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Reaction Powered Car! PowerPoint Presentation
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Reaction Powered Car!

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Reaction Powered Car! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reaction Powered Car!

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  1. Reaction Powered Car! By Mitchell Truong Nicholas Kusanto Seth Burts

  2. Group picture with car The Design Team

  3. Hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium bicarbonate to form sodium chloride, carbon dioxide and water • Sample Calculation Reaction Chemistry

  4. Three wheels • Lightweight, constructed with K’nex • Inclined Bottle • Acid-base reaction with hydrochloric acid (limiting reagent) and sodium bicarbonate (in excess) Car Design: “The Wheelbarrow”

  5. Car Testing Trials Note: Variation in moles of CO2 needed and atmospheric pressure is due to the change in temperature over the course of three days. Results

  6. Our car reached 2nd place in the annual CBEE reaction car competition with a distance of 25’5”. “The Wheelbarrow” emitted no spew when it was propelled by CO2 gas. Our distances varied across the board due to many inconsistencies which include: releasing the bottle too late, not opening the lid all the way, relying on “” to approximate the temperature rather than directly taking a thermometer outside on the course, and because our pieces were swiped off our car between day 1 and 2. We have included evidence on the following slide. To improve consistency, if this project was done again, it would be nice to have a method to twist the cap to release the gas in the same manner every time (to prevent holding too long). For example, opening the cap, counting “one-one-thousand,” and then releasing the car. The design of the car itself in the trials seemed extremely stable (always launched straight), never spewed, and was generally consistent in distance travelled (apart from the holding issue). Other than improving wheel alignment consistency by reinforcing the front wheel, we would not make any major changes to our design.We tried to keep our car as light as possible so that we could use the least amount of “fuel” for the “trip.” Conclusion

  7. Day 1 Before Thanksgiving: Tan Pieces Day 2 After Thanksgiving: Grey Pieces Evidence

  8. Special Thanks to Dr. Skip and Jack! Thanks!