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Software Life-Cycle Management

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Software Life-Cycle Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Software Life-Cycle Management. OIT Site Licensing Michael J Dangler. History. 2008: Internal Audit reviewed several areas around the University for software management processes Early 2009: OIT begins the Anti-Malware project.

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software life cycle management

Software Life-Cycle Management

OIT Site Licensing

Michael J Dangler

  • 2008: Internal Audit reviewed several areas around the University for software management processes
  • Early 2009: OIT begins the Anti-Malware project.
  • Summer 2009: OIT Site License Advisory Team forms from the Anti-Malware project members
  • Aug. – Nov. 2009: Discussion of Software Life-Cycle, centering on OIT’s process and seeking input on departmental process.
software life cycle management1
Software Life-Cycle Management
  • Best Practices (not a policy or standard)
  • Divided in two parts:
    • How to contact OIT Site Licensing to request licensing of a product
    • How departments can manage products internally, using OIT Site Licensing’s process as a model
  • OIT is also working toward these best practices
goals of life cycle management
Goals of Life-Cycle Management
  • Provide best practices to departments
  • Help new staff members understand some of the processes OIT does, and help guide them toward best practices
  • Set a goal within OIT for responsible management of software that minimizes risk and exposure
overview of the document
Overview of the Document
  • Licensing Software through OIT
  • Managing software within a department
    • Needs Assessment
    • Acquisition
    • Distribution
    • Asset Management
    • Compliance
    • Retirement and Sanitation
  • Relies on some ISO controls throughout
key points in the guide
Key Points in the Guide
  • References Site Licensing policies
  • Makes request forms available
  • Indicates that OIT will seek to utilize these practices
  • Offers resources for departments who want to license something other than what OIT has licensed centrally
  • Provides resources for disability/accessibility testing
  • Helps define roles for management
final notes
Final Notes
  • OIT-SL considers this a “living” document: we hope for (and expect) feedback on the document, and requests for products to help departments take advantage of these practices
  • “Best Practice,” not “policy”
  • Additional resources are expected to become available over time