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IQuote Wealth. Wealth creation through partnership. Symptoms. When some one is sick they see a Doctor, in order for the Doctor to provide a cure they have to know the Symptoms. When someone is financially sick they don't go and see a finical Doctor, that is the symptom.

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IQuote Wealth

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iquote wealth

IQuote Wealth

Wealth creation through partnership.

  • When some one is sick they see a Doctor, in order for the Doctor to provide a cure they have to know the Symptoms.
  • When someone is financially sick they don't go and see a finical Doctor, that is the symptom.
  • The cure is more often than not offered by sick people who have learnt from other sick people. If they had the cure they would be well.
  • How many people do you know are financially well?
  • The person sitting in front of you is currently on medication, financial medication, you have the same symptoms that they had, however they are on their way to being financially fit.
  • Don't judge them, they are working on change, in fact, they have already made R 1, 200 000 in their first month and are earning an extra R 20 000 minimum on their investment per month.
  • Want the same?
the rich get richer while the poor get poorer
“The Rich get richer while the Poor get poorer”
  • What’s your plan?
  • Wealth creation is not a privilege, but it is a right.
  • 85% of the worlds wealthy people were self made.
  • You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.
  • Ignorance is one of the most expensive hobbies in the world.
  • One of the reasons most people don't achieve financial freedom is they don't believe its possible!
  • If you don't believe you have a chance to win a race you will never enter it.

Find your must!

  • You must seek, in order to improve your financial position, you must improve your financial IQ.
  • Most people earn the same as everybody else, that’s why they think its the standard .
  • If you want money, learn about money everyday!
  • Start to dream again!
south africa needs entrepreneurs
South Africa Needs Entrepreneurs
  • Own a number of successful business’s
  • Keep overheads
  • Surround yourself with people who have the same motivation and opportunities and dreams as you do.
  • Have income that you cant stop growing
  • Change is the doorway to success
  • When you work for a boss you build his dreams not yours.
  • Only 1% of business’s are successful 99% are stuck
  • 13 million unemployed people in SA
start thinking rich
Start- Thinking Rich

To improve your financial position you need to improve your financial IQ.

Rich people go buying they don't go shopping

Rich people use other people’s time, money and skill which is what makes them rich.

Rich people keep what they earn through smart accounting, tax structures and saving vehicles.

Earn more than they spend.

Rich people know stuff!

  • You will get the Worlds sympathy but not the Worlds vote.
  • There are only 48700 rich people in SA based on a net value of US$ 1000 000
  • 23 Million people in SA live on R 620 per month
  • Its not what you earn that makes the difference its what you do with it that does.
  • The standard education teaches us to be slaves to money and debt.
  • Is your lecturer wealthy? Taken the wrong path?
  • If you want to be a teacher fantastic but own the school (think bigger)
  • SA is 140th out of 144 countries in the World for education
  • Learn about money, learn how to make money, learn what to do with the money you have made and then learn to protect the money.
what makes or breaks a business
What makes or breaks a business?
  • Keep overheads low - Overheads can kill profits!
  • You need a good product – Need not a want
  • You need a large potential client base = Easy to sell = bigger market = bigger income, limited competition
  • Sales and marketing = public exposure
  • Get other people to do the work for you!
employ people
Employ people!
  • Why pay them when they will pay you to work for you? How many would you employ?
  • No one looks after your business like you do, no one looks after their business like they do.
  • Provide vision and opportunity
  • Teach them to think laterally
  • Give them opportunities to not just increase their income but that creates wealth at the same time
network marketing
Network marketing
  • Network marketing is one of the most powerful business models in the world, we can reach large numbers in a relatively short period of time. Overheads are kept low and everyone benefits if the product is dynamic enough.
  • Our model is unique = Wealth School, we teach about money then assist people to achieve it. Our teaching and tools gives people the opportunity to take their money to new levels through knowledge.
  • Success and financial freedom is created over 5 years, but starts immediately.
  • Rich people have found a way, this is one of them. In fact it’s the best way for you, you will see why shortly.
  • No one looks after your business like you, with this model everyone is a CEO.
  • Sales and marketing is a huge reason why businesses are stuck, they don't want to outlay money for marketing their brands.
  • Network marketing is a partnership with people
why people think wrong
Why people think wrong?
  • Your beliefs determine your thoughts, your thoughts determine your actions your actions determine your success.
  • Life gives us what we deserve.
  • R 60 000 for five years mentoring and re-education program.
  • Monthly plan R 1000 x 60 months
  • 60 Topics covered over 60 months

1 seminar per month covering 4 of the 60 topics

  • Includes other business opportunities
  • Imagine making 20% per month on your money?
  • Would you be happy with 10% or 5% per month?
  • Is there more money in your pocket than there is outside your pocket?
  • Isn't business about getting the money outside your pocket into your pocket?
  • Why try make 20% per month on your money when you can make 20%,10% and 5% per month on other peoples money?
  • Why not use other peoples time?
  • Why employ people and pay them when they will pay you to employ them?
  • This is not employment its empowerment!
earn while you learn
  • Cover overheads
  • Create 5 leads = associates will present and finalise
  • 5 signed = R 200 X 5 = R 1000 PM x 60 months (cost covered)
  • They bring in their 5 x 5 = 25 X R 100 = R 2500 x 60 months profit
  • They bring in their 5 x 25 = 125 X 50 = R 6250
  • Total income R 9750 – R 1000 = R 8750 net
  • Logic = one would have to have R 2000 000 in the bank to earn this income
  • R 8750 X 60 MONTHS = R 525 000 over 5 years
  • R 60 000 in the bank = R 19 000 over 5 years
mind blowing
Mind blowing
  • Level 1 = 10 = R 2000
  • Level 2 = 100 = R 10 000
  • Level 3 = 1000 = R 50 000 = R 62 000 PM X 60
  • Level 1 = 20 = R 4000
  • Level 2 = 400 = R 40 000
  • Level 3 = 8000 = R 400 000 = R 444 000 PM X 60
  • A business owner must do sales to succeed
  • Our product is knowledge about wealth, products to achieve wealth but also assistance to have it.
  • Overheads included
  • Education included
  • Partnership included
  • Administration included
  • Professional presenter included
  • Fund manager included
  • Professional trader included
  • Stock broker included
  • Financial advisor included
  • High level introductions included
  • Mentoring included
  • Income included

Always surround yourself with people who are better than you!

retirement made possible in 5 10 years
Retirement made possible in 5 - 10 years?

R 200 X 60 MONTHS = R 12 000 per person

R 100 X 60 MONTHS = R 6000 per person

R 50 X 60 MONTHS = R 3000 per person

Can you bring in one person per month? Could they?

All you have to do is bring in one completed sale per month to achieve this. You will want it so will they.

1 X 60 MONTHS = 60 X R 12 000 = R 720 000

60 X 60 MONTHS = 3600 X R 6000 = R 21 600 000

3600 X 60 MONTHS = 216 000 X 3000 = R 648 000 000

“Wealth is not created from what you earn, but what you keep”

business minimum requirement
Business minimum requirement
  • The minimum requirements for the business income is the following,
  • Bring in a minimum of 1 concluded sale per month. Or 12 per annum whichever comes first.
  • You can pay in advance to protect your revenues.
  • You monthly instalment must be up to date.
  • Imagine not owning a business and not being a part of it?
in order to have money you have to
In order to have money you have to. . .
  • Learn about money
  • Learn how to make money
  • Learn what to do with the money made
  • Learn how to protect money
  • Its not what you know that makes a difference its what you don't know.
  • You don't want your past 5 years to be your future 5 years.
  • Pain is a great motivator not pleasure.
  • Do you have another plan?
  • If life is hard now, imagine when the income stops?
  • What is the cost if you don't do it?
  • Your income has not kept up with your education.
  • You have never tapped into your potential.
  • Decide . . . Yes we will motivate, educate and assist you. When you earn we earn.
  • Decide . . . No you will always get our sympathy but not our partnership.

We know as you do, the World is your Oyster, don't let it be others.

Your desire for success needs to be greater than your fear for failure.

Success is not a destination its a journey.

  • Sales and Marketing.
  • Trading investing on the JSE, the 100% way.
  • FAIS.
  • Trust structures and the benefits.
  • Revolutionary insurance products.
  • Faith, fun, family and friends.
  • Goal Setting / Dream Building.
  • Law.
  • Smart Accounting / Tax benefits.
  • Social Media marketing.
  • Art of Inviting.
  • Properties as an asset.
  • Technical charting
  • Mind mapping
  • OPM / OPT

There are over 60 modules

  • Charity.
  • Chartered Market Technician.
  • Financial Advisor.
  • Fund Management.
  • Settling debt the easy way.
  • Time and Money.
  • Simple Charting.
  • High probability strategies.
  • Stock Broking.
  • Stamp collecting.
  • Gold purchasing and stock piling.
  • Saving / Investing.
  • Motivational and inspirational sessions
  • Business ownership
  • Keeping overheads low
  • Setting up a website
  • Passive income streams
  • Leveraging
fuel saving
Fuel saving

Save up to 30% on fuel by using this sachet every time you fill up.

Does your car insurance company pay you back up to 50% of your fuel spend back?

Swipe 2 more cards and get up to a further 19% of your fuel back

Own a business and claim back for fuel



Total cost = 1% on fuel

life cover
Life cover
  • A man buys a house = R 500 000 inst = R 5000 PM

He pays R 1200 000 over 20 years

He has to have life cover to cover the purchase of the house in the event of death.

  • A financially educated man buys the same house takes a life cover of R 500 PM, the life cover pays out 10% of value in 15 years = R 1 800 000, he pays off the house before he pays off the house from the life cover.
  • If the man couldn't afford the R 5000 bond instalment, but he could afford the life cover he gets the house anyway for less.
  • The life cover pays out 10% of the value every 5 years until the age of 60 after the initial 15 years.
  • The life cover also pays out the life value at 65 while he is alive
  • The life cover also pays out 50% of the instalments back every 5 years.
  • The life cover makes the man rich while he is alive, if he dies the purpose of the life cover is fulfilled and pays out any way.
  • This is a rich mans policy and is an example of the power of knowledge, want a quote?
stock market
Stock market
  • The stock market has outperformed all other investments year after year.
  • R 100 000 in the bank will give you R 26 000 after 5 years and R 62 000 after 10 years @ 5% per annum compounded.
  • By being active one could realise 5% per month or 60% PA or more by learning to buy and sell at the correct times.
  • The same R 100 000 = R 1000 000 in 5 years or R 10 000 000 in 10 years @ 60% compounded PA.
  • R 100 000 = 10 YEARS R 10 000 000
  • R 10 000 000 = 20 YEARS R 100 000 000
  • R 100 000 000 = 30 YEARS R 1000 000 000

Possible or impossible? Impossible if you don't do it!

  • Donald Trump asks for a discount, why don't we?

Get 10 – 25% discount on your groceries

Get up to 30% discount at clicks

Pay R 20 for movie tickets and your kids go for free

Get 20% discount at Nando’s

Get 40% discount at hotels

Get a camera worth R 4000 free

Fly for free

So much more!

A saving is profit! Money you don't have to work to replace.