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  1. Plato By: Nick Moran, Whitney White, and Kelsey Dietz

  2. Overview Structure made fundamentally of Styrofoam and wood. Ping-pong balls filled with Play-Doh. Bobbins and thread used as pulleys. Newtonian Cradle: wood structure, Play-Doh filled ping- pong balls, thread, bobbins, scrap metal, and dowl rods. Scissors to initiate the device. Energy Used: Linear momentum Projectile motion Torque Center of mass Angular momentum

  3. How it works… Scissors set off the Cradle. Newton’s Cradle: Linear Momentum

  4. How it works… A ball rolls down the Styrofoam track. Ball hitting the target: Collision Target rotating T-shaped rods: Torque Ball rotates T-shaped rods.

  5. How it works… Block weight drops off seesaw and raises the flag. See-saw: Center of Mass Raising the flag: Angular Momentum

  6. Difficulties • Finding a time and place where everyone could meet • Not being able to text Whitney • Nick getting his phone’s Sims card jacked • Kelsey living across campus from Morrill • Sleep deprivation • Having EF homework due when we needed to be working on this project • Transporting the device • Not being able to use fire or a guillotine  and settling for scissors • Being poor college students • None of us like talking in front of group • The ADD attention span of nick

  7. Conclusions The project was enjoyable to build. We got to use the skills we learned throughout the course. We learned that the three of us make a good team. Time flies by when you’re having fun. Engineering is fun and a good major choice. It was cool to see the culmination of our efforts and skills come together.