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Retention Plan. 2013. Vision. New Measure of Success CCTA, Funding Formula, ETC. = No Disposable Students Seamless Transfer: Programs, Colleges, from Community Colleges, between Institutions UC Retention Mission Statement

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New Measure of Success

CCTA, Funding Formula, ETC. = No Disposable Students

Seamless Transfer:Programs, Colleges, from Community Colleges, between Institutions

UC Retention Mission Statement

UC faculty, administration and staff will work intentionally on strategies that support the University’s retention initiatives. We employ high-touch, intrusive student-centered approaches to make student success possible and work to improve those efforts. Many of the students served by the UC have majors in other colleges on campus; therefore, UC is committed to contributing to the retention of all students, recognizing and supporting the retention efforts of other university units.

Retention p. 2

Uc retention scope
UC Retention Scope

At Risk Students

  • Required Prescribed Courses: 1,302 of 3,121 (41.7%)(F12)

  • Improperly Declared Juniors (can’t finish major) ???

    Adult Degree Completion Program: 972 (F12)

    Exploratory Students: 1,502 (F12)

  • Freshmen: 1,069; Sophomore: 312; Junior: 74, Senior: 47

    Off-campus Students: 492 (F12)

    Distance Education Students: 6,472 (F12)

    Support for All MTSU Students: 100%

Retention p. 3

At risk students
At Risk Students

Prescribed Course Graduation Data

  • UC: Prescribed Math and Reading Courses, and Math Tutoring Lab

  • LA: English

  • 2,126 enrollments (F12)

  • 66% of the prescribed F11 freshmen students were retained to F12



Retention p. 4

At risk students undeclared juniors
At Risk StudentsUndeclared Juniors: ???

  • Bachelor of University Studies (BUS) Degree

    • For students who do not meet candidacy or change majors multiple times

      • MTSU

      • Transfers from Community Colleges

  • Actions

    • Earlier Advising at Community Colleges

    • MTSU College Advisors Recommend BUS

Retention p. 5

Adult students
Adult Students

ADCP Majors

B.S. Liberal Studies, B.S. Professional Studies, Bachelor of University Studies

AY / Summer, Fall, Spring

Retention p. 6

Adcp advising
ADCP Advising

Initial Contact (phone or email)

Contact information entered into tracking system

Personal contact from ADCP Coordinator

Unofficial Transcript analysis

Meet with Advisor (assigned by alphabet or Assoc. Dean) Advising notes entered in AdvisorTrac

Oversight until graduation

Holds placed at 90 hours, with less than 2.1 GPA Calls if not enrolled in a new semester

Regularly scheduled advising

Retention p. 7

Adcp students
ADCP Students

  • University College staff practice a “high touch” approach in all areas of student interaction.

  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

    • An incentive for adult learners to complete their education

    • A strong retention tool to encourage adult learners to persist to graduation

    • “High touch,” student focused tool for adult learners

  • THEC state-wide task force on Prior Learning Assessment

    • Established standards for assessment, transcription and transferability

    • Initiating a state-wide marketing campaign about PLA pushing students to a THEC website directing them to individual schools

Retention p. 8

Exploratory freshmen
Exploratory Freshmen

641 Entering Freshmen F12

  • New RLC to Help Students Choose Career

    • Science, Arts and Humanities, Professional

      • Explore specific majors within three categories

      • Match with individual counseling (ACT info, etc.)

    • New 1010 to Address Career Options

  • “Reverse” Advising

    • Look at Student’s Potential Before Choosing Major

    • Helps Students Select Appropriate Career Paths

Retention p. 9

Off campus programs
Off-Campus Programs

  • Community Colleges

    Recruiting, Advising, 2+2 Programs, On-site Courses


    • Education Degree


    • Education Degree, Requested Ag, ADCP


    • Requested Early Childhood, Criminal Justice, Education, ADCP

  • MTEC

    • New Coordinator, Good Ag Enrolments

  • Retention p. 10

    Distance education programs
    Distance Education Programs

    • Goal

      • Increase the number of MTSU on-line degrees

    • Actions

      • Meet with Departments and offer incentives to move degrees online

        • Need funding for Tenure-track position and FTT positions

        • UC can market programs, handle initial inquiries, and provide advising support

    Retention p. 11

    Off campus and distance education enrollment
    Off-Campus and Distance Education Enrollment

    AY / Summer,Fall,Spring

    Retention p. 12

    Summer programs
    Summer Programs

    UM Study: Summer = Retention

    • Goal

      Maintain Summer Enrollments

    • Actions

      • Financial Aid Representatives work with Advisors

      • Advertising Campaign

      • Ensure Academic Map Courses are Offered

    Retention p. 13

    Exl program
    EXL Program

    FALL 2011 – SPRING 2012

    Departments offering courses = 24

    Faculty with approved classes = 173

    Students awarded EXL Scholar designation = 151

    Majors represented in EXL Scholar designation = 6

    EXL student enrollment = 5,841

    FALL 2012

    EXL student enrollment = 3,021

    Retention p. 14

    Exl program1
    EXL Program

    • Goal

      Provide every student with a “real world” experience before graduation.

    • Actions

      • Provide funding (through RFP) for departments to develop additional EXL courses (up to 15 credit hours or 5 courses)  

      • Evaluation of Pilot (Includes short-term and long-term measures)

        • Short term – Additional courses developed, additional students enrolled in EXL courses, increase in number of students achieving EXL Scholars Designation, EXL student learning outcomes met

        • Long Term – Retention data on EXL vs. non-EXL students

    Retention p. 15

    Support for all mtsu students
    Support for All MTSU Students

    UNIV 1010/2020

    Block Scheduling

    Summer Reading Program

    Academic Early Alert

    Raider Learning Communities

    Administration of Various Programs for Special Populations

    Academic Counselor for All Incoming Students

    D2L MTSU Advisor Training

    Retention p. 16

    Acac advising staff
    ACAC Advising Staff

    10 Academic Counselors: Caseload

    • Advise undeclared students 1,502 (150:1)

      • Freshmen 1,069

      • Sophomores 312

      • Juniors 74

      • Seniors 47

    • Advise prescribed students with declared majors: 1,902 (190:1)

    • Support newly admitted students : 7,500 admitted students (750:1)

    • Support all current students at MTSU

      5 Advisors assigned to declared majors

    • Nursing (2 UCAC staff ) 490 (245:1)

    • Mass Comm (2 UCAC staff ) 747 (374:1)

    • Education 468 (468:1)

    Retention p. 17

    Key initiatives
    Key Initiatives

    Relationship with Community Colleges

    BUS Degree

    Exploratory Freshmen Program

    Increasing On-Line Programming

    Maintaining Summer Programming

    EXL Classes

    Retention p. 18

    Resources to support retention
    Resources to Support Retention

    • $10,000 for the EXL Budget to provide grants to faculty or departments

      • Would allow us to incentivize revising curriculum to add EXL component

    • $25,000 Additional Student Worker Funds

      • Provide extra academic assistance to at-risk students in our mathematics and reading labs.

    • $10,000 Marketing Funds for BUS

    Retention p. 19

    Anticipated permanent budget requests
    Anticipated Permanent Budget Requests

    • $36,000 Additional College Advisor Position

      • Would allow us to require advising of all BUS, BS LIST, BS PRST majors

    • $45,000 Additional Coordinator Position

      • Provide support for ADCP and Community College Initiatives

    Retention p. 20