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Classroom Rules, Procedures, and Other Helpful Hints PowerPoint Presentation
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Classroom Rules, Procedures, and Other Helpful Hints

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Classroom Rules, Procedures, and Other Helpful Hints
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Classroom Rules, Procedures, and Other Helpful Hints

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  1. Classroom Rules, Procedures, and Other Helpful Hints Ms. Shermulis 2010- 2011

  2. Rule #1: Follow All Directions • Follow teacher instructions for the bell ringer, classroom activities, and pre-dismissal. I will always make my expectations clear in terms of classroom assignments, volume, and other factors that contribute to a smooth, meaningful lesson; I expect you to meet my expectations!

  3. Rule #2: Be In Class Before the Bell Rings • Follow Directions for Entering the Classroom • Make Every Effort to Use the Pencil Sharpener Before the Bell. • If Tardy, Sign Log, Sit Down, and Start Classroom Activity. See Me at Pre-Dismissal. • Put Passes Under Clip Board (No Need to See Me at Pre-Dismissal With Pass).

  4. Rule #3: Follow All District 206 Rules No Cell Phones No Hoodies No Backpacks or XL Purses No Electronics (MP3s, IPODs, Etc.) No Food/Candy or Drink No Outerwear (Coats, Gloves, Sunglasses) Always Wear Your ID

  5. Rule #4: Be Prepared for Class • Writing Utensil (Preferably Pen) • Journal Notebook • Folder • Text • Homework Assignment • Use Bathroom Before Class I Will Not Write Locker Passes

  6. Rule #5: Respect Everyone and Everything • Mutual Respect • No Put-Downs • Keep the Classroom Clean • Maintain a Positive Classroom Environment

  7. Consequences Step 1: Warning and Teacher Conference Step 2: Above + PGC + Last Out Step 3: Above Step 4: Above + Stay One Minute After Class Step 5: Dean’s Referral

  8. Rewards • Reward Points (Extra Credit) • Verbal Praise • Positive Notes • Free Time At Pre-Dismissal

  9. Severe Clause Fighting, Gang Activity, or Overt Defiance Will Result In An Immediate Dean’s Referral!

  10. Procedure for Entering the Classroom • Grab In-Class Folder • Sit in Assigned Seat • Get Homework Ready to Turn In • After the bell rings, start bell ringer immediately or wait for teacher directions. • No Talking During the Bell Ringer • If You Finish Early, Work On Something Quietly

  11. Procedure for Classroom Activities • Follow Teacher Directions In Regards To Voice Volume, Raising Hand v. Speaking Out, and Activity Instructions. • No Talking While I Am Talking • No Talking While Your Peers Are Talking • Work Hard! • If You Finish Early, Work On Something Else.

  12. Procedure for Pre-Dismissal See Me At Pre-Dismissal If… • You Were Absent the Previous Period • You Want To Discuss Something • You Need To Sign the Behavior-Log • Class Will Continue To Work Until Dismissal. • Follow Teacher Instructions for Volume. • Be Sure to Put In-Class Folder Away.

  13. Pet Peeves • Talking During Bell Ringer • Paper On The Floor • Talking While Someone Else Is Talking

  14. Absent Work • Your Responsibility to Check Online • Print Assignments and Follow Directions Posted • Check Absent Folder • See Me At Pre-Dismissal Upon Return • One Week To Turn Absent Work In • Write “ABSENT” on Absent Work

  15. Late Work • Second Semester No Late Work Will Be Accepted. • Check/ Print Assignments Online From Home. • Turning It In After I Collect It Is Considered Late. • Write “LATE” On Late Work.

  16. Unexcused Absences I Will Only Accept Late Work Due To Unexcused Absences on a Case By Case Basis! Don’t Risk Unexcused Absences At the End Of A Grading Period!

  17. Suspensions • Follow Absent Work Policy • Email Me With Any Questions/ Concerns • Do Not Expect Homework Requests to Be Honored; You Are Expected to Check Online.

  18. Channel One, Bloom Scene, Announcements 100% Silence These Programs Are Important and They Must Be Able To Be Heard.

  19. Pledge Policy Everyone Stands If You Cannot Adhere to This Because of Religious Reasons, Please Make Me Aware of This.

  20. Do You Have Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Let’s Have a Great Year!