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Wordly Wise 7

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Wordly Wise 7. By Jason Liao. Claustrophobia. 1) Noun.- An abnormal fear of narrow, enclosed spaces. Sentence- Jim’s claustrophobia prevented him from using a crowded elevator. Colleague. 1) Noun.- An associate or coworker of similar status.

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wordly wise 7

Wordly Wise 7

By Jason Liao

  • 1) Noun.- An abnormal fear of narrow, enclosed spaces.
  • Sentence- Jim’s claustrophobiaprevented him from using a crowded elevator.
  • 1) Noun.- An associate or coworker of similar status.
  • Sentence- Gina’s colleagues helped her restore the database after she clicked the wrong button and deleted all the information.
  • 1) Verb.- To lower oneself to a position one considers inferior.
  • Sentence- After winning the Mega Millions, Harold wouldn’t condescend to rent an apartment; instead he bought a mansion.
  • 2) Verb.- To behave in an offensively superior manner.
  • Sentence- The “queen bee” of the school was condescending the kid of the lower social status by slamming the door in her face.
  • Condescending. Adjective.- Showing an offensively superior manner
  • Sentence- Frank’s condescending attitude offended the ethnic group in which Jim was from.
  • 1) Adjective.- Conditional: depending on something else.
  • Sentence- Gerry’s plan for going to his friend’s party was contingent on finishing his homework.
  • 2) Adjective.- Likely, but not certain to happen; possible.
  • Sentence- If a tornado hits, our family's contingent plan is to go straight into the cellar instead of driving away.
  • 3) Noun.- A group that is part of a larger one.
  • Sentence- The Rutgers swimming contingent led the rest of the NCCA Big East swim teams to the swimming pool.
  • 1) Verb.- To discourage or intimidate.
  • Sentence- After Jim received a forty on his science test, he was daunted, and wondered if he could still get an A for the marking period.
  • Daunting. Adjective.- So difficult or dangerous as to discourage or intimidate.
  • Sentence- After being told that he was stupid and to get out of the house, Harold ran away on a daunting trek to California.
  • 1) Noun.- A downpour of rain; a flood.
  • Sentence- The deluge in New Orleans posed electrical hazards; the massive amounts of water knocked down power lines.
  • 2) A flood of anything.
  • Sentence- The deluge of homework wasted seven hours of my life.
  • 3) Verb.- To flood or overwhelm.
  • Sentence- Helm deluged his mother with requests to drive him to the mall until she finally gave in.
  • 1) Verb.- To clear away; to remove or get rid of, as if by scattering.
  • Sentence- The mouse trap dispelled my fears that mice had crawled under my bed.
  • 1) Noun.- A sounding of trumpets or other brass instruments.
  • Sentence- The fanfare filled air as the king returned bravely from the battle.
  • 2) Any showy display.
  • Sentence- The movie star arrived without fanfare; in fact, no one even knew she was had arrived.
  • 1) Verb.- To give a title, nickname, or description to.
  • Sentence- After forgetting to put on deodorant and not showering for a week, the boy was dubbed “Stink Machine.”
  • 1) Noun.-A young bird learning to fly.
  • Sentence- The fledgling got the idea of flying after it made short trips from its nest to the fence.
  • 2) A young and inexperienced person.
  • Sentence- Jim, a fledging in the Major Leagues, gave up ten runs in the first inning.
  • 3) Adjective.- New and untested.
  • Sentence- Ron’s fledgling business fell apart when he received more calls than he could handle.
  • 1) Adjective.- Empty; shallow or silly.
  • Sentence- The inane conversation of her parents drove Shelly crazy; she fled the room to seek more thoughtful people.
  • Inanity. Noun.- Foolishness; a silly or pointless act.
  • Sentence- The inanity of his action got Tim a conduct report.
  • 1) Noun.- Courage to bear up under difficult circumstances; spirit.
  • Sentence- Although the Army lost half of their men in many battles, the soldiers’ mettle helped win the war.
  • 1) Adjective.- Small and unimportant, not worth noticing.
  • Sentence- The officials did not notice the negligible error that could have led to the swimmer’s disqualification.
  • 1) Verb.- To draw out or lengthen (in time).
  • Sentence- The “minor delay” for the airplane as an extra bag was brought onboard was protracted by the snowstorm.
  • 1) Noun. - A copy or reproduction, especially one on a smaller scale than the original.
  • Sentence- The replica of the 1930 Golden Watch cost thirty dollars, unlike the authentic watch, which sold for one thousand dollars.