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If a special event is coming up or you have just got over one and need to move crowd control barriers to another place, it can prove to be a tough task requiring a lot of physical strength and precious time.\n

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Now store and move with storage cart from tensabarrier

Solutions for Crowd Control at

Museums-By Tensabarrier®

As the holiday season is fast approaching,

museums are now facing an increase in

visitor numbers. Thousands of museums

around the world take more than 1 million

visitors per year and with the increase, will

be making efforts to manage the crowds.

Along with the comfort of the visitors, safety

is also a primary concern for the curators.

Here are some of the tips which can be

implemented to manage crowd control


Offer timely tickets – Open the sale

of tickets in advance, so visitors can get

appropriate entry controlling the throng of

daily visitors.



Tensator®gives the visitors expected

waiting time and their position in the queue

without actually standing in the queue.



Provide effective guidance–Signage can help visitors navigate around your museum and can help to

clearly mark entrances and exits.

Planned people flow- Curators must have to pre-plan the route the visitors should be following to flow

from one area to another, For example, the Mona Lisa at Louvre is a focus for most of the visitors, so it

should be placed in a comparatively wide area.

Tensabarrier®manages the queuing space and cordons off the access to restricted areas providing the

safest belt barriers in the market and allows the curators to enhance the space by efficient schemes.

Provide clear communication – Communicate any rules and regulations in a clear and concise


Tensators Virtual Assistant is 10 times more effective than other forms of digital signage. It can be used to convey

information or messages in an eye-catching and engaging way.

Use Writing Surfaces- Placing writing surfaces at corners will allow visitors to take valuable notes by standing aside

avoiding any obstruction for others.

Tensator and Tensabarrier

If you are looking for a temporary barrier, please speak to one of our specialists about the best solution for your

needs. You can contact us here or alternatively you can download more information here.