right away. The lack of cleanliness can lead to employees feeling dissatisfied and lack of hope for students and the school in general. Due to the school’s little money for improvement, it will be necessary to find volunteers and donations within the community; this can get the community more involved and encourage and welcome students, staff and parents to attend more school functions or cleanup activities. Once the school becomes cleaner and the community becomes more involved, I believe that the parents and teachers will believe in the possibility of improvement. Also, the collaboration of community, staff and all stakeholders will help solve additional problems or scenarios.