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Classroom Rules and Procedures PowerPoint Presentation
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Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules and Procedures

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Classroom Rules and Procedures

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  1. ClassroomRulesand Procedures Architectural Drawing and Design Rm. 409 Luella High School Ms. Christina Holley Instructor

  2. Introduction Hello and welcome to the Architectural Drawing and Design Pathway!!! You have made an exciting choice. This pathway consists of three courses: 1.) Introduction to Drafting and Design 2.)Architectural Drawing and Design I 3.)Architectural Drawing and Design II This pathway will teach you many aspects of Architecture and the beginning concepts of Engineering. Included in this handbook are general guidelines and procedures for enrolling in these courses. I look forward to working with you and creating some awesome concepts and design. Ms. Holley

  3. Entrance • Bring all materials to class daily. • Enter into the class quietly with all electronics devices turned off. • Sign Student Log in sheet. • Be Seated when the bell rings. • Place all book bags on the floor underneath desk. • (Be sure to keep aisles clear.)

  4. Bell work • Daily bell work is posted on your course calendar. The calendar is located on my teacher’s webpage. • Find your course • Choose the date • Complete bell work • After finishing bell work remain quiet and prepared for daily assignments.

  5. Daily Assignments • Daily assignments are also posted on your class calendar. • Listen quietly for teacher instruction before beginning assignments. • Note: Ms. Holley will review and give instructions for all daily assignments.

  6. Turning in Assignments • Written assignments will be turned into the appropriate class period’s bin located at the front entrance. • Electronic assignments will be turned in and posted online to your class group via Schoology’swebsite. • Note: Ms. Holley will give instructions for posting electronic assignments.

  7. Classroom Duties Each class will be assigned students to fill the following positions: 1.)Team captains or 2.)Project managers and 3.) inventory clerks. The responsibilities of each duty will be outlined separately.

  8. Classroom Behavior • Listen quietly for teacher instruction. • Respect and be polite to all people. • Raise your hand if you have questions. • Follow teacher hand indicator for classroom attention.

  9. Computer Use • Follow all computer and internet usage as outlined in the school’s Student Handbook. • Software downloads are not allowed. • (No games)

  10. Safety • Follow all safety rules and guidelines as outlined in the Safety Manual for Architectural Drawing and Design. • Keep all aisles clear. First Aid Caution!

  11. Violations of Classroom Rules and Procedures • #1 –Verbal Warning • #2 – Written warning and call home to parents. • #3- Written warning, call home to parents and mandatory after school detention. • #4 – Referral to appropriate school administrator. • Note: Behavior deemed inappropriate to the learning environment will bypass this 4-step procedure. Students will be referred immediately to a school administrator.

  12. Awesome Work!! Rewards • Teacher will select Team Player of the Month from a list of nominees. Criteria for team player of the month will be outlined separately. • Rewards may include the following (subject to substitution per teacher’s discretion): • Monthly Recognition on Teacher’s webpage. • Candy • Recognition note home to parents • School Supplies Great Job!

  13. Class Dismissal • The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell. • Clean around your area. • Push up chairs. • Leave your area presentable for the next • class period. • Last period of the day will turn off computers and monitors.

  14. Have a great school year!!! I look forward to teaching you throughout the school year.