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The Golden Bear

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The Golden Bear. By: Kyle Kauffman, Cassandra Gutierrez, Jeanine Ruano, Joe Kang . S . P . A. C . A. B . A. Save and Protect all California associated Bear Association We are here to talk about problems regarding to the bears. Who are the bears in California?

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the golden bear
The Golden Bear

By: Kyle Kauffman, Cassandra Gutierrez, Jeanine Ruano, Joe Kang

s p a c a b a
S . P . A. C . A. B . A
  • Save and Protect all California associated Bear Association
  • We are here to talk about problems regarding to the bears.
  • Who are the bears in California?
  • What problems are we facing with the bears?
  • What can we do to stop and prevent that.
fun facts about grizzly bears
Fun Facts About Grizzly Bears
  • Mother Grizzly Bears will fight to the death to protect their cubs
  • Grizzly bears can run as fast as a horse.
  • Grizzly bears when standing up is 6 -10 inches taller than SHAQ
  • Grizzly bears would sometimes click there teeth to communicate
basic bear facts
Basic Bear Facts
  • Bears have exceedingly long strong curved front claws-two- to six inches or more-though often worn from digging.
  • They enjoy rubbing their hides on rocks and trees, and leave claw scratches and bite marks on trees.
  • Female grizzlies have 1 to 3 cubs but is usually 2 cubs
  • Haunted or provoked bears only attack on defensive behavior
bears in california
Bears in California
  • The Golden Bear was so ubiquitous in California that it earned a place in the state flag.
  • Records of grizzlies have been found across the state in nearly every habitat
  • The bears were so abundant in California. In the Napa valley in California, a settler, in 1831, said that as many as 60 bears could be seen within a 24 hour period.
big bears
Big Bears
  • The largest bears where found in California until just after 1900. The average size of grizzlies was around 600 pounds. A mammoth male bear came out of the San Onofre Canyon, that weighed in at 1,400 pounds.
  • One of the biggest bears ever seen on the coast was said to weigh in at 2200 pounds with feet that measured 16 and a half feet long.
  • Huge grizzlies also came from Southern California.
acorns and bears
Acorns and Bears
  • The bears would eat acorns provided by the abundant and diverse oak trees. This would account for the large number of huge bears. Bears would climb oak trees to feed on the acorns. Especially young bears would climb well up the tree to shake of the acorns from the tree. Grizzlies could gain more than 300 pounds a day as they gobbled this rich food
other foods bears ate
Other foods bears ate
  • The bears would commonly fished for salmon. They would use their paws to catch live marine fish from the coastal shores.
  • Besides acorns grizzlies are known to ea an extremely wide variety of plant foods as purple needle grass, brome grass, blue grass, and Idaho fescue
  • They also eat all types of berries. They will travel miles to dine on huckleberries, and in California the berry crops are diverse.
declination of bears
Declination of Bears
  • Trespassing
  • Lasso and Chase
  • Market Hunters
  • Urbanization
  • Poisoned?
  • What is left?
why are bears needed
Why are Bears Needed
  • They are a top predator so they keep other animals population in check.
    • Ex. Deer and Squirrel population
  • They help spread seeds
  • They fertilize the ground
when in an area with bears
When in an area with bears:
  • Put all your food in approved bear boxes
  • Don't litter even with biodegradable items like apple cores
  • Don't leave pet food outside
  • Watch your dogs on a leash
what else you can do
What else you can do:
  • Raise awareness of the bear's situation
  • Vote on legislature that supports the bears
  • Encourage others to vote also Send letters to Gov. Brown and other government officials urging them to take action

S . P . A . C . A . B . A

( save and protect all California associated bear association)