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SOSY: Celebration of Success PowerPoint Presentation
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SOSY: Celebration of Success

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SOSY: Celebration of Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SOSY: Celebration of Success
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  1. SOSY: Celebration of Success

  2. SOSY Outcomes in 21 States As a result of implementing the SOSY MEP Consortium, we expect to be reporting the following outcomes in the Final APR: • Piloted new SOSY ID&R resource materials • Served 20% more of identified OSY including those recovered from dropout or enrolled in programs leading to graduation, GED, and/or identified education or career goals • Increased OSY enrolled in programs to promote graduation, life management, and/or career goals by 20% consortium-wide

  3. SOSY Outcomes in 21 States As a result of implementing the SOSY MEP Consortium, we expect to be reporting the following outcomes in the Final APR: • Received a rating indicating that SOSY-sponsored professional development or technical assistance was practical and useful for delivering services to OSY by 90% of participants • Increased the number of OSY who met performance standards on State-identified achievement assessments and/or identified education or career goals • Increased the number of OSY enrolled in a program leading to H.S. graduation or a GED by 20% consortium-wide

  4. SOSY Outcomes in 21 States As a result of implementing the SOSY MEP Consortium, we expect to be reporting the following outcomes in the Final APR: • Increased the number of OSY enrolled in a program leading to increased life management skills and pursuing identified career goals by 20% consortium-wide   • 67% of consortium states demonstrated capacity to serve OSY as documented by measurable program outcomes specific to OSY that are included in the state SDP and the collection of comprehensive needs data included in the state CNA

  5. Developing and Adapting Lessons and Electronic Enhancements Specifically for OSY

  6. Instructional Materials for OSY • Updated existing materials on OSY • Developed capacity in OSY for education and life management, and career building. [Career Exploration and Taming the TV Monster are on the web] • Promoted the use of high quality curricula appropriate for OSY. • Convened the Technical Support Team for materials development [10/11 in Ashville; 1/25 in Clearwater, 4/11 in Denver, 9/12 in Clearwater] • Develop/adapt SOSY lessons and utilize technology-based • Finalized field-based Recruiting Guide and ID&R Tip Sheets available on the website • Designed a pre-GED reading course [Reading on the Move]

  7. Materials Collected, Developed, and Reviewed • For Your Health/Para TuSalud (10 lessons) • Legal Rights for Migrant Farm Workers(5 lessons) • Parenting Education (5 lessons) • F.Y.I Bilingual Sheets • Taming the TV Monster • Looking for a Job: Step by Step/BuscandoTrabajo: Paso por Paso (14 sheets) • Reading on the Move (24 lessons) • Academic and Career Readiness Skills • Math for Living/Matemáticas Para la Vida (10 lessons)

  8. For Your Health /Para TuSalud • A Visit to the Doctor • Wash Your Hands and Get Rid of Germs • Let Us Learn about HIV/AIDS • What Is an STD? • Can I Get Sick from the Heat? • The Basics of Birth Control Methods • Protect Your Back • Pesticides • What Do I Do If I Get an Insect Bite? • A Healthy Mouth

  9. Your Rights Mini-Lessons • Right to Be Paid-- Illinois • My Basic Rights-- Illinois • Field Rights -- Illinois • Important Documents -- Illinois • Housing Rights -- Illinois

  10. Parent Mini-Lessons • So You Think You Are Pregnant: Now What? —Washington • Prenatal Care—Washington • Labor and Delivery—New Jersey • Bringing Your Baby Home—Idaho and Nebraska • A Healthy Lifestyle—Idaho

  11. Vermont Mini Lessons • Form Filling Assessment Worksheet • SOSY Basic Calendar Skills • SOSY Filling Out a Form • SOSY Giving Directions • SOSY Leaving a Voicemail • SOSY Map Lessons

  12. Reading on the Move A Different Point of View All About Sentences Beginning, Middle, and End Being a Word Detective Break It Down Can You See the Future? Elements of Fiction:  Character Traits Elements of Fiction:  Dialogue Evidence VS. Emotion Hey, What’s the Big Idea? How to Say It Making Things Happen Painting Pictures With Words Past, Present, of Future Poetry:  Form, Syllables, Mood, and Tone Poetry:  Rhyme, Repetition, and Rhythm Reasoning and Logic Starting with the Basics The Same, Yet Different What’s the Meaning of This? What’s the Point? What’s the Story? When Did that Happen? Why?

  13. SOSY Technology and Instruction • SOSY Educational Resource Rubric (with hyperlinks) • Youth Video Project • SOSY Audio Index • MP3 Audio Files Posted on SOSY Website • Audio and print supplements focused on language development to enhance “For Your Health” mini lessons • 4 supplements patterned after The Living in America enhancements • 2 audio lessons of 7-8 minutes for each targeted topic • Part A – vocabulary and conversations drawn from mini lesson • Part B – additional vocabulary and conversations to extend content and language • 2 pocket guides (A&B) for each targeted lesson • 1-page bilingual study guides for student use • Key vocabulary and conversations highlighted • Script for each lesson

  14. Other Documents/Projects • Successful Practices • SOSY Role Model • SOSY Quarterly Newsletter • SOSY Agricultural Trends Newsletter • Data Collection for SOSY Instruments

  15. Designing Materials for the OSY Website

  16. SOSY Website • Redesigned the website [graphics , look-and-feel, etc.], re-launched in mid-February • More prominent role for our partner organizations • More collaboration with other CIGs • Summarized research and promising practices on OSY into OSY Tip Sheets

  17. SOSY Identification and Recruitment Strategy Documents • Field Based Recruiting • ID&R Tips for OSY • ID&R Community Summary Questionnaire Template for OSY • Out-of-School Youth Networking Basics for Migrant Education Programs

  18. Designing Podcasts for OSY Instruction

  19. SOSY Audio Index • Inglés de sobrevivencia (Survival English 1) • Inglés de sobrevivencia (Survival English 2) • GuíaBilingüeInglés-Español, Libro 1 (Bilingual English-Spanish Guide, Book 1) • GuíaBilingüeInglés-Español, Libro 1 (Bilingual English-Spanish Guide, Book 2) • Español/InglésNivel 1 (Spanish/English Level 1) • Español/InglésNivel 2 (Spanish/English Level 2)

  20. MP3 Audio Files • Using the Phone: • Going to the Store: Unit 1 in Fitting into Your Community • Navigating the Community: Unit 3 in Fitting into Your Community • Understanding Families: Unit 2 in Getting Along with Others • Using Money: Unit 1 in Using Official Documents

  21. Training Service Providers

  22. SOSY Professional Development • Finalized training of trainers materials used at TOT Event, September 10-11, 2012 • Planned conducted a national dissemination event on OSY for States & OME • Trained service providers on resources for OSY [Sessions delivered at the Dissemination Event] • Updated the State training-of-trainers guide on OSY • Technical assistance delivered at the Technical Support Team meetings on pertinent topics selected by states

  23. SOSY Professional Development • Finalized training-of-trainers materials used at the Dissemination Event • Planned conducted a national dissemination meeting on OSY for States & OME • Presented at the OME Conference: “Educational Strategies and Evaluation of Services for OSY”

  24. SOSY Professional Development • NASDME Presentations - Supporting OSY: The Toolkit for Success, Interviews with OSY Who have Returned to School: Strategies for Success, Designing a System of Support of OSY , Lessons Learned from OSY, Using the OSY Profile to Design Services • Webinars- Implementing SOSY, TA for regional service providers, Designing a System of Support for OSY

  25. SOSY Professional Development • Onsite TA to State staff – WA, MN, KS • Best Practices for OSY Workshops – NC, NE • State MEP Conference Presentations – IL,WA • CA OSY/PASS Summit • KS OSY Advocacy Network training • TX Migrant Interstate Program Conference presentation

  26. Training-of-Trainers Modules • Introduction to the SOSY Training Manual • Field-based Identification and Recruitment • Cultural Competency and Professionalism • Establishing Positive Networks and Advocating for OSY • Gathering Data for the OSY Profile • SOSY Educational Material • Designing and Following Educational and Life Pathways

  27. Providing Technical Assistance

  28. Technical Assistance • Shared State systems for working with OSY at a 5-State panel at the NASDME Conference: “Lessons learned about OSY” • Analyzed state resources and assisted states in updating their OSY plan • Collaborated with HEP/CAMP, NPC, NCFH, and ALRC on the identification process to recover OSY • Developed a SurveyMonkey instrument on piloting ID&R materials • Offered credit recovery programs (e.g., PASS) in CIG States

  29. Technical Assistance • Compiled sample MPOs and a state-by-state chart of states’ inclusion of OSY in their SDP • Updated State needs data on OSY [State profiles and CIG profile] • Delivered TA through a SOSY Response Team (TST) available to CIG states • Updated State OSY profiles based on data collected in CIG states • Review and use project data/outcomes for progress monitoring • Developed a plan for linking needs of OSY with Statewide services [Package developed that includes strategies, examples, etc.]

  30. Technical Assistance

  31. Some Additional Topics of PD and TA Provided • Introduction to SOSY and how to serve OSY • Designing a system of support for OSY • Providing effective services for OSY • Intensive training focused on instructional strategies and how to support OSY • Understanding and utilizing the SOSY resources • New SOSY Performance Measures • And much, much more!

  32. Let’s all Celebrate SOSY